Challenges in Foreign Language Teaching in IranChallenges in Foreign Language Teaching in Iran

This volume is a clear reflection of the realities and dynamics of language teaching in Iranian classrooms and the new trends within the Iranian EFL community over the last decade.

Author: Seyed Mohammad Reza Amirian

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527504233


Page: 167

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This volume is a clear reflection of the realities and dynamics of language teaching in Iranian classrooms and the new trends within the Iranian EFL community over the last decade. It covers a variety of recent topics within the context of English language teaching in Iran, such as assessment and testing, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), task-based methodology, and vocabulary learning, among others. The book offers readers insights into what is actually going on in language classrooms in Iran and the most effective methods, techniques and strategies to employ in promoting learning in a foreign language context.

Challenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized WorldChallenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized World

Temporal fluctuations in foreign language motivation: Results of a longitudinal study. Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research, 4, 1–17.

Author: Mirosław Pawlak

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319669755


Page: 344

View: 751

This edited collection brings together papers by eminent scholars who attempt to demonstrate how challenges can most successfully be ameliorated with an eye to enhancing the effectiveness of the processes of language teaching and learning. In Part One, emphasis is placed on challenges that second language education has to face, both those more general, dealing with language policy issues, and those more specific, concerned with instructional options in the language classroom. Part Two focuses on challenges involved in researching the processes of teaching and learning in the second and foreign languages classroom, both with respect to research methodology and efforts to tap some variables impinging upon the effects of instruction. Finally, Part Three is devoted to challenges involved in second and foreign language teacher education, the quality of which to a large extent determines the outcomes of second language education in any educational context.

At the Crossroads Challenges of Foreign Language LearningAt the Crossroads Challenges of Foreign Language Learning

Crucial but neglected: English as a foreign language teachers' perspectives on ... and possible L2 selves: An examination in the Iranian EFL context.

Author: Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319551555


Page: 203

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This book offers a valuable contribution to the discussion on the complexities of L2 learning processes that pose a challenge to learners. Focusing on the cognitive, affective and socio-cultural perspectives, the papers included provide important insights into the individual’s experiences in second language acquisition. This work also addresses social interactions and cultural background, shedding new light on their role in the context in L2 learning processes. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the challenges of foreign-language (FL) learning and teaching.

Current Issues in Second Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher DevelopmentCurrent Issues in Second Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development

Teaching English for specific purposes in Iran. Arts & Humanities in Higher Education, ... Journal of Second Language Writing, 12(1), 17-29. —. (2007).

Author: Christina Gitsaki

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443887366


Page: 375

View: 565

Current Issues in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development: Research and Practice represents a collection of selected papers from the 17th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), which was held in August 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. The volume comprises 18 chapters presenting current research projects and discussing issues related to second language acquisition, teaching and teacher education in a variety of contexts from around the world. This collection of research papers will be of use to both new and seasoned researchers in the field of applied linguistics. Teacher educators, language teachers and language policy makers will find this volume equally useful as the papers address current issues in language education.

Routledge Handbook of Arabic Second Language AcquisitionRoutledge Handbook of Arabic Second Language Acquisition

Teaching in the foreign language classroom: How being a native or ... The sociocultural turn and its challenges for second language teacher education.

Author: Mohammad T. Alhawary

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317378648


Page: 428

View: 164

The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Second Language Acquisition introduces major current approaches in Arabic second language acquisition (SLA) research and offers empirical findings on crucial aspects and issues to do with the learning of Arabic as a foreign language and Arabic SLA. It brings together leading academics in the field to synthesize existing research and develops a new framework for analyzing important topics within Arabic SLA. This handbook will be suitable as a reference work for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars actively researching in this area and is primarily relevant to sister disciplines within teacher training and Arabic applied linguistics. The themes and findings should, however, also be attractive to other areas of study, including theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognition, and cognitive psychology.

Challenges in Language Testing Around the WorldChallenges in Language Testing Around the World

Elçin Ölmezer-Öztürk (Ph.D. in English Language Teaching, Anadolu University) is a faculty member at the Department of Foreign Language Education, ...

