The Great Encounter of China and the West 1500 1800The Great Encounter of China and the West 1500 1800

This widely praised book explores the 1500-1800 period before China's decline, when the country was viewed as a leading world culture and power.

Author: David Emil Mungello

Publisher: Critical Issues in World and International History

ISBN: 1442219769


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For the Chinese, the drive toward growing political and economic power is part of an ongoing effort to restore China's past greatness and remove the lingering memories of history's humiliations. This widely praised book explores the 1500-1800 period before China's decline, when the country was viewed as a leading world culture and power. D. E. Mungello argues that this earlier era, ironically, may contain more relevance for today than the more recent past. This fully revised fourth edition retains the clear and concise quality of its predecessors, while drawing on a wealth of new research on Sino-Western history and the increasing contributions of Chinese historians. Building on the author's decades of research and teaching, this compelling book illustrates the vital importance of history to readers trying to understand China's renewed rise.

China and the WestChina and the West

Zhang's history is based on a Chinese translation of Matteo Ricci's Latin autobiographical account. ... In addition to music, these missionaries introduced China to Western notions of astronomy and the calendar, mathematics, ...

Author: Hon-Lun Yang

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472130313


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A groundbreaking interdisciplinary volume exploring the phenomenon of the "Westernization" of contemporary Chinese music

China and the WestChina and the West

Chinese merchants who emigrated to southeast Asia were 'merchants without an empire'. It seems to China that as soon as the West developed the military technologies to subdue other races, they set about doing so through the use of ...

Author: Peter Nolan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429840432


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Capitalist globalisation since the 1980s has produced immense benefits in terms of technical progress, poverty reduction and welfare improvement. However, it has been accompanied by profound contradictions, including ecological destruction, global warming, inequality, concentration of business power, and financial instability. Regulation of global political economy in the interests of the majority of the world’s population is essential if the human species is to avoid a Darwinian catastrophe. This book explores China’s rich history of regulating the market in the interests of the mass of the population. For over two thousand years the Chinese bureaucracy has sought pragmatically to find a Way in which to integrate the ‘invisible hand’ of market forces with the ‘visible hand’ of ethically guided government regulation. Instead of seeking confrontation with China, citizens and politicians in the West need to deepen their understanding of the contribution that China can make to globally sustainable development in the decades and centuries ahead.

China and the WestChina and the West

The next three chapters have in common the use of film representations for an analysis of the encounters between China and the West. In chapter three, Stephen Harper uses a British television documentary to elaborate on a Western ...

Author: Lili Hernández

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443838641


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The meeting point between China and the West is a striking subject in a wide range of disciplines. This collection scrutinises how China and the West interact in aspects of culture, arts, politics and everyday life. Within a complex web of actors, dimensions, technologies, spaces and social structures, cultural encounters are nevertheless problematic. China and the West come together within the stream of a global world. The essays in this anthology analyse new and emerging dynamics that challenge authoritative views imposed on the other, while deconstructing traditional responses to otherness too. Bringing these essays together responds to a commitment to a critical assessment of the various shapes that such convergence takes within globalisation. China and the West: Encounters with the Other in Culture, Arts, Politics and Everyday Life will appeal to scholars and practitioners in communications, the visual arts, cultural studies, sociology, media studies, anthropology, literature and politics. The non-academic reader interested in the vibrant and emerging interface between China and the West will find this enlightening too.

China and the WestChina and the West

Reconsidering Chinese Reverse Glass Painting Elisa Ambrosio, Francine Giese, Alina Martimyanova, Hans Bjarne Thomsen ... This painting is a beautiful meeting between China and the West. The Western influence is the model, John Pike, ...

Author: Elisa Ambrosio

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110711776


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With contributions from outstanding specialists in glass art and East Asian art history, this edited volume opens a cross-cultural dialogue on the hitherto little-studied medium of Chinese reverse glass painting. The first major survey of this form of East Asian art, the volume traces its long history, its local and global diffusion, and its artistic and technical characteristics. Manufactured for export to Europe and for local consumption within China, the fragile artworks studied in this volume constitute a paramount part of Chinese visual culture and attest to the intensive cultural and artistic exchange between China and the West.

China and the WestChina and the West

In this volume we present 12 chapters on key policy issues confronting China and the West with contributions by leading Chinese and western scholars and former policy makers. Each chapter comes in the form of a policy brief with a focus ...

Author: Jan Svejnar

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781800374980


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This volume presents twelve chapters prepared by senior researchers and former policy makers on key policy issues confronting China and the West. They focus on the role of the state in economic development, trade issues and the part played by innovation, digitalization and leadership.