Ceramics in America 2001Ceramics in America 2001

A new annual from the Chipstone Foundation containing a diverse range of essays, new discoveries and book reviews on the latest research for interest to ceramic scholars.

Author: Robert Hunter

Publisher: Ceramics in America

ISBN: 1584651334


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A new annual from the Chipstone Foundation containing a diverse range of essays, new discoveries and book reviews on the latest research for interest to ceramic scholars.

Ceramics in AmericaCeramics in America

Interpreting Ceramics 3 ( n.d .; online journal , www.uwic.ac.uk/ICRC ) . Paper presented at the Michael Cardew Centenary Symposium , Aberystwyth , Wales , June 27–28 , 2001 . Suntory Museum of Art . 1200 Years of Japanese Pottery ...



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Ceramic Art and CivilisationCeramic Art and Civilisation

Garth Clark, Gilded Vessel: The Lustrous Art and Life of Beatrice Wood, 2001, Madison, Guild Publishing. Martha Drexler Lynn, The Clay Art of Adrian Saxe, 1994, London, Thames & Hudson. Martha Drexler Lynn, American Studio Ceramics: ...

Author: Paul Greenhalgh

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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In his major new history, Paul Greenhalgh tells the story of ceramics as a story of human civilisation, from the Ancient Greeks to the present day. As a core craft technology, pottery has underpinned domesticity, business, religion, recreation, architecture, and art for millennia. Indeed, the history of ceramics parallels the development of human society. This fascinating and very human history traces the story of ceramic art and industry from the Ancient Greeks to the Romans and the medieval world; Islamic ceramic cultures and their influence on the Italian Renaissance; Chinese and European porcelain production; modernity and Art Nouveau; the rise of the studio potter, Art Deco, International Style and Mid-Century Modern, and finally, the contemporary explosion of ceramic making and the postmodern potter. Interwoven in this journey through time and place is the story of the pots themselves, the culture of the ceramics, and their character and meaning. Ceramics have had a presence in virtually every country and historical period, and have worked as a commodity servicing every social class. They are omnipresent: a ubiquitous art. Ceramic culture is a clear, unique, definable thing, and has an internal logic that holds it together through millennia. Hence ceramics is the most peculiar and extraordinary of all the arts. At once cheap, expensive, elite, plebeian, high-tech, low-tech, exotic, eccentric, comic, tragic, spiritual, and secular, it has revealed itself to be as fluid as the mud it is made from. Ceramics are the very stuff of how civilized life was, and is, led. This then is the story of human society's most surprising core causes and effects.

Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New EnglandGlobal Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England

For a broader defense of the place of ceramics in American material culture and history, see Ann Smart Martin, “Magical, Mythical, Practical, and Sublime: The Meanings and Uses of Ceramics in America,” Ceramics in America (2001), ...

Author: Patricia Johnston

Publisher: University of New Hampshire Press

ISBN: 9781611685855


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A highly original and much-needed collection that explores the impact of Asian and Indian Ocean trade on the art and aesthetic sensibilities of New England port towns in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This diverse, interdisciplinary volume adds to our understanding of visual representations of economic and cultural changes in New England as the region emerged as a global trading center, entering the highly prized East Indies trades. Examining a wide variety of commodities and forms including ceramics, textiles, engravings, paintings, architecture, and gardens, the contributors highlight New Englanders' imperial ambitions in a wider world. This book will appeal to a broad audience of historians and students of American visual art, as well as scholars and students of fine and decorative arts.

Oceans Odyssey 2Oceans Odyssey 2

Martin, A.S.,'Magical, Mythical, Practical andSublime: the Meanings and Use of Ceramics in America.' InR. (ed.), Hunter Ceramicsin America (Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, 2001) 2946. McAllister, L.S., Collector'sGuide to FeatherEdge ...

