Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

Some might wonder what’s really going on once the dinner party is over, and the front door has closed. From bestselling author B.A. Paris comes the gripping thriller and international phenomenon Behind Closed Doors.

Author: B. A. Paris

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250121011


Page: 336

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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING DEBUT PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER YOU CAN'T MISS! The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie? “A hair-raising debut, both unsettling and addictive...A chilling thriller that will keep you reading long into the night.” —Mary Kubica, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Good Girl “This is one readers won’t be able to put down.” —Booklist (starred review) "A can’t-put-down psychological thriller.” —Library Journal (starred review) “This debut is guaranteed to haunt you...Warning: brace yourself.” —Bustle (10 New Thrillers to Read This Summer) “The sense of believably and terror that engulfs Behind Closed Doors doesn't waver.” —The Associated Press, picked up by The Washington Post “This was one of the best and most terrifying psychological thrillers I have ever read.” —San Francisco Book Review Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth; she has charm and elegance. He’s a dedicated attorney who has never lost a case; she is a flawless homemaker, a masterful gardener and cook, and dotes on her disabled younger sister. Though they are still newlyweds, they seem to have it all. You might not want to like them, but you do. You’re hopelessly charmed by the ease and comfort of their home, by the graciousness of the dinner parties they throw. You’d like to get to know Grace better. But it’s difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are inseparable. Some might call this true love. Others might wonder why Grace never answers the phone. Or why she can never meet for coffee, even though she doesn’t work. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. Or why she never seems to take anything with her when she leaves the house, not even a pen. Or why there are such high-security metal shutters on all the downstairs windows. Some might wonder what’s really going on once the dinner party is over, and the front door has closed. From bestselling author B. A. Paris comes the gripping thriller and international phenomenon Behind Closed Doors.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

And lateone night, while theyslept behind closed doors, life changed for them. Irrevocably. Forever. But theydidn't die. Sothey have a choice: either to give in to fear and become paranoid and unhappy, or to fight back.

Author: Tara Taylor Quinn

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472046284


Page: 400

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Closing the door doesn't always keep you safe... Laura Elizabeth Clark saw herself as a peacemaker. Until the day she went against her parents' wishes and married Harry Kendall, a brilliant history professor who happens to be black.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

Tale-telling is important to all Beldi women, and the book examines its role in their shared world and its significance in the lives of the three tellers.

Author: Monia Hejaiej

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 081352377X


Page: 388

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Tunis has a long history of city life reaching back to ancient times. The Arabic language is firmly rooted among its inhabitants and most embrace the morals and culture of Islam. Behind Closed Doors presents forty-seven tales told by three Beldi women, members of a historic and highly civilized community, the city's traditional elite. Tale-telling is important to all Beldi women, and the book examines its role in their shared world and its significance in the lives of the three tellers. Tales are told at communal gatherings to share and pass on Beldi women's secret lore of love, marriage and destiny. Ghaya Sa'diyya and Kheira tell stories which echo their life experience and have deep meanings for them. Their tales reflect accepted moral codes, and yet many depict attitudes, relationships, and practices that contradict established norms. Whereas Kheira presents a conservative and moralistic view of the role of women, Sa'diyya's heroines are alive with sexual energy, and Ghaya's stories also offer racy and rebellious comments on a woman's lot. These contradictory visions offer a kaleidoscopic view of the position of women in the rich life of a historic North African city.


I was once behind closed doors and now this door was definitely closed off forever and I knew only now could another door open for me. And it finally did. I was home-free. I heard he died of a diabetic coma in 2007.

Author: Susan Joyner-Stumpf and Ann Landrum Stockstill


ISBN: 9781365666636


Page: 244

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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS will actually open doors for you. It is the hope of Ann Landrum Stockstill and Susan Joyner-Stumpf that you will find this book informative enough to give you the tools of what to look for in any relationship that could possibly be dealing with Narcissistic, Psychopathic and Sociopathic personalities. At that point, you can make your own decision if the abuse is something you can live with or not. This book also deals with Childhood Sexual Abuse that I suffered as a child as well as Domestic Violence, other forms of abuse, and Bullying. Become a Survivor, not a Victim. You deserve more than pain, heartache, fear and sorrow. OPEN the door to those CLOSED doors and be free again.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

Freedom A.A.Garrison Deadly Slumber Dene Bebbington Behind Closed Doors Matthew Wilson Cut and Paste Ken L Jones The Artist's Rendition Shaun Avery Why? Michelle Worthington Neither Locks Nor Doors Ken L. Jones Fury Tim Wilkinson The ...

Author: Thirteen O' Clock Press

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781291892291



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Doors are fascinating, from the normal house door, hiding its multitude of secrets from the neighbours, through the elegant crafted doors of high flying businesses in tower blocks, where who knows what wheeling-dealing goes on, to the solid ancient lost-in-antiquity doors of churches behind which are hundreds of years of prayers and confessions and acts that are beyond the imagination of the average churchgoer. Doors that say KEEP OUT and doors that invite you in. Countless thousands of them - all have their own reasons to be there and their own secrets to conceal. The authors responded to the call for contributions with an incredible collection of murder and mayhem, of bitterness and depravity and just about every other human emotion there is. Open the door and walk in... there are stories here to entertain and surprise you. Enjoy.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

This book is titled Behind Closed Doors because I know, from firsthand experience, things are not always what they appear. In my clinic the cheerful teen in a softball uniform with her mother is actually suicidal.

