Brainstem DisordersBrainstem Disorders

This book will serve as an invaluable reference work for neurologists in clinical practice or further education.

Author: Peter P. Urban

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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The topography of the brainstem is complex, and even experienced neurologists find it challenging to localize brainstem lesions and diagnose brainstem disorders. This richly illustrated book provides a comprehensive review of brainstem disorders and presents the clinical knowledge necessary for diagnosis. The opening sections document the brainstem neuroanatomy and discuss current diagnostic methods. The entire spectrum of clinical findings in brainstem disorders is then described, and topodiagnostic aspects of the neurological findings are explained in detail. The descriptions of brain stem disorders are consistently structured and are supported by many MR images and short case reports. In addition to primary brainstem lesions, such as vascular brainstem syndromes, other disorders are considered that do not exclusively show brainstem symptoms or signs, e.g., multiple sclerosis. This book will serve as an invaluable reference work for neurologists in clinical practice or further education.

Vascular Brain Stem DiseasesVascular Brain Stem Diseases

Kunze , K . ; Zangemeister , W . H . ; Arlt , A . : Clinical problems of brainstem
disorders ( Thieme , New York 1986 ) . Lang , J . : Anatomy of the brain stem and
the lower cranial nerves , vessels and surrounding structures . Am . J . Otol . ,
suppl .

Author: Bernhard Hofferberth

Publisher: S Karger Ag

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Central Auditory Processing DisordersCentral Auditory Processing Disorders

Later it was shown that the hit rate for ABR depended on the kind of brainstem
involvement ( Musiek & Baran , 1991 ) . It appears that the sensitivity of ABR is
very high ( > 90 % ) for disorders such as intra - axial lesions , but for disorders
such ...

Author: Gail D. Chermak

Publisher: Singular

ISBN: UVA:X004319420


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CONTENTSForeword by Dennis P. Phillips, Ph.D. Conceptual and Historical Foundations. Neurobiology of the Central Auditory Nervous System Relevant to Central Auditory Processing. Spoken Language Processing. Considerations in the Assessment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders. Behavioral Central Auditory Tests. Electrophysiologic Assessment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders. Fundamental Concepts and Considerations for Management. Management: Auditory Training and Metalinguistic and Metacognitive Strategies. Enhancing the Acoustic Signal and the Listening Environment. Research Needs and Future Directions. Glossary. References. Index.

Motor DisordersMotor Disorders

Leukemia and other lymphoproliferative disorders may be the explanation of
vertigo ( 66 ) . Tumors arising in the brainstem are an important cause of CNS
vertigo . They occur more commonly in children than in adults , often with
insidious ...

Author: David S. Younger


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Updated and expanded for its Second Edition, this volume offers practical guidance in the diagnosis and treatment of motor disorders. The book brings together, in one convenient source, the entire spectrum of motor disorders caused by various etiologies. Seventeen new chapters cover vertigo and vestibular disorders; laryngeal motor disorders; facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy; myalgia, fibromyalgia, fasciculation, and cramps; plexus disorders; entrapment neuropathies; the diabetic neuropathies; Guillain-Barr� syndrome; rupture of an intervertebral disc and related spinal disorders; vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiency; adult normal pressure hydrocephalus; motor aspects of stroke; motor sequelae of dementia; motor sequelae of epilepsy; central nervous system vasculitis; traumatic brain injury; and motor disorders associated with cerebral palsy.

Vertigo Nausea Tinnitus and Hypoacusia in Metabolic DisordersVertigo Nausea Tinnitus and Hypoacusia in Metabolic Disorders

For this reason when injured or disabled by disease a variety of of neurological
abnormalities may occur . ... Many authors have studied ( 3 , 4 , 6 , 8 ) ABEP by
different brainstem disorders but nevertheless - to our knowledge - was
performed ...

Author: Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society. Scientific Meeting


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Movement Disorders 3Movement Disorders 3

Symptomatic hyperekplexia Only rudimentary knowledge is currently available
concerning the types of disease processes that can affect the startle reflex .
Brainstem lesions conceivably could result in reduced or absent startle , but it is
unlikely ...

