Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review CommissionReport to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission

U.S. - China Economic and Security Review Commission , Hearing on China's
Green Energy and Environmental Policies , written testimony of David Sandalow ,
April 8 , 2010 . 39. World Resources Institute , “ ChinaFAQs : Energy and Climate

Author: U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission


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Energy EconomicsEnergy Economics

Energy Economics: Understanding and Interpreting Energy Poverty in China presents a succinct overview of research on China’s Energy Poverty as studied by the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of ...

Author: Yi-Ming Wei

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787567818


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Energy Economics: Understanding and Interpreting Energy Poverty in China presents a succinct overview of research on China’s Energy Poverty as studied by the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

Environment Energy and EconomyEnvironment Energy and Economy

Economic reforms begun in 1978 and accelerated since 1990 have led to
tremendous growth in energy use and significant changes in China's energy
management system . The rest of the economy grew much faster than the energy
sector ...

Author: Energy Tokyo Conference on Global Environment, and Economic Development (1993 : Tokyo Japan)

Publisher: United Nations Univ

ISBN: UCSD:31822026132761


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This book deals with short-term and long-term issues associated with directions of economic development in developing as well as industrialized countries. It examines various aspects of the interrelationships among the environment, energy requirements, and economic development-- a topic much discussed since the Rio Earth Summit. It emphasizes the increasing environmental stress arising from such human activities as growing energy consumption associated with economic development; the risk of further environmental degradation due to economic development in developing countries; the importance of global environmental problems such as climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions; the significance of impacts of deforestation and desertification on rural societies in the developing world; the role of new technologies in addressing the trilemma of energy demand, economic development, and the environment; the opportunity for the developing economies through implementing technological leapfrogging and phased approaches; and the need for removing technological, economic, and social barriers to achieving sustainable development. It underscores the need for further scientific information and analytical studies, such as improved climate and econometric modelling. The book will be of tremendous value to experts and policy makers dealing with energy and sustainable development issues.

China s Energy EconomyChina s Energy Economy

China's economic growth has been exceptional. Therefore, not only because of
the transition experience, but also because of the role and influence of Chinese
energy markets on the global markets, understanding China's energy economy is

Author: Hengyun Ma

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642258879


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In the new millennium, understanding China’s energy economy is crucial for politicians, businesspeople and energy economists, as China’s energy policy choices will mean both challenges and opportunities for the world in terms of an increasing share of primary energy consumption and investment. This book initially reviews the literature on China’s energy economy and in so doing reveals that many important areas have been overlooked or are outdated in their coverage. Given the size of China and its global importance, the book then review s China’s current energy situation and fills the gaps in the literature for those who are interested in and concerned about China’s economic development and energy reform in the new millennium. The book is different from previous studies in several important ways: Firstly, it presents recent, pioneering research rather than a simple textbook, several sections of which have been published in high-quality energy journals. Secondly, the book first subdivides China's energy intensity change into aspects of budget constraint, technological change, factor substitution, energy demand and economic growth using a newly developed econometric approach. Thirdly, it provides many new and different econometric findings and derives many new policy implications for China's energy economy. And lastly, it brings to light a wealth of new knowledge for those who are interested in China's energy economy, the world energy market and global environmental and climate change issues.

China s Worldwide Quest for Energy SecurityChina s Worldwide Quest for Energy Security

Agence internationale de l'énergie, Mehmet Ogutcu, International Energy Agency
, OECD. Publishing, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Robert Cornell, Scott Sullivan, Christine Andaya ... “China's Energy Economy.

Author: Agence internationale de l'énergie

Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

ISBN: UCSD:31822028451797


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China; Energy Needs.

Energy in China s ModernizationEnergy in China s Modernization

China : Energy and Environment . ” Environmental Management 7 , pp . 303 –
310 . Lan Tianfang , Lu Yingzhong , and Mao Yushi . 1984 . “ China ' s Energy
Economy . ” Paper prepared for Energy Research Group , International
Development ...

Author: Professor of Geography Vaclav Smil

Publisher: M E Sharpe Incorporated

ISBN: UCSD:31822003459914


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A selection of 50 Slovak folk tales assembled from the collections of folklorist Pavol Dobsinsky. The translator seeks to preserve the poetic qualities of the originals, and the book includes an introduction to the genres of the folktale and the specifics of Slovak tales.

China s Energy StrategyChina s Energy Strategy

It is true that in relative terms , China ' s current take from the Persian Gulf states
is higher than that of the United States , but oil nevertheless plays a much less
important role in the Chinese energy economy than it did in ours even back then .

Author: Gabriel B. Collins

Publisher: Naval Inst Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131791902


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A variety of viewpoints is offered in this timely analysis of China's economy and the future shape of Beijing's energy consumption. The authors, all noted authorities in the fields of economics, diplomacy, energy, and defense, consider an unprecedented range of influences and factors to avoid the limitations of looking at the subject myopically or with political bias. They conclude that while energy insecurity could eventually lead to an arms race at sea or even a naval conflict that neither side wants, there is ample room for Sino-American energy dialogue and cooperation in the maritime domain.

Energy Economy in ChinaEnergy Economy in China

Preface China has a huge energy market. The world's most populous country
consumes more coal, power, and energy as a whole than any other country in the
world. Accompanying this large market is a growing economy, which has ...