Author: Jessica L. Peck

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780785291992


Page: 289

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Believe it or not, your kids WANT to talk to you about the social and health challenges they’re facing. But are you ready? Jessica Peck, a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four, helps parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding tough conversations and approach them from a Christian foundation. Today’s teens are feeling more isolated, anxious, and depressed than previous generations, and are struggling with more complex challenges. Jessica Peck (DNP, APRN) has spent countless hours advising and encouraging parents after talking to their teens behind closed doors. In the privacy of her exam room, she has treated teens with mental illnesses, responded to suicide attempts, treated self-harm wounds as well as the emotional trauma of cyberbullying, sexting, pornography addictions, and numerous other issues. Through it all, Jessica found that teens really want to talk to their parents but don’t know how. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations that happen in the clinic to relationship-building conversations at home. Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help you strengthen your connection with your kids. You will be able to: Get professional advice on tough teenage issues from a medical perspective, as well as the true stories of patients Discover suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give you conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue on tough issues with your teens Share a time of reflection with devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers, themed music playlists, and more Prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters: a generational keepsake for teens Covering topics including mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, gender identity, substance abuse (with a chapter focusing on vaping), and more, Jessica Peck's book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone who is serving a parental role in a teen's life.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

Their eyes locked . It was the man she had seen when ... He was not going to be taken in by her lurking behind a door with a bottle , and there was no point in cowering and waiting for him to come to her . ... Her BEHIND CLOSED DOORS 381.

Author: Shannon McKenna

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9780758250766


Page: 452

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Every Move You Make. . . Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with--and tosses aside. Raine Cameron is something different. Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens. Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white-hot passion that he can barely control. Raine is pure temptation, but Seth has something more important to take care of first. He's convinced that his boss, Victor Lazar, is responsible for his half-brother's murder. He cannot put his secret investigation at risk, but he can't stop wanting her--craving her--and soon he knows he can't let Victor have her. For Raine may be Victor's next victim. . . Every Breath You Take Raine knows she's being watched--but no one can see the secrets in her heart. She has reasons of her own to seek revenge on Victor Lazar, and she will, despite her fear--and the distracting presence of Seth Mackey. Though Raine has little experience with men, Seth's fiercely masculine good looks and animal sensuality stir her most erotic fantasies when she's along. . .and lead her to a bold plan. Offering her body to him, surrendering totally to his ruthless desire might well push her beyond all emotional limits--and beyond fear itself.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

As the sacristan left and closed the door behind him, Father Ladislaw motioned in the direction of the departing aide and shook his head from side to side warily. The Kiev priest, it turned out, knew no English.

Author: Francis Anthony Quinn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503523289


Page: 477

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Behind Closed Doors A fascinating account of the challenges, failures, and triumphs of three men and one woman, beginning in high school seminary days. Set against the backdrop of today's turbulent conflicts over celibacy, challenges to authority, sexual revolution, and church politics, the fictional memoirs, Behind Closed Doors, follows the lives principally of engaging characters through youth and beyond in the San Francisco Bay Area and in worldwide intrigue. Ladd Franklin is enamored of Willow Caprice, a classmate's sister, with whom he strikes up a controversial friendship in the seminary and during his priesthood. Ladd enters the field of international relief services. This assignment brings him into critical episodes on several continents. Eventually, he contends with Soviet Union officials and is present in St. Peter's Square at the time of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. David Carmichael is ambitious, looking forward to advancing his career, interacting with his two colleagues throughout these episodes. David is continually opposed by members of GOD (Guardians of Doctrine). The third major protagonist is Tyler Stone, sensitive and caring, who finds the demands of celibacy particularly burdensome. In the course of his priesthood, Tyler is accused of sexual molestation and is brought to trial. The novel dramatically explores the turmoil convulsing the Church and the world in the new millennium. "Behind Closed Doors makes for very interesting reading. I hope the author writes more." --John R. Quinn, archbishop emeritus of San Francisco and author of Ever Ancient, Ever New: Structures of Communion in the Church

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

They want to know why they are having those behind closed door experiences, the Lord showed me my ministry would be to help those of you who are in the Church and are going through their own hell but they can not share with anyone ...

Author: Rita Grice

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456740689


Page: 58

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This book shares how you can recover from abuse by those you trusted within the church. It speaks to those who are wounded and feel they have no one to turn to for help. It also speaks to those that have been the cause of deep wounds inflected on the people of God. Behind Closed Doors was inspired by God through the pain of one of his daughters. She has been given the assignment to tear down the devils kingdom through prayer and exposure. I say to each of you take your rightful place in the kingdom. You are a citizen of the kingdom of God and with your citizenship you have certain rights. It is time to walk in the authority that has been given to you by the king.

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors

One morning, in fact it was Saint Michael's Day again, gna' Vita closed the front door because it was cold. Her daughter-in-law, who knows why, had gone down to the stable and said to her mother-in-law when she came back in: “Go get me ...

Author: Maria Messina

Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558616486


Page: 144

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Ten stories of impoverished Sicilian women in the early 20th century—“honed, polished, devastatingly direct . . . verismo at its unsentimental best” (Kirkus Reviews). The Sicilian writer Maria Messina’s captivating and brutal stories of the women of her home island are presented in a “lyrical and immediate” English translation by Elise Magistro (Publishers Weekly). Messina, who died in 1944, was the foremost female practitioner of verismo—the Italian literary realism pioneered by fellow Sicilian Giovanni Verga. Published between 1908 and 1928, Messina’s fiction represents the massive Sicilian immigration to America occurring at that time. The individuals in these stories are caught between the traditions they respect and a desire to move beyond them. Women are shuttered in their houses, virtual servants to their families, left behind while working men immigrate to the United States in fortune-seeking droves. A cultural album that captures the lives of peasant, working-class, and middle-class women, “Messina’s words will leave their mark. Their power makes them impossible to forget” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).