Beyond the HorizonBeyond the Horizon

Popular, charismatic, Spanish-speaking astrologer Walter Mercado presents an embracing, optimistic forecast for the new millennium.

Author: Walter Mercado

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 0446520667


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Popular, charismatic, Spanish-speaking astrologer Walter Mercado presents an embracing, optimistic forecast for the new millennium. In this enlightening and visionary work, Mercado tells how the 2,000-year Age of Pisces, dominated by patriarchy, racial and religious strife, and bitter warfare, now gives way to the Age of Aquarius--an era of tolerance and inclusion.

Latinx TV in the Twenty First CenturyLatinx TV in the Twenty First Century

... Tomo I (1983), Enciclopedia de Walter Mercado, Tomo II (1985), Beyond the Horizon: Visions of the New Millennium (1997, ... published by Harper Rayo), which brings together sections of his out-of-print 1983 and 1985 volumes.

Author: Frederick Luis Aldama

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816545018


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"Latinx TV in the Twenty-First Century offers an expansive and critical look at contemporary TV by and about U.S. Latinx communities. This volume unpacks the negative implications of older representation and celebrates the progress of new representation all while recognizing that television still has a long way to go"--

Challenging the RulersChallenging the Rulers

Endnotes 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 See Walter Mercado, Visions ofthe New Millennium: Beyond the Horizon (New York, NY: Grand Central Publishing, 1997). 2 Republic of Kenya, The Constitution of Kenya 2010 (Nairobi: Government Printer, ...

Author: Duncan Okoth-Okombo

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789966258144


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Challenging The Rulers: A Leadership Model for Good Governance brings to the fore the issue of leadership in developing countries like Kenya. Citing specific examples, it singles out bad leadership as the cause of stagnation and underdevelopment in Africa. This book advocates for a serious discourse on leadership as the most critical factor in a national quest for good governance and prosperity. Unlike other writers who bemoan the state of affairs in Africa without offering alternatives, the authors propose a leadership model that can ensure good governance. This is based on the premise that good leadership means good governance hence reasonable economic growth and development. Values and principles of good leadership are outlined. In 2010, Kenya took its pride of place among nations by enacting a new progressive constitution which among other things provides for a devolved government. However, the authors argue that good laws, structures, systems and policies simply provide the infrastructure for good governance. To move Kenya forward, good men and women of vision, who are committed to servant leadership, must rise up to activate these laws to bring about good governance as a means of improving people's quality of life. In a nutshell, this book advocates for reforms in leadership. Challenging The Rulers is a challenge to all leaders - present and aspiring - to adopt this leadership model. To ordinary citizens, it is a call to take necessary action to elect good leaders.

Speeding to the MillenniumSpeeding to the Millennium

Overall , Speeding to the Millennium presents a compelling vision of a culture suspended between corporate greed and new technological possibilities , as between the anxieties that lead it to yearn after an impossible return to the past ...

Author: Joseph P. Natoli

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791437272


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Intersperses headline events, popular film, postmodern theory, and fictional vignettes in order to capture the elusive cultural imaginary of our twentieth-century fin de siecle.

Advances in Bioprocessing EngineeringAdvances in Bioprocessing Engineering

At the dawn of the new millennium, our eyes must dare to vision far beyond the new horizon; our minds must dare to dream of something new and seemingly impossible. Although we are limited by what we have been able to see, ...

