Britain and Ireland ClassicBritain and Ireland Classic

Our classic political map of Britain and Ireland shows country boundaries, thousands of place names, major highways and roads, airports, bodies of water, and more.

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Our classic political map of Britain and Ireland shows country boundaries, thousands of place names, major highways and roads, airports, bodies of water, and more. Map is printed on premium quality paper stock, rolled, and packaged in a clear, hard plastic tube."Map Scale = 1:1,687,000Sheet Size = 23.5" x 30.25""

The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and IrelandThe Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland

Though the Atlas map's coarse grid does not show it, they are now quite scarce there, and this was sometimes one of the ... while the roads themselves also make good feeding areas, with insects being easily spotted on the flat surface.

Author: J.T.R. Sharrock

Publisher: A&C Black

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The Atlas plots the results of the survey organised by the BTO and the IWC during the yeats 1968-72. Over 250 maps show the distribution of 218 species.

Aquatic Plants in Britain and IrelandAquatic Plants in Britain and Ireland

Flowering in Britain is infrequent , however . Plants persist through the winter as flat fronds with a high starch content , which continue to float on the surface of the water , or as living buds in the pouches of dead , sunken fronds ...

Author: C. D. Preston

Publisher: BRILL

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Over the past 50 years, major changes have taken place in the distribution of aquatic plants in Europe. Many species have declined whilst other species have increased in abundance or spread, including several that were originally introduced from the New World. Despite the relative richness of the aquatic flora of Britain and Ireland, it is a neglected area of study. This book is not an identification manual but provides a summary of the distribution, habitat and reproductive biology of 200 taxa in 72 genera, with individual distribution maps, and also summarizes their distribution overseas.

British and Irish ButterfliesBritish and Irish Butterflies

Observed versus predicted distribution for species richness on British and Irish offshore islands. ... Schematic map of islands in Strangford Lough, Ireland, illustrating number of visits to islands from 2012 to 2015.

Author: Roger L H Dennis

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781786395061


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Islands are special places; they can be havens for unique plants and animals and refuges for wildlife. This book investigates the biogeography of butterfly species over the British islands, particularly the factors that influence their presence on the islands and that have made each island's butterfly fauna distinctive. The book contains a full log of records of species on the islands and much supporting information. The first three chapters set the scene, illustrating the basics of island biogeography theory, their changing circumstances during the current Holocene interglacial, and studies of natural history of British butterflies that mark the islands as the most intensively studied region for wildlife in the world. The book advances by increasing resolution downscale from a European continental perspective, through patterns and changes on the British mainland, a comparison of the two dominant islands of Britain and Ireland, to a close inspection of the dynamics of species on the multitude of offshore islands. Detailed investigations include contrasts in species' richness on the islands and then of the incidences of each species. Case studies highlight the continual turnover of species on islands. Attention is then given to evolutionary changes since the time that glaciers enveloped Europe. A powerful message is conveyed for the maintenance of butterfly species on the smaller British islands now experiencing population losses at a rate unprecedented since the spread of the last ice sheets: the incontrovertible importance of maintaining populations of species on nearby mainland sources for islands as pools for future migrants.

The School JournalThe School Journal

The avwould be no traffic and the railroads could not exist . erage per mile for Great Britain and Ireland is $ 266 ... When the child is the earth's surface , and a flat map or photo re- able to form a mental picture of the map he is ...



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The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and IrelandThe Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland

Compared with the Breeding Atlas the winter map shows substantial increases in Wales, SW England and many parts of Ireland. The Peregrine is widely distributed in winter, through a considerable variety of habitats.

Author: Peter Lack

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408138274


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This companion volume to The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland is derived from surveys of birds present in Britain and Ireland during the three winters, 1981/82, 1982/83 and 1983/84. The surveys were organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and the Irish Wildbird Conservancy, as were the earlier breeding birds surveys. The Winter Atlas maps 200 species, 192 of which have full-page two-colour maps faced by a page of text. The texts (written by over 100 specialists) comment on the survey results, the species generally and the distribution and abundance as mapped. In addition there are introductory chapters on the maps, the weather in the three winters, bird patterns and movements; and appendices describing the planning, organisation, field methods, and processing of the survey data from record cards to computer output and maps. A team of 23 artists, led by Robert Gillmor, has provided the line drawings which head the species accounts. This is a print-on-demand edition of the Atlas. It is a black and white reproduction of the original two-colour book.