Author: Greg Stemm

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 9781842176184


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Oceans Odyssey 2 presents the results of the discovery and archaeological survey of ten deep-water wrecks by Odyssey Marine Exploration. In the Western Approaches and western English Channel, a mid-17th century armed merchantman, the guns of Admiral Balchin's Victory (1744), the mid-18th century French privateer La Marquise de Tourny and six German U-boats lost at the end of World War II are examined in depth. From the Atlantic coast of the United States, the Jacksonville 'Blue China' wreck's British ceramics, tobacco pipes and American glass wares bring to life the story of a remarkable East Coast schooner lost in the mid-19th century. These unique sites expand the boundaries of human knowledge, highlighting the great promise of deep-sea wrecks, the technology needed to explore them and the threats from nature and man that these wonders face. Challenges to managing underwater cultural heritage are also discussed, along with proposed solutions for curating and storing collections.

An Archaeology of the English Atlantic World 1600 1700An Archaeology of the English Atlantic World 1600 1700

Ceramic treasures in seventeenth-century trash: a 1660s cellar deposit. In Ceramics in America, 2001, Robert Hunter, ed., pp. 139–149. Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, WI. Luckenbach, Al and Taft Kiser. 2006. Seventeenth-century tobacco ...

Author: Charles E. Orser, Jr.


ISBN: 9781107130487


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Explores the tremendous discoveries historical archaeologists have made about English life in the Americas during the seventeenth century.

Atlantic Crossings in the Wake of Frederick DouglassAtlantic Crossings in the Wake of Frederick Douglass

These studies are also used to determine the range of ceramic dishes, decorative categories, and functions represented ... Mythical, Practical, and Sublime: The Meanings and Uses of Ceramics in America,” in Ceramics in America 2001, ed.

Author: Mark P. Leone

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004343481


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In Atlantic Crossings in the Wake of Frederick Douglass, edited by Mark P. Leone and Lee M. Jenkins, twelve chapters on archaeology, literature, and spatial culture explore crossings between American, African American, and Irish historical experience and culture.

Mocha and Related Dipped Wares 1770 1939Mocha and Related Dipped Wares 1770 1939

Don and 1 have also co-authored papers for the Journal of the American Ceramic Circle and two volumes of Ceramics in America (2001 and 2004). An invitation to speak to the Northern Ceramic Society at one of their monthly meetings in ...

Author: Jonathan Rickard

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781584655138


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An authoritative guide to the history and craft of this rare and much sought-after ceramic ware.

Metal Reinforced CeramicsMetal Reinforced Ceramics

[12] J.A. Kerdic, A.J. Ruys, C.C. Sorrell, Thixotropic casting of ceramic metal functionally gradient materials, ... of broad regular gradients, in: PacRim4 Proceedings, 4th Meeting of the Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies, Maui, USA, 2001.

Author: Andrew John Ruys

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 9780081028704


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Metal-Reinforced Ceramics covers the principle of metal-fiber-reinforced ceramics, a well-known topic in the field of reinforced concrete. Much of the work that has been done has remained unpublished, hidden in industrial company archives due to the commercial sensitivity associated with the respective technologies that prevailed at the time, which no longer applies today. This book will discuss advanced technologies that have largely been undocumented before in a broad range of industrial application areas, with updates on alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, tungsten carbide, fused silica, and carbon-based ceramics which are hard, heat resistant, wear resistant, and chemically durable. Provides detailed information on fundamental principles, advanced processing technologies and industrial applications Features comprehensive industrial knowledge not usually in the public domain from the author’s experience spanning more than three decades Features armor ceramics, bioceramics, aerospace, mining and architectural ceramic applications

A Companion to American Cultural HistoryA Companion to American Cultural History

Museums have sponsored important research on African American material folk culture. ... Chipstone Foundation's serial, American Furniture (1993–present), and Ceramics in America (2001–present), or the Costume Society of America's Dress ...

Author: Karen Halttunen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118798065


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A Companion to American Cultural History offers a historiographic overview of the scholarship, with special attention to the major studies and debates that have shaped the field, and an assessment of where it is currently headed. 30 essays explore the history of American culture at all analytic levels Written by scholarly experts well-versed in the questions and controversies that have activated interest in this burgeoning field Part of the authoritative Blackwell Companions to American History series Provides both a chronological and thematic approach: topics range from British America in the Eighteenth Century to the modern day globalization of American Culture; thematic approaches include gender and sexuality and popular culture