Author: Xiusheng Harrison Yang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814490566


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This book consists of peer-reviewed articles reporting on the latest developments in several food engineering and agricultural processing laboratories at US land-granted universities. The contributors are leading experts in their respective fields. The topics covered in the book include new food processing technologies (such as high voltage electric field processing and microwave sterilization/pasteurization), conversion of agricultural by-products into high quality refined cellulose or biodegradable plastics, and advances in machine vision inspection and sorting techniques for fruit and vegetable packaging lines. Each chapter begins with a general background review with important references, and ends with the latest results from each research laboratory. Contents:Microwave Heating in Food Processing (J Tang et al.)Improving Safety and Quality of Orange Juice by Pulse Electric Field Processing (Q H Zhang et al.)High-Speed Machine Vision Inspection for On-Line Sorting of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (Y Tao & Z Wen)Machine Vision Techniques for Defect Inspection on Fruit Packing Lines (Y Tao & Z Wen)Highly Refined Cellulose from Agricultural Fibrous By-Products (R R Ruan & P L Chen)Biodegradable Plastics from Renewable Biomaterials (S X Sun) Readership: Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in food and bioprocessing engineering, researchers in related fields, government administrators, and businessmen in agriculture and food science, technology, engineering and business development. Keywords:Microwave;Pulse Electric Field;Sterilization;Pasteurization;Machine Vision;Sorting;Biomaterials, Refined Cellulose;Biodegradable Materials;Plastics;Microwave Heating;Dieletric Properties;Imaging Processing;Machine Vision;Color Sorting;Agricultural By-Products;Bioploymers;Biodegradable Plastics

A New Vision of God for the 21st CenturyA New Vision of God for the 21st Century

Sometimes I feel like I am running in the street again behind the car that carries my parents down the road, out of town and beyond the horizon. And the terror wells up from my chest and makes my throat to ache and fills my head with a ...

Author: Stanley A. Fry

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595346561


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A New Vision of God for the 21st Century Discovering the Essential Wesley for Pastors and Other SeekersSTANLEY A. FRY The need for a book focused on John Wesley as a preacher has been apparent for some time. However, as fascinating as such an historical work would have been, its value for the preaching and teaching ministries of the church in the 21st century would have been very limited.The author has turned this study of Wesley's preaching into a search for the preachable and teachable essence of Wesley's message. That effort has required a bit of surgery on Mr. Wesley which is designed to fit his doctrine of salvation with a new vision of God and another vocabulary responsive to the spiritual sensitivities of the 21st century. The result includes a critique not only of Wesley but of some of the orthodox doctrines promulgated very early in the church's history.Rather than write a memoir in his retirement, the author has chosen to write this homiletical essay as a testimony to his own spiritual journey. It is not a method book, but rather a message book.

New Millennium Fullfills Ancient PropheciesNew Millennium Fullfills Ancient Prophecies

His vision expands beyond the orbit of the school and the backyard at home . ... and what is more important , “ What we could be— , " in the new vision of creating a horizon that could give us our ascent through our grand evolutionary ...

Author: Yogi Mahajan

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe

ISBN: 8120816447


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On Yoga as religious and spiritual heeling.

A Prophetic Vision for the 21st CenturyA Prophetic Vision for the 21st Century

On May 11, 1992, I had a vision of a surfer floating on a short surfboard, gazing at the beach, lazily drifting and ... Even though the sea was calm, he knew that the biggest wave of all was already in motion beyond the horizon.

Author: Rick Joyner

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418529765


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Rick Joyner says, "We have tended to over-focus on the end of the age-the end times. But this is not just the end, it's the beginning of a new age when Christ will rule over the earth! For the church to reclaim the high ground of hope for the future, we must begin to proclaim the beginning, the coming of the kingdom." In A Prophetic Vision for the 21st Century, Joyner discusses why revival tarries for America, what it means to be delivered from the Mark of the Beast, the rise and fall of America, the greatest awakening, a famine in the land, and practical ways to serve in the latter days. It includes encouragement for weary church leaders as well as the second part of The Hordes of Hell are Marching, illustrating the unified church rising as an army in the most pivotal battle of all time between the light and darkness.

Bibliographic Guide to PsychologyBibliographic Guide to Psychology

Beyond the horizon : visions of the new millennium / Walter Mercado , New York : Wamer Books , c1997 . 259 p . ; 23 cm . ISBN 0-446-520667 DDC 1333 | Predictive astrology . 2. Tuenty - first century - Forecasts .

Author: New York Public Library. Research Libraries


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