Broken Boys mending MenBroken Boys mending Men

First-person accounts accompany this discussion of the sexual abuse of boys, the emotional scars that result, the barriers to recovery, and suggestions for healing

Author: Stephen D. Grubman-Black

Publisher: Human Services Inst

ISBN: 0830635629


Page: 168

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First-person accounts accompany this discussion of the sexual abuse of boys, the emotional scars that result, the barriers to recovery, and suggestions for healing

Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and MenUnderstanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and Men

Broken boys, mending men: Recovering from childhood sexual abuse. New York, NY: Ivy Books. Harvey, J. H., Orbuch, T. L., & Weber, A. L. (1990).

Author: Richard B. Gartner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317375579


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Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and Men: The Trauma of Sexual Abuse is an indispensable go-to book for understanding male sexual victimization. It has become increasingly clear since the 1980s that men and boys, like women and girls, are sexually abused and assaulted in alarming numbers. Yet there have been few resources available to victims, their loved ones, or those trying to help them. Richard B. Gartner was in the vanguard of clinicians treating male sexual victimization and has written extensively about it, initially in professional papers, then in his landmark 1999 book for clinicians Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men, continuing with his 2005 work Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse. He has been a tireless teacher, clinician, and advocate for male victims of sexual abuse in the classroom, the lecture hall, and of course the consulting room as well as in newspaper, television, radio, and online interviews. Dr. Gartner has gathered together expert colleagues from the trauma, psychoanalytic, medical, and survivor treatment fields. Together, they have created a comprehensive guide to what was once thought to be a rarity but now is clearly an all-too-common occurrence. Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and Men looks at the realities of male sexual victimization, guiding clinicians and lay people alike to understand the complexities of the devastation it causes in victimized boys and men. It considers topics as diverse as: sexual assault in institutions like the military, sports teams, schools, universities, and religious organizations; sex trafficking of boys and adolescents; neurobiology and brain chemistry of male survivors of sexual abuse; gender and sexual dysfunctions and confusions resulting from sexual exploitation and trauma; physicians’ treatment of sexually abused men’s medical problems; socio-cultural influences on processing and treating men’s and boys’ sexual victimization. Understanding the Sexual Betrayal of Boys and Men is required reading for anyone working with male victims of sexual abuse and assault at any level – psychotherapists, rape counselors, attorneys, journalists, guidance counselors, physicians, clergy, graduate students, and lawmakers – and helpful to lay people interested in this often-unrecognized problem.

Betrayed as BoysBetrayed as Boys

Broken boys / mending men . Blue Ridge Summit , PA : TAB Books . Haley , J. ( 1973 ) . Uncommon therapy : The psychiatric techniques of Milton H. Erickson .

Author: Richard B. Gartner

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1572306440


Page: 356

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More than one in six boys in the United States is sexually victimized by the age of 16. Yet in the growing professional literature on child sexual abuse, few books focus specifically on the experience of victimized boys and men. This much-needed volume examines how sexual betrayal affects boys and the ways they carry this hurt into adulthood. Blending psychoanalytic understanding with insights from trauma-oriented theory and practice, Richard B. Gartner presents effective strategies for meeting the unique therapeutic needs of men with sexual abuse histories. Filled with evocative clinical material, the book draws readers into the direct experience of these clients, the therapists who work with them, and the constantly shifting relational world they inhabit.

Broken Child Mended ManBroken Child Mended Man

Since outside recess wasn't an option, someone decided to bring a football to lunch one day and toss it with some of the boys in the baseball outfield and a ...

Author: Adam Starks, PhD

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468950083


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In his autobiography, Adam Starks provides a valiantly candid account of the turbulence faced during his years leading up to and while in foster care. In a path breaking twist from other well-written memoirs of former foster youth, his story reflects on the acting out that ensued as a result of a constant sense of instability in the world around him. Amid his internal struggles, Adam properly attributes his ability to remain steadfast toward achieving his successful breakaway from the cycle to his education and the ones who gathered around him during his times of need. His story provides inspiration for anyone searching for a sign of strength to relate to their own struggle. Broken Child Mended Man is a testimony for anyone who wants to overcome trials in their life and realize their ultimate worth.

