The Book of Isaiah Chapters 40 66The Book of Isaiah Chapters 40 66

4 It is typical of this book that transitional passages like this verse are so closely aligned with both the preceding ... 3 and 5 ? Is the entire chapter a single unit ? Probably not . It seems plain that the emphasis shifts from the ...

Author: John N. Oswalt

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802825346


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The second of John N. Oswalt's two-part study of the book of Isaiah for the NICOT series, this commentary provides exegetical and theological exposition on the latter twenty-seven chapters of Isaiah for scholars, pastors, and students.

Isaiah 40 66Isaiah 40 66

Gary V. Smith. Kaiser, W. C., Jr. “The Unfailing Kindness Promised to David: Isaiah 55.3.” JSOT 45 (1989): 91–98. ... Koole, J. L. Isaiah III, Volume 1, Isaiah 40–48. ... Muilenburg, J. “The Book of Isaiah: Chapters 4066.

Author: Gary V. Smith

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805401448


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The widely heralded New American Commentary series continues with this second volume on the Old Testament book of Isaiah, detailing God's intimacy and grandeur.

Isaiah 34 66 Volume 25Isaiah 34 66 Volume 25

stilkritsch untersucht. BZAW 37. Giessen: Töpelmann, 1923. Koole, J. L. Isaiah, Part 3. 3 vols. Trans. ... The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 4066. NICOT. ... Skinner, J. The Book of the Prophet Isaiah in the Revised Version. CBib.

Author: John D. W. Watts

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310588528


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The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day who share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation. This series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence. The result is judicious and balanced insight into the meanings of the text in the framework of biblical theology. These widely acclaimed commentaries serve as exceptional resources for the professional theologian and instructor, the seminary or university student, the working minister, and everyone concerned with building theological understanding from a solid base of biblical scholarship. Overview of Commentary Organization Introduction—covers issues pertaining to the whole book, including context, date, authorship, composition, interpretive issues, purpose, and theology. Each section of the commentary includes: Pericope Bibliography—a helpful resource containing the most important works that pertain to each particular pericope. Translation—the author’s own translation of the biblical text, reflecting the end result of exegesis and attending to Hebrew and Greek idiomatic usage of words, phrases, and tenses, yet in reasonably good English. Notes—the author’s notes to the translation that address any textual variants, grammatical forms, syntactical constructions, basic meanings of words, and problems of translation. Form/Structure/Setting—a discussion of redaction, genre, sources, and tradition as they concern the origin of the pericope, its canonical form, and its relation to the biblical and extra-biblical contexts in order to illuminate the structure and character of the pericope. Rhetorical or compositional features important to understanding the passage are also introduced here. Comment—verse-by-verse interpretation of the text and dialogue with other interpreters, engaging with current opinion and scholarly research. Explanation—brings together all the results of the discussion in previous sections to expose the meaning and intention of the text at several levels: (1) within the context of the book itself; (2) its meaning in the OT or NT; (3) its place in the entire canon; (4) theological relevance to broader OT or NT issues. General Bibliography—occurring at the end of each volume, this extensive bibliographycontains all sources used anywhere in the commentary.

Bible Knowledge Commentary Old TestamentBible Knowledge Commentary Old Testament

( 3 ) The consummation of God's restoration of Israel and the world . ... For support for the view that all the Book of Isaiah , including chapters 40-66 , was written by Isaiah the son of Amoz , see “ Unity ” in the Introduction .

Author: John F. Walvoord

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 0882078135


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"The Bible Knowledge Commentary" answers questions about the Scriptures, discussing all the Bible verse by verse and often phrase by phrase. In addition, maps, charts, and diagrams help readers grasp the meanings of the biblical text.

The Holy One of IsraelThe Holy One of Israel

6 Isaiah Chapters 4066 Addressed to People during and after the Exile1 at least since the work of J. G. eichhorn in the ... The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 4066, nICoT (Grand rapids: eerdmans, 1998). 3. Most recently, see Gary V. smith, ...