Author: Kang Wu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814335676


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The key subjects of the book are policy imperatives, market dynamics and regional developments concerning oil and gas, as well as energy as a whole in China. In addition to national policies and issues, the objective of this book is to study China's regional and provincial oil and gas demand, supply and trade, energy balances, and economic development, with projections up till 2020. Particular emphasis will be given to challenges facing the Chinese government in ensuring future oil and gas supplies, energy security, the use of natural gas in coastal provinces for power generation, oil and gas related environmental issues, and the need for foreign investment in the oil and gas sector development. The impact of China's oil market development and imports on the Asia-Pacific region will also be examined. Energy Economy in China also reviews all current and future domestic and international oil and gas pipelines, import plans and emerging new gas markets in China over the next fifteen years.

Energy needs of the People s Republic of ChinaEnergy needs of the People s Republic of China

2 4 in total electricity production) China consumed slightly less energy than it
produced in 1991, 30.4 EJ.8 As in many developing or planned economies, the
industrial sector dominates consumption. In 1991, China's energy was used in ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: PSU:000021232176


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Energizing ChinaEnergizing China

China's energy economy has seen tremendous achievements , bringing the
nation from the status of a backward country into high national rankings in terms
of both energy production and consumption . Energy is fundamental in the
national ...

Author: Harvard University. Committee on Environment. China Project

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015043764961


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As China develops a fossil fuel-based economy, is it taking lessons from the history of Western industrialisation? Linking global hazards to local air pollution concerns, this volume examines the environmental aspects of China's economic growth.

Coal in the Energy Supply of ChinaCoal in the Energy Supply of China

accounting for 73 . 4 % of the proven reserves of conventional energy in China
and 94 . 3 % of fossil energy 16 , it is inevitable that this fuel will continue to play
the major ...

Author: Agence internationale de l'énergie

Publisher: Organization for Economic

ISBN: STANFORD:36105021835496


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China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal, and an increasingly important participant on the international coal market. Paradoxically, while China is now a major coal exporter, it is also a coal importer.

The OECD ObserverThe OECD Observer

7 The Energy Impediment to China's Growth of the zu vere un 101 25 24 glanne
Randolf Gränzer chceme This second of two articles on energy in centrally
planned economies examines the energy economy of the People's Republic of
China .



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The Economics of Climate Change PolicyThe Economics of Climate Change Policy

Resource and Energy Economics 18 ( 1996 ) 31-63 Economic Commission for
Europe , 1990 , Economic survey of Europe in 1989-90 ( ECE , New York ) .
Haugland , T. and K. Roland , 1994 , Environmental considerations for Chinese
energy ...

Author: Adam Rose

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: PSU:000066127277


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This important collection embodies the author's pioneering and on-going efforts to incorporate equity and efficiency principles into the economics of climate change policy. It represents a valuable compendium of work, both previously published and original, the range of which is not otherwise readily accessible. Adam Rose was one of the first both to identify the central role of equity among nations and regions in addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and to quantify many equity principles so that they could be incorporated into formal models. Comprising classic explorations into GHG emission trading design with respect to burden-sharing, borrowing and banking, and political constraints, the papers contained in this volume provide guidance on coalition choices for individual states of the US and partnership choices for developing countries involved in the Clean Development Mechanism today and in emission allowance trading in the future. The impacts of mitigation policy across industries and socioeconomic groups are also analysed, using computable general equilibrium models to examine the economic implications of carbon taxes, fuel taxes, tradable emission permits, and strict regulation. In addition, the book establishes a firm grounding for policy analysis by providing a basic understanding of the carbon cycle, drivers of GHG emissions, and some economic impacts of climate change. The Economics of Climate Change Policy will be of great interest and value to academics and students of environmental economics and policy and will be welcomed by environmental policy-makers involved in climate change issues at the local, regional, national and international level.

Environmental Issues and Sustainable FuturesEnvironmental Issues and Sustainable Futures

China's economy grew 10 times from 1953 to 1989, and its energy consumption
has increased 18 times. Severe energy shortages before 1980 encouraged a
scientific energy policy during the past decade of economic reform, and the
energy ...

Author: Michael Marien


ISBN: 0930242513


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This guide seeks to sort the flood of information written about environmental issues and sustainable societies in recent years and order it in some way. A total of 450 document abstracts are presented here, most of which are on books and think tank reports. These items first appeared in "Future Survey" (journal) and were published between 1991 and 1995. Many of these items focus on American issues; however, in most instances, both the problems and the proposed remedies may be of great relevance to other countries. The abstracts are grouped into three broad categories: (1) "Environmental Issues," in which the primary focus is on a particular problem or set of problems; (2) "Toward Sustainability," where the primary focus is on a sustainable society or some key aspect of it; and (3) "Politics and Planning," in which the focus is on political context, environmental critics, environmentalist groups, and actions to be taken at the global, national, regional, and local levels. A total of 170 periodicals related to the environment are also identified including two dozen general-interest publications, four dozen publications with an environmental focus, and 100 specialized environmental publications such as those devoted to soil conservation, waste disposal, environmental education or environmental politics. A publisher/title index and a subject index are also included. (PVD)