Raising Emotionally Healthy BoysRaising Emotionally Healthy Boys

Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse. Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab Books, 1990. Gurian, Michael. Boys and Girls Learn Differently.

Author: Michael Reist

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459731400


Page: 200

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As society redefines our ideas of masculinity, the lessons we teach our children are lagging behind. It's become commonplace to think of men as "closed off," while women are often expected to show a broader range of emotional expression. Parents need to have a serious conversation about this, for the sake of our boys and the men they will become.

Gay Men and Childhood Sexual TraumaGay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma

Ethnic and cultural diversity among lesbians and gay men. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Grubman-Black, S. D. (1990). Broken boys/mending men.

Author: James Cassese

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317992943


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Learn powerful techniques for healing the scars of early sexual abuse in gay men! The first book of its kind, Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma: Integrating the Shattered Self addresses the specific therapeutic needs of gay men in recovery. All too often, gay men hide their childhood memories of being sexually victimized, because of fear, shame, and the stigma of stereotypes which equate homosexuality with child abuse. Some gay men may view these histories as “rites of passage” and dismiss other perspectives as betrayals of their community or inadvertant support for the anti-gay agenda of the religious right. Certain therapists and so-called support groups ridicule them as hysterics with false memories. Groups like the North American Man-Boy Love Association or the Rene Guyon Society dismiss the source of their anguish as wishful thinking or a healthy, consensual intergenerational romance. Finally here is a book that addresses the unique emotional and psychological needs of gay male survivors of sexual abuse. Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma offers new hope by separating the crime of pedophilia from the consensual intimacy of an adult male same-sex relationship. It provides specific guidance for therapists working with gay men either in individual or group therapy settings, and offers practical treatment suggestions as well as moving insights into the painful conflicts gay men may have in accepting their own sexuality and revealing their status as child survivor of an adult sexual predator. Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma discusses practical ways to help the survivor heal, including: adopting eye movement desensitization and reprocessing techniques to treat traumatized gay men helping gay men to break the old arousal patterns associated with their abusers handling survivors’formidable issues of trust, addictions, depression, and low self-esteem leading survivor groups of mixed sexual orientation discerning the special meaning of HIV to traumatized gay men respecting cross-cultural differences in treating the gay male sexual trauma survivor finding new directions for research This powerful volume offers sufficient technical detail to be useful for the therapist working with gay men, yet it is written with enough clarity and compassion to be used as bibliotherapy for men just coming out as gay, as survivor, or as both. Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma is an essential resource for mental health professionals, as well as for gay men who have themselves survived sexual abuse or who love someone who did.

Handbook of Counseling Boys and Adolescent MalesHandbook of Counseling Boys and Adolescent Males

Broken boys/mending men: Recovery from childhood sexual abuse. Bradenton, FL: Human Services Institute, Inc. and TAB Books. Guerney, B. (1964).

Author: Arthur M. Horne

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452221762


Page: 440

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This comprehensive, practical resource provides specific strategies for counsellors working with boys and male adolescents from different cultural backgrounds. The first part examines how psychological, career and athletic development of boys is shaped by a complex interaction of biological, social, cultural and economic forces. TheSecond Part covers cultural considerations when counselling particular North American client groups, such as Hispanic-Americans. The final part focuses on special populations such as gay, sexually abused and developmentally disabled boys.

Young Men Surviving Child Sexual AbuseYoung Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Gonsiorek JC (1995) 'Gay male identities: Concepts and issues.' In AR D'Augelli and CJ Patterson (eds) ... Grubman-Black SD (1990) Broken Boys/Mending Men.