Author: John N. Oswalt

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781597526593


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Growing out of the work that the author did in preparing two major commentaries on Isaiah, these essays range from comprehensive to specific, and from popular to scholarly. They first appeared in biblical dictionaries, scholarly journals, and popular periodicals. Gathered here for the first time, they display in various ways how the author sees the various parts of Isaiah functioning together to give a coherent message to the church. The opening chapters lay out Oswalt's understanding of the overall message of the book of Isaiah. Subsequent chapters consider such themes as holiness and righteousness as they function in that larger structure. The concluding chapters look at selected sections of Isaiah in more detail, noting how those specific messages contribute to the overall whole.

Violence Otherness and Identity in Isaiah 63 1 6Violence Otherness and Identity in Isaiah 63 1 6

As cited in Oswalt, The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 4066, 592 n.8. For Oswalt, the “change is ... יתכרד (v. 3).” The repetition of the root ךרד for the third time is for emphasis. See S. Paul, Isaiah 4066, 564. As regards the aspect, ...

Author: Dominic S. Irudayaraj

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567671479


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Violence disturbs. And violent depictions, when encountered in the biblical texts, are all the more disconcerting. Isaiah 63:1-6 is an illustrative instance. The prophetic text presents the "Arriving One" in gory details ('trampling down people'; 'pouring out their lifeblood' v.6). Further, the introductory note that the Arriving One is “coming from Edom” (cf. v.1) may suggest Israel's unrelenting animosity towards Edom. These two themes: the "gory depiction" and "coming from Edom" are addressed in this book. Irudayaraj uses a social identity reading to show how Edom is consistently pictured as Israel's proximate and yet 'other'-ed entity. Approaching Edom as such thus helps situate the animosity within a larger prophetic vision of identity construction in the postexilic Third Isaian context. By adopting an iconographic reading of Isaiah 63:1-6, Irudayaraj shows how the prophetic portrayal of the 'Arriving One' in descriptions where it is clear that the 'Arriving One' is a marginalised identity correlates with the experiences of the "stooped" exiles (cf 51:14). He also demonstrates that the text leaves behind emphatic affirmations ('mighty' and 'splendidly robed' cf. v.1; “alone” cf. v.3), by which the relegated voice of the divine reasserts itself. It is in this divine reassertion that the hope of the Isaian community's reclamation of its own identity rests.

Identities in TransitionIdentities in Transition

The speaking “I” emphasises his non-obstinacy (v. ... He pursues them, he goes in peace and does not touch the way with his feet (v. 3). The foreign king Cyrus becomes some sort of ... 97, Oswalt, The Book of Isaiah: Chapters 4066, p.

Author: Kristin Joachimsen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004201262


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In addition to challenging historical-critical readings in the tradition after Duhm, this book presents three ways of reading the text based on variations of linguistic theory: one linguistic, one narratological and one intertextual. In these readings the trope personification is central.

A Cognitive Semantic Study of Biblical HebrewA Cognitive Semantic Study of Biblical Hebrew

in the Hebrew Bible (Is 59:18b; 66:6b; Jr 51:6b′′; Pr 19:17b; Job 21:31b; 34:11a). ... Thus, the second half of the v. ... The Book of Isaiah: Chapters 4066, nicot (GrandRapids,MI:Eerdmans,1998),525,529;BrevardS.

Author: Andrew Chin Hei Leong

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004469778


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The author employs cognitive semantic and frame semantic to demonstrate the basic semantic structure of the Biblical Hebrew verb שׁלם.

Believer s Bible CommentaryBeliever s Bible Commentary

Dead Sea Scrolls tween Isaiah 1–39 and 40-66 had been The Dead Sea Scrolls of Isaiah ( second noted by all careful ... things ” are Isaiah 53 : 1 , which If chapters 40-66 were written in the is from the second part of the book ( v .

Author: William MacDonald

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough yet easy-to-read commentary that turns complicated theology into practical understanding. The second edition of Believer's Bible Commentary is a one-volume guide that helps the average reader develop basic knowledge of the Bible. This commentary, written by the late William MacDonald, explores the deeper meanings of every biblical book and tackles controversial issues from a theologically conservative standpoint while also presenting alternative views. Serving as a friendly introduction to Bible study, Believer's Bible Commentary gives clarity and context to scripture in easy-to-understand language. Features: Introductions, notes, and bibliographies for each book of the Bible A balanced approach to linguistic studies and useful application Comments on the text are augmented by practical applications of spiritual truths and by a study of typology, where appropriate Colorful maps of the Holy Land and other useful study helps Can be used with any Bible translation but is best used with the New King James version