Author: Betty Lanteigne

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789813342323


Page: 553

View: 194

This book combines insights from language assessment literacy and critical language testing through critical analyses and research about challenges in language assessment around the world. It investigates problematic practices in language testing which are relevant to language test users such as language program directors, testing centers, and language teachers, as well as teachers-in-training in Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics programs. These issues involve aspects of language testing such as test development, test administration, scoring, and interpretation/use of test results. Chapters in this volume discuss insights about language testing policy, testing world languages, developing program-level language tests and tests of specific language skills, and language assessment literacy. In addition, this book identifies two needs in language testing for further examination: the need for collaboration between language test developers, language test users, and language users, and the need to base language tests on real-world language use.

English Language Education Policy in the Middle East and North AfricaEnglish Language Education Policy in the Middle East and North Africa

Reflections on foreign language education in Iran. TESL-EJ, 13(4), Online at ej52a1/.

Author: Robert Kirkpatrick

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319467788


Page: 300

View: 668

This volume offers insights on English language education policies in Middle Eastern and North African countries, through state-of-the-art reports giving clear assessments of current policies and future trends, each expertly drafted by a specialist. Each chapter contains a general description of English education polices in the respective countries, and then expands on how the local English education policies play out in practice in the education system at all levels, in the curriculum, in teaching, and in teacher training. Essays cover issues such as the balance between English and the acquisition of the national language or the Arabic language, as well as political, cultural, economic and technical elements that strengthen or weaken the learning of English. This volume is essential reading for researchers, policy makers, and teacher trainers for its invaluable insights in the role of each of the stakeholders in the implementation of policies.

Rethinking Languages EducationRethinking Languages Education

Challenges. The chapters in Part 2 explore the ways that teachers and students engage with languages learning in very different geopolitical, ...

Author: Ruth Arber

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351608671


Page: 252

View: 394

Rethinking Languages Education assembles innovative research from experts in the fields of sociocultural theory, applied linguistics and education. The contributors interrogate innovative and recent thinking and broach controversies about the theoretical and practical considerations that underpin the implementation of effective Languages pedagogy in twenty-first-century classrooms. Crucially, Rethinking Languages Education explores established understandings about language, culture and education to provide a more comprehensive and flexible understanding of Languages education that responds to local classrooms impacted by global and transnational change, and the politics of language, culture and identity. Rethinking Languages Education focuses on questions about ways that we can develop farsighted and successful Languages education for diverse students in globalised contexts. The response to these questions is multi-layered, and takes into account the complex interactions between policy, curriculum and practice, as well as their contention and implementation. In doing so, this book addresses and integrates innovative perspectives of contemporary theory and pedagogy for Languages, TESOL and EAL/D education. It includes diverse discussions around practice, and addresses issues of the dominance of prestige Languages programs for ‘minority’ and ‘heritage’ languages, as well as discussing controversies about the current provision of English and Languages programs around the world.

Studies and Essays on Learning Teaching and Assessing L2 Writing in Honour of Alister CummingStudies and Essays on Learning Teaching and Assessing L2 Writing in Honour of Alister Cumming

... explores the academic publishing practices and the challenges facing the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) professionals in China and Iran.

Author: A. Mehdi Riazi

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527549517


Page: 403

View: 269

This volume highlights some of the main issues and questions surrounding the field of second language (L2) writing, and includes 14 chapters authored by contributors from a wide variety of geographical regions including, but not limited to, North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The authors are all experienced L2 writing researchers, and their contributions will enhance the reader’s understanding of issues related to L2 writing. Considering the breadth and the depth of the issues raised and discussed, the book will appeal to a wide readership, including postgraduate students of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Applied Linguistics (AL), and both early-career and experienced TESOL/AL researchers.

The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy of PersianThe Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy of Persian

Foreign Language Education Policies in Iran: Pivotal Macro Considerations. ... “Linguistic Issues and Language Planning in Iran.” Farhang, 13: 177–206.