Author: Andrew Durham

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470864739


Page: 200

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Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse examines a largely neglected area in child protection: the sexual abuse of boys. Andrew Durham, a consultant social work practitioner, describes his original research undertaken with young men close to or in the midst of adolescence. The book features extensive narrative, as the life story approach taken allows the young men to theorise their own experience and to understand how and why child sexual abuse has had a harmful and long lasting impact on their day-to-day lives. Alongside the research stories the author presents a theoretical framework for understanding male sexual abuse, as well as a wide range of accessible practice materials. This book will be invaluable to those working with children and young people who are recovering from child sexual abuse.

The Male SurvivorThe Male Survivor

Broken boys/mending men: Recovery from childhood sexual abuse. Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab Books. Hamer, D. H., Hu, S., Magnuson, V. L., Hu, N., & Pattatucci ...

Author: Matthew Parynik Mendel

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780803954427


Page: 239

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This landmark study examines the largest clinical sample to date of male survivors of sexual abuse in childhood. Using data from his nationwide North American survey, the author reveals that such abuse is extensive, thus dispelling myths regarding the invulnerability of males. Mendel argues that various societal myths have led to a profound under-recognition of male childhood sexual abuse. He proposes that increased attention to, and acknowledgement of, male victimization is needed in order to reduce both the stigma and isolation of male survivors and the incidence of abuse. The author also suggests modifications to conceptual frameworks related to the long-term impact of childhood sexual abuse to apply specifically to male

Counselling Skills for Working with TraumaCounselling Skills for Working with Trauma

FOR MALE SURVIVORS Etherington, K. (1995) Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. ... Grubman-Black, S.D. (1990) Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery from ...

Author: Christiane Sanderson

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857007438


Page: 328

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Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma is a practical, introductory guide to counselling survivors of child abuse, neglect, rape, sexual violence, sexual trafficking, religious sexual abuse, and domestic abuse. Written in an accessible style, it provides a comprehensive introduction to complex trauma accompanied by advice on how to create a safe environment in which survivors can learn the skills to restore control over trauma symptoms, to aid healing and post traumatic growth. The book covers all of the key principles including: understanding the role of dissociation in complex trauma; the role of attachment; managing flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and dissociation; responding to shame and guilt; managing relationships; and the impact of working with complex trauma. It explores how practitioners can work more effectively with trauma, and offers techniques and skills which can easily be integrated into different therapeutic models. Featuring highlighted top tips, common pitfalls and a range of exercises, this is an essential guide for all professionals working with child and adult survivors of trauma.

Good Practice in Promoting Recovery and Healing for Abused AdultsGood Practice in Promoting Recovery and Healing for Abused Adults

Grubman-Black, S. (1990) Broken Boys/Mending Men. New Jersey: Blackburn Press. Lew, M. (2004) Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from ...

Author: Jacki Pritchard

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857007230


Page: 256

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What constitutes real recovery for adult victims of abuse? Current support offered to adults is often poorly planned and informed; this book sheds light on the true impact of abuse and how it can be healed. Good Practice in Promoting Recovery and Healing for Abused Adults explores the idea of 'recovery' being something physical in the short-term and 'healing' as an emotional process for long-term work. The book features chapters written by practitioners and researchers from various backgrounds and gives an insight into how to be creative in helping both male and female victims through recovery and healing processes. The prologue introduces the views of victims themselves before the opening chapter considers how recovery and healing should fit into the adult safeguarding process. The chapters then describe creative therapeutic methods which can be employed to help victims recover and to heal in different settings, whilst highlighting the long-term effects of abuse and the subsequent issues to be addressed. The issues covered range from child sexual abuse, domestic abuse and sex trafficking to the abuse of men and holocaust victims. With pedagogical features throughout, the book is essential reading for social workers, nurses, housing officers, support workers, counsellors, therapists, and for anyone working with adults who have experienced abuse in childhood or adulthood.

Sexual Offending and RestorationSexual Offending and Restoration

Grubman, Stephen D. Broken Boys, Mending Men: Recovery from Childhood SexualAbuse. Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.: TAB Books, 1990. Hancock, Maxine, and Karen ...

