The Techniques of Tablet WeavingThe Techniques of Tablet Weaving

The reason why the British use the term tablet weaving while the Americans use card weaving can be traced to the way the newly discovered technique arrived in the two countries. Lehmann-Filhés, for her book published in 1901, ...

Author: Peter Collingwood

Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media, LLC



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When Techniques of Tablet Weaving was first published in 1982 it sold out almost immediately. Weavers, fiber artists, and collectors, hungry for the vast and carefully organized repository of information it contained, have spent years excitedly sharing dog-eared paperback editions and roughly photocopied excerpts of this one-of-a-kind volume. No commercially published book, before or since, has captured the amount and quality of information and research on the art of tablet weaving (also known as card weaving). Finally, long-deprived cardweaving enthusiasts can own their very own copy of Peter Collingwood's landmark book thanks to this high-quality 2015 reprint, complete with dozens of detailed photographs, pattern examples, and step-by-step instructions for each of the techniques presented. In addition to instructional information, Techniques of Tablet Weaving contains pages of historical context for a variety of weaving techniques with clear and helpful tips on reproducing them precisely, as well as modern variations on the classics.

The Weaving ExplorerThe Weaving Explorer

In card weaving, the warp is threaded through holes in each corner of special cards; by turning the cards in various ways, the weaver creates different sheds for the weft. Card weaving (also known as tablet weaving) has a very long ...

Author: Deborah Jarchow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781635860290


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This fresh spin on the ancient craft of weaving introduces creative techniques that use a variety of looms, or no loom at all! Thirty featured projects utilize a range of materials, from fiber to paper and wire, and are accessible to all levels of crafters.

The Joy of Hand WeavingThe Joy of Hand Weaving

A good book on two - harness weaving for those who must work without the aid of a teacher . ... Groff , Russell E. , Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving . Describes the making of warps , setting up cards , and weaving narrow bands .

Author: Osma Gallinger Tod

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486234584


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The only book you'll need on thefundamentals ofthreads and weaves, plus numerous projects for beginner to advanced weavers, plus two-harness looms, four-harness looms, fabrics, colors, much more. Over 160 illustrations."

Weaving With Small Appliances Book II Tablet WeavingWeaving With Small Appliances Book II Tablet Weaving

I was told that the simple appliance was an ancient, pattern weaving machine of Arabian origin, ... by means of little bundles of perforated cards such as the Arabian set I then remembered being interested in so long before.

Author: Luther Hooper

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781447492283


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WEAVING WITH SMALL APPLIANCES. BOOK II- TABLET WEAVING. The art of tablet weaving is pre-historic, and has been practised generally all over the world throughout history. Many kinds of beautiful braids and narrow webs are still woven by this simple method in remote places where the primitive traditional arts and crafts still survive. The authors interest in this subject was further stimulated by seeing a tapestry in the V&A Museum in 1921 of which the central figure, the Virgin Mary, is depicted weaving an elaborate lace on a tablet loom. After much studing of the technique and the capacity of the little appliance the author presents the outcome of the experiments clearly in this books pages. This book was originally published in 1923. Many of the earliest books on weaving, textiles and needlework, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern edit


... Card NT Punched card systems Card tables ( May Subd Geog ) BT Tables ( May Subd Geog ) [ GV1549 ] UF Cards - Tricks BT Conjuring Tricks NT Fortune - telling by cards Card weaving [ TT848 ] UF Tablet weaving BT Hand weaving Weaving ...

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Textile and Clothing Design TechnologyTextile and Clothing Design Technology

Owing to the vast range of weave architectures and array of apparatus and technology utilized in their production, ... of tablet weaving requiring two posts, or sources, of clamping at either end of the warp yarns and as many cards as ...

Author: Tom Cassidy

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351652230


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In the textile industry, there is a pressing need for people who can facilitate the translation of creative solutions from designers into manufacturing language and data. The design technologist has to understand the elements and principles employed by designers and how these change for various textile media. One must also have a good understanding of the processes, materials and products for which the textile designer is required to produce creative solutions. This book will be for designers wishing to improve their technological knowledge, technologists wishing to understand the design process, and anyone else who seeks to work at this design-technology interface. Key Features: • Provides a comprehensive information about textile production, apparel production and the design aspects of both textile and apparel production. • Fills the traditional gap between design and manufacture changing with advanced technologies. • Includes brief summary of spinning, weaving, chemical processing and garmenting. • Facilitates translation of creative solutions from designers into manufacturing language and data. • Covers set of workshop activities.