Author: Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429821066


Page: 660

View: 302

The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy of Persian offers a detailed overview of the field of Persian second language acquisition and pedagogy. The Handbook discusses its development and captures critical accounts of cutting edge research within the major subfields of Persian second language acquisition and pedagogy, as well as current debates and problems, and goes on to suggest productive lines of future research. The book is divided into the following four parts: I) Theory-driven research on second language acquisition of Persian, II) Language skills in second language acquisition of Persian, III) Classroom research in second language acquisition and pedagogy of Persian, and IV) Social aspects of second language acquisition and pedagogy of Persian. The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy of Persian is an essential reference for scholars and students of Persian SLA and pedagogy as well as those researching in related areas.

Issues in Teaching Learning and Testing Speaking in a Second LanguageIssues in Teaching Learning and Testing Speaking in a Second Language

Dave Willis has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Ghana, Cyprus, Iran and ... Her research focuses on oral interactions in a foreign language, ...

Author: Mirosław Pawlak

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642383397


Page: 265

View: 943

The volume constitutes a state-of-the-art account of issues related to teaching, learning and testing speaking in a second language. It brings together contributions by Polish and international scholars which seek to create links between theory, research and classroom practice, report the findings of studies investigating the impact of linguistic, cognitive and affective factors on the development and use of speaking skills, and provide concrete pedagogic proposals for instruction and assessment in this area. As such, the book will be of interest not only to second language acquisition theorists and researchers, but also to foreign language teachers willing to enhance the quality of speaking instruction in their classrooms.

Issues in Materials DevelopmentIssues in Materials Development

This book finally tries to open new horizons and possible futuristic approaches to improve today’s ELT materials.

Author: Maryam Azarnoosh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789463004329


Page: 235

View: 955

Issues in Materials Development provides readers with theoretical foundations and practical aspects of designing materials for EFL/ESL contexts. It starts with discussing some basic and preliminary principles of materials design followed by scrutinizing critical issues in materials development in an objective and systematic way. This ranges from considering learners’ needs, adopting, adapting, selection, and gradation of materials to the specific focus of the book on developing various types of materials for the four language skills, pronunciation, ESP vocabulary, and computer assisted language learning materials. Authenticity of materials to be designed and the inclusion of affective factors to develop motivating materials to engage language learners, in addition to features of materials design at a universal level are other areas to read about. This book finally tries to open new horizons and possible futuristic approaches to improve today’s ELT materials.

The Politics of English Second Language Writing Assessment in Global ContextsThe Politics of English Second Language Writing Assessment in Global Contexts

English in post-revolutionary Iran: From indigenization to ... Challenges facing EFL writing teachers and students in language teacher education programs.

Author: Todd Ruecker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351603027


Page: 244

View: 769

Reflecting the internationalization of the field of second language writing, this book focuses on political aspects and pedagogical issues of writing instruction and testing in a global context. High-stakes assessment impacts the lives of second language (L2) writers and their teachers around the world, be it the College English Test in China, Common Core-aligned assessments in the U.S., English proficiency tests in Poland, or the material conditions (such as access to technology, training, and other resources) affecting a classroom. With contributions from authors working in ten different countries in a variety of institutional contexts, the chapters examine the uses and abuses of various writing-related assessments, and the policies that determine their form and use. Representing a diverse range of contexts, methods, and disciplines, the authors jointly call for more equitable testing systems that consider the socioeconomic, psychometric, affective, institutional, and needs of all students who strive to gain access to education and employment opportunities related to English language proficiency.

Frontiers of Language and Teaching Proceedings of the 2010 International Online Language Conference IOLC 2010 Frontiers of Language and Teaching Proceedings of the 2010 International Online Language Conference IOLC 2010

4 To Teach or not to Teach: Pronunciation Challenge in ESL . ... Morphosyntactic Verbal Polysemy: The Case of Modern Greek as Foreign/Second Language .

Author: Azadeh Shafaei

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781612330006



View: 257

This collection is comprised of papers submitted to the 3rd International Online Language Conference (IOLC) held in September 2010. IOLC 2010 was a two-day conference which aimed to provide a forum for academics, practitioners, experts and students to debate current international issues and challenges in the broad area of language learning and teaching. This annual world-renowned conference takes place over the internet, allowing participants to save accommodation and flight expenses and at the same time helping to save our planet by reducing CO2 emissions. All submitted papers went through a double blind review process before a decision was made. This was to ensure the quality level of the conference is kept high.