Author: Mark Yantzi

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781606086971


Page: 252

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Mark Yantzi provides new methods for dealing with the pervasive problem of sexual abuse. He shows caring ways to confront and support those who have offended. He also calls for understanding and compassion toward those victimized by sexual wrongdoing. Yantzi's unique approach is illustrated through case examples and candid dialogue by a group of victims and those who have offended. Readers hear authentic voices and share in the process toward healing. The book honors the words of victims, offenders, their families, and communities.

Queer BloomsburyQueer Bloomsbury

Examples of the literature on sexual abuse of boys and men include ... Grubman-Black, Stephen D. Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery from Childhood Sexual ...

Author: Brenda S. Helt

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474401715


Page: 288

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The first collection to bring together contemporary and classic writings on queer BloomsburyThis anthology presents important early essays that laid the foundation for queer studies of the Bloomsbury Group together with new essays that build upon this foundation to provide ground-breaking work on Bloomsbury figures and cultural achievements. As a whole, Queer Bloomsbury stands alone as a wide-ranging and critical resource that traces the cultural, ideological, and aesthetic facets of Bloomsbury's development as a queer intellectual and aesthetic subculture. Key FeaturesFifteen wide-ranging readings that trace the cultural, ideological, and aesthetic facets of Bloomsbury's development as a queer subcultureIncludes Carolyn Heilbrun's influential essay on the sexual dissidence of the Bloomsbury Group with an introduction by scholar Brenda SilverMoves beyond LGBT studies of Bloomsbury to provide substantive information on the queer philosophical and ethical underpinnings of the Bloomsbury GroupRarely seen reproductions of Duncan Grant's work from the Charleston archives as well as Dora Carrington's work from archives and a private collection

Lord Nathan The Lady Must DieLord Nathan The Lady Must Die

Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery From Child Sexual Abuse by Stephen GrubmanBlack. Full of firsthand accounts, this healing book is written by a male ...

Author: Grace Drune

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326014674



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The lady of the great house must die, of that many were certain. Could it be done? Would the Lady get what she wanted? Again... With a new lady on the rise will the young lord Nathan finally escape? Easier said than done when your wife is going rogue, your son is only thirteen years younger than you, your daughter is... Daughter? Young Lord Nathan’s adventure continues as he and the young lady Ellie struggle to free themselves from the lady of the great house, his mother, and each other. It must be time for the good guys to win, mustn’t it? Adult Content, Book three

Adolescent Psychiatry V 28Adolescent Psychiatry V 28

Bruckner, D. F. & Johnson, P. E. (1987), Treatment for adult male victims of child ... Grubman-Black, S. D. (1990), Broken Boys, Mending Men: Recovery from ...

Author: Lois T. Flaherty

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134911264


Page: 336

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The ASAP's longstanding advocacy of troubled adolescents gains expression in Volume 28 of Adolescent Psychiatry, which focuses on the juvenile justice system and other dimensions of adolescents and the law. A special section on the forensic and legal aspects of adolescent psychiatry traverses the competence of adolescents to consent to treatment; the "voluntary" hospitalization of adolescents; the utility of residential treatment programs in the management of juvenile delinquency; and Richard Ratner's Schonfeld Lecture, "Juvenile Justice?" The special demands on psychiatric providers are addressed in Richard Rosner's proposal for the legal regulation of the practice of adolescent psychiatry and Alan Tuckman's and Dominic Ferro's consideration of professional liability and malpractice in adolescent psychiatry. The treatment challenges addressed in Part II are complementary to the focus on the legal aspects of clinical work with adolescents. Contributors address the impact of adolescent hostility on the therapeutic process; the evaluation of teenagers who make threats in school settings; the evaluation and treatment of boys who have been sexually abused by clergy; the psychotherapy of learning-disabled adolescents; and the assessment and treatment of juveniles who commit sex crimes. Volume 28 concludes with two chapters that underscore the ASAP's commitment to timely consideration of the relations among culture, development, and psychopathology. Eugenio Rothe offers a comprehensive overview of Hispanic adolescents and their families and then develops practical guidelines on therapeutic approaches to Hispanic adolescents. And Max Sugar, building on previous examinations of the effects of military experience on late-adolescent males, develops a new conceptualization, "warrior identity problem," to explain the postmilitary adjustment problems of certain young male soldiers and the psychopathology observed in some veterans.

