Business AsiaBusiness Asia

Annual index, 2000 E-business environment and infrastructure ....................Jul 10, p7 Economic growth /cw ... Oct 2, p6-7 Tables, graphs and maps Asia's e-business revenue, 1999 and 2004 ......................Jun 26, p2 Asia's GDP ...



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Contemporary International Business in the Asia Pacific RegionContemporary International Business in the Asia Pacific Region

AWB and the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal: just a cost of doing business? in P. Ramburuth, C. Stringer and M. Serapio, eds, Dynamics of International Business, Asia–Pacific Business Cases, Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, pp. 3–13.

Author: Alain Verbeke

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This text introduces students to core business concepts and comprehensively covers a range of key areas in international business.

Business Sustainability in AsiaBusiness Sustainability in Asia

152. “Powering Business Sustainability (A Guide for Directors),” http://www.bursamalaysia .com/misc/sustainability_guide_for_directors.pdf. 153. Journal of Corporate Governance in Asia 2010, http://Www.Corporategovernanceasia .

Author: Zabihollah Rezaee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Get familiar with business sustainability in Asia Business Sustainability in Asia offers 12 chapters that cover different aspects of business sustainability with a keen focus on its implications in Asia. Anyone who is involved with business sustainability and corporate governance, the financial reporting process, investment decisions, legal and financial advising, assurance functions, and corporate governance education will be interested in this book. It examines business sustainability performance, reporting and assurance and their integration into strategy, governance, risk assessment, performance management, and the reporting process of disclosing governance, ethics, social, environmental, and economic sustainable performance. The book also highlights how people, businesses, and resources collaborate in a business sustainability and accountability model. • Develop an awareness and understanding of the main themes, perspectives, frameworks, and issues pertaining to corporate governance and business sustainability in Asia • Covers a variety of issues relevant to business sustainability in Asia • Authored by an expert who has written extensively on the subject • Understand why organizations worldwide recognize the importance of sustainability performance If you’re a business leader, executive, auditor, or student looking to familiarize yourself with this emerging subject, Business Sustainability in Asia has you covered.

Business Practices in Southeast AsiaBusiness Practices in Southeast Asia

In some cases, the primary motivator in starting a business can be survival and not the search for wealth or independence, ... Entrepreneursinthe Theravada Buddhist regions ofSoutheast Asia share some common characteristics with ...

Author: Scott A. Hipsher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135182229


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This is an international business study of Theravada Buddhist Southeast Asia. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, the book examines business practices within a political, cultural, economic and religious context. It highlights those cultural and historical ties of the region which are shared because of a common religion. In analysing business environments, economics and government practices across the region, the book provides a deeper understanding of the influence of cultural values on work practices in Southeast Asia. The author first offers an overview of the history of the region and the nature and guiding principles of Theravada Buddhism. The next sections of the book present the history and the business and economic environment of the four countries in Southeast Asia, along with some relevant case studies of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. The book analyses business strategies and practices, management and marketing issues as well as the characteristics of companies. The last part considers the political environment of the four countries and hints at future trends and developments. The book offers a framework for working in the region, and provides valuable insights into this unique business environment, which is significantly different from the Western context. Filling a gap in existing literature, this book provides an accessible study of actual business practices in Southeast Asia.

Business Strategy In Asia A CasebookBusiness Strategy In Asia A Casebook

21.2002, Asia/Pacific carriers revamping business class cabins, Business Travel News, September 9.03 BusStra.indd 42 1/4/10 10:16:43 AM Case 3• Strategic Choices at the Singapore Airlines Group 43 22.Z. Y. Chang, W.Y. Yeong, and L. Loh, ...

Author: Kulwant Singh

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312295155


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This book fills an important underserved niche in the strategy arena. Written by expert researchers on Asian business, it presents a broad selection of cases addressing a range of current and important issues in business strategy. The cases have been carefully chosen to represent all the different dimensions of diversity within Asia: geographic (countries), industries, and firm types. More than half of them are either new to or revised for this edition. The cases present an array of large and small firms, high-technology and new-economy firms, and those in emerging as well as mature industries, achieving success and suffering failure in a variety of business environments.

Chinese Business in Southeast AsiaChinese Business in Southeast Asia

(1993) Formation and Restructuring of Business Groups in Malaysia, Tokyo: Institute of Developing Economies. Hara, F.(ed.) (1994) The Development of Bumiputera Enterprises and Sino-Malay Economic Cooperation inMalaysia, Tokyo: Institute ...

Author: Terence Gomez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136001345


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Presents empirical findings from different South-East Asian countries to demonstrate that Chinese businessmen employ a variety of strategies in their networking, entrepreneurship and organisational and firm development; and concludes that much more research is needed in order to provide a full understanding of Chinese business success.

The Politics of Southeast Asia s New MediaThe Politics of Southeast Asia s New Media

It's not going to happen in China or Indonesia because it would be too disruptive for the authorities' (quoted in Television Asia, May 1996). ABN's regional monopoly on 'business news' was challenged with the arrival in June 1995 of a ...

Author: William Atkins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136860553


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The past decade has seen a major structural shift in broadcasting in Southeast Asia, with the development of digital satellite and cable broadcasting. This shift has impacted upon some of the most information-sensitive governments in the world: Singapore, Malaysia and, until recently, Indonesia. Atkins traces this development in five countries, showing that the challenge to authoritarian regimes, anticipated by modern theorists as a result of the globalization of news and information, is not materializing. Instead, a new commercial elite has arisen, Southeast Asia's own mini-moguls, who act as gatekeepers for state interests, as partners to global media companies.

Doing Business in Asia s Booming China Triangle Doing Business in Asia s Booming China Triangle

Author: Christopher Engholm

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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Westerners have been trying to build profitable business relationships with China for over 150 years. Yet few of them have successfully penetrated this "market of one billion." Today, an increasing number of companies are reaping huge profits due to sweeping economic reform in the People's Republic, and the merging of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China into a financial and manufacturing powerhouse. Here's a complete guide to selling to and investing successfully in the booming region of "Greater China." Packed with case histories of companies who are reaping high profits in this region, this comprehensive resource provides dozens of business-tested strategies and proven techniques for successfully investing and manufacturing in the China Triangle.

Access to AsiaAccess to Asia

Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships Sharon Schweitzer. 258 Access to Asia hours as it is in, say, my own country. In Japan, I was used to establishing business ...

Author: Sharon Schweitzer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118919019


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Create meaningful relationships that translate to better business Access to Asia presents a deeply insightful framework for today's global business leaders and managers, whether traveling from Toronto to Taipei, Baltimore to Bangalore, or San Francisco to Shanghai. Drawing from her extensive experience and global connections, author Sharon Schweitzer suggests that irrespective of their industry, everyone is essentially in the relationship business. Within Asia, building trust and inspiring respect are vital steps in developing business relationships that transcend basic contractual obligations. Readers will find in-the-trenches advice and stories from 80 regional experts in 10 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Korea. Discover the unique eight-question framework that provides rich interview material and insight from respected cultural experts Track cultural progress over time and highlight areas in need of improvement with the Self-Awareness Profile Learn the little-known facts, reports, and resources that help establish and strengthen Asian business relationships Effective cross-cultural communication is mandatory for today's successful global business leaders. For companies and individuals looking to engage more successfully with their counterparts in Asia, Access to Asia showcases the critical people skills that drive global business success.