Author: C. David Marsden

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: UOM:39015037462333


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Movement Disorders III is not a new edition, but is the sequel to Movement Disorders I and II, which were published ten and five years ago respectively.

Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental DisordersHandbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

( 1985 ) concluded that there was unlikely to be an abnormality in autism in the
auditory brainstem pathways that generate these ERPs , and that abnormalities
in brainstem auditory ERPs were neither necessary nor sufficient to produce
autism .

Author: Professor of Child Psychiatry Pediatrics and Psychology and Director Child Study Center Donald J Cohen, M D

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015053093673


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Includes the newest work on motor functioning, social cognition, brain imaging, attentional mechanisms, emotional development, language functions and new genetic findings.

Respiratory Control Disorders in Infants and ChildrenRespiratory Control Disorders in Infants and Children

Abnormal patterns of pulmonary neuroendocrine cells in SIDS victims further
implicate brainstem dysfunction or chronic premortem asphyxia ( 27 ) . The
pulmonary neuroendocrine system receives vagal and sympathetic innervation ,
and is ...

Author: Robert C. Beckerman


ISBN: UOM:39015022240512


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Balance DisordersBalance Disorders

advanced audiologic tests that can be used to help evaluate and localize
disorders affecting the auditory system . Brainstem auditory - evoked potential
testing can be used to evaluate the integrity of the auditory pathway from the level
of the ...

Author: Joseph M. Furman

Publisher: F A Davis Company

ISBN: UOM:39015037319699


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Balance Disorders: A Case-Study Approach is the first reference to address balance disorders from a case-study perspective. The text reflects the dual perspective of a neurologist and otolaryngologist and covers both medical and surgical treatments. Three groups of case studies focus on various aspects of the evaluation of the patient with vertigo or balance disorder, patients with common balance disorders, and cases whose balance is disrupted by unusual diseases. Cases become increasingly difficult in moving through the text. Each case is based on an actual patient and points to a clearly stated teaching focus. Each also contains questions and answers, and a summary of points for review.

Handbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in ChildrenHandbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in Children

Jack A. Willeford, Joan M. Burleigh. balanced words ( PI - PB ) with children
having either brainstem or temporal lobe dysfunction . She noted that brainstem
disorders showed more dramatic results . This test can probably be given to any
child ...

Author: Jack A. Willeford

Publisher: Thomas Allen Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015009580013


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Motor Speech DisordersMotor Speech Disorders

... Other ( 9 % ) Dysarthria only ; paroxysmal periodic ataxia ; undetermined
cerebellar and brainstem disease ; undetermined cerebellar lesion ; Wilson ' s
disease vs . liver disease ; encephalitis vs . undetermined brainstem disease ;
tumor vs .

Author: Joseph R. Duffy

Publisher: Mosby

ISBN: UOM:39015060564989


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With expanded and updated information including current techniques, approaches, and case studies, the 2nd edition of this bestselling book continues its reputation as a dependable and outstanding evidence-based source on acquired motor speech disorders in adults. It covers the substrates of motor speech and its disorders, the disorders and their diagnoses, and management -- focusing on integrating what is known about the bases of motor speech disorders with the realities of clinical practice to ensure readers have the key content they need to be effective practitioners. Evidence-based practice focus with relevant research evidence and data from the Mayo Clinic speech pathology practice Includes the clinical characteristics of the primary motor speech disorders as well as general guidelines for differential diagnosis Offers authoritative guidance on the diagnosis and management of motor speech disorders by a highly respected expert in the field of motor speech disorders 73 case studies demonstrate concepts as they apply to real-world practice Over 100 table and boxes highlight important information Chapters include new research and theories, new techniques, current trends, and updated and new information sources 22 new illustrations showcase the latest technology in the field Fresh, new book design highlights case studies, boxed text, and tables - making it easier to find key information Nine new case studies reflect the realities of clinical practice today

The Journal of Speech and Hearing DisordersThe Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders

Investigation of the mastoid electrode contribution to the brain stem auditory
evoked response . Scandinavian Audiology , 9 , 203 - 211 . BEATTIE , R . C . , &
BOYD , R . ( 1984 ) . Effects of click duration on the latency of the early evoked ...



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Annual issue 1956- is the annual directory number of the American Speech and Hearing Association.