We are Not AloneWe are Not Alone

The Sexually Abused Boy : Problems in Manhood . Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality ... Broken Boys / Mending Men : Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse .

Author: Jade Christine Angelica

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0789009250


Page: 220

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The central features of this workbook are two first-person fictional narratives that were written for a Massachusetts District Attorney's Office to provide to victims of child abuse so that they could understand the process of criminal justice they find themselves in.

Black Woman RedefinedBlack Woman Redefined

... D. Abney Boys into Men: Raising Our African American Teenage Sons, by Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Pamela A. Toussaint, and A. I. Franklin ' Broken Boys/Mending ...

Author: Sophia Nelson

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781937856793


Page: 384

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It's time for a REDEFINITION among black women in America. In its 2011 hardcover release, Black Woman Redefined was a top-selling book and took home a 2011 Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award from the African American Literary Awards. Author Sophia A. Nelson won the 2012 Champions of Diversity Award, given each year by diversity business executives in Fortune 100 companies. Black Woman Redefined was inspired in part by what Nelson calls “open season on accomplished black women": from Don Imus's name-calling of black female basketball players in 2007 and a 2009 Yale University study titled “Marriage Eludes High-Achieving Black Women," to the more recent revelation that First Lady Michelle Obama is concerned about being painted as an “angry, black woman." In Black Woman Redefined, Nelson sets out to change this cultural perception, taking readers on a no-holds-barred journey into the hearts and minds of accomplished black women to reveal truths, tribulations, and insights like never before. This groundbreaking book provides black women of a new generation with essential career and life-coaching advice. Based on never-before-done research on college-educated, career-driven black women, Nelson offers her fellow “sisters"—and those who know, love, and work with them—a feel-good volume for personal and professional success that empowers them without tearing others down.

Lord Nathan The Lady s PlansLord Nathan The Lady s Plans

The Courage To Heal Workbook by Laura Davis A great tool kit for men and women ... Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery From Child Sexual Abuse by Stephen ...

Author: Grace Drune

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312477629



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Under the protection of the lord of the manor, life for the young lord Nathan, on the whole, could be called... Pleasant? But with the death of the lord of the manor and a new lord stepping into the void, life was undoubtedly going to change. Lady of the great house not finished with Nathan, Ellie, Maxwell or the young girls things were bound to get messy... But this messy? Adult content. Book Two of Nathan's journey from victim to victor.

Is It Love or Is It AddictionIs It Love or Is It Addiction

Grubbman-Black, Stephen D. Broken Boys/Mending Men. New York: Ivy Books, 1990. Guillaumont, A., H.-Ch. Puech, and G. Quispel, translators.

Author: Brenda Schaeffer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781592858361


Page: 296

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A fresh, updated, and expanded edition of the book that changed the way we think about romance and intimacy. Many of us confuse longing and obsession with true love. Through two previous editions, Is It Love or Is It Addiction? has helped countless people find their way from the trials and confusion of addictive love to the fulfillment of whole and healthy relationships. As the author reveals, we can begin to work through relationship difficulties with compassion and lasting effect by increasing our awareness of the ways that we express love.In this expanded third edition, Brenda Schaeffer draws on years of feedback and new developments to foster an understanding of love addiction: what it is and what it is not, how to identify it, and, even more important, how to break free of it. Stories of real people struggling to develop sound relationships illustrate the characteristics of healthy love and help readers to free themselves to find real intimacy. Included is the most up-to-date information about the biological basis of addictive behaviors and the impact of technology on intimate relationships. The author also explores the influence of past abuse and trauma on the predisposition to love addiction.