Higher Education Challenges in South East AsiaHigher Education Challenges in South East Asia

External Factors Affecting Second Language Motivation: The Role of Teacher Burnout and Family Influence. Iranian Journal of Applied Linguistics (IJAL), ...

Author: Kahl, Christian

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799844907


Page: 293

View: 215

Over the last decade, many local students have preferred to study overseas. This has caused governments to announce the creation of programs and developments in the higher education sector to upgrade South-East Asia to a leading education hub. Moreover, many governments declared that they would work on the insurance of learning to increase the quality of the degrees and the teaching itself. This has led many to question the results of these declarations. Higher Education Challenges in South-East Asia provides an overview of what has been happening over the last ten years in higher education in South-East Asia. It also works to solve the challenges in modern education such as the impacts of digitalization, globalization, and Generation Y and Z learning styles. Covering topics that include globalization, educational technologies, and comparative teaching, this book impacts academic institutions, policymakers, government officials, university and college administrators and leaders, academicians, researchers, and students.

Lessons from Good Language TeachersLessons from Good Language Teachers

The sociocultural turn and its challenges for second language teacher education. TESOL Quarterly, 40(1), 235–257. Johnson, K. E. (2009). Second language ...

Author: Carol Griffiths

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108800358



View: 861

What makes a good language teacher? This up-to-date, practical book addresses that question from a 'human' perspective, recognising that teachers are not just machines, but have feelings, needs and identities of their own. As the twenty-two topics of the chapters in this volume clearly indicate, language teachers are complex individuals, who are expected to have a range of personal qualities, to be able to satisfy the needs of their students and to have the knowledge and skills to provide instruction in a range of language areas. Not only that, but all of these requirements are constantly changing. The authors present new insights from the real teaching environment that will be an invaluable help to language teachers at all stages of professional development.

Ethical and Methodological Issues in Researching Young Language Learners in School ContextsEthical and Methodological Issues in Researching Young Language Learners in School Contexts

... Iranian children's understanding of intercultural issues. In M.P. García Mayo (ed.) Learning Foreign Languages in Primary School: Research Insights (pp.

Author: Dr. Annamaria Pinter

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781800411449


Page: 240

View: 888

This book focuses on ethical and methodological issues faced by researchers working with young language learners in formal school contexts. It uncovers and explicitly discusses a range of ethical dilemmas, challenges and experiences that researchers have encountered and grappled with, in studies of all kinds from large scale, experimental studies to ethnographic studies focused on just a handful of children. The chapters are written by researchers working with children in different classroom contexts around the world and highlight how ethical dilemmas and tensions take on a complex form in child-focused research, requiring researchers to pay particular attention to the social and cultural norms of the different communities within which children are educated as well as their school-based experiences. The book comprises three sections, with the first part focused on involving children as active participants in research; part two on ethical challenges in multilingual contexts and part three on links between teacher education and researching children. The book includes a critical discussion of the opportunities and challenges associated with applying the UNCRC (1989) document in second language research with children which will be of use to any researcher working in this area.

English Language Teacher Preparation in AsiaEnglish Language Teacher Preparation in Asia

Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research, 1(1), 78–89. ... and its challenges for second language teacher education. TESOL Quarterly, 40(1), ...

Author: Subhan Zein

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351601887


Page: 302

View: 872

Bringing together a comprehensive range of extended research-based chapters, English Language Teacher Preparation in Asia provides comprehensive insight into policy, research, and practical aspects of teacher preparation for English teachers at pre-service level across multiple contexts in Asia. Written by local and international scholars specialising in TESOL Teacher education, and acknowledging the increasingly complex demands made on teachers of English in view of globalisation, the book explores the multiple factors which are key to effective professional learning. Chapters consider how pre-service teachers are best prepared for the diverse contexts in which English is learnt and taught in settings throughout Asia and draw on in-depth research studies to provide rich, fully contextualised coverage of aspects of teacher preparation including curriculum design, programme development, policy, professional learning communities, assessment education, and teaching practicum. A timely contribution to the field of teacher preparation, this text will be an invaluable resource for teacher educators, pre-service teachers and academics involved in the preparation of English teachers in Asia.