Mike told himself that, if Jim hadn't had that weapon, he would have beat the old
man half to death with his bare hands; would have taught him to mind his own
business, and he almost had himself convinced. But at the time he'd been so ...

Author: Ken Hall Jr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456767549


Page: 584

View: 632

To twelve-year-old Jacob Hunter, moving with his family to a small town in south Mississippi - a place he'd never even heard of - means little more than having to get used to a new house, a new school, and trying to find new friends. In less than a week, his world will be changed in ways he could never have imagined. A terrifying chain of events, set in motion by a simple prank, will serve to forge an unlikely bond between Jacob and Jim Hanes - a lonely, bitter old drunk. And, as recurring nightmares and haunting visions begin to blur reality, he will come to discover the true power of friendship, redemption, and the hope of a child sustained by the power of faith. But will it be enough when he finds himself pitted against a dark evil that has long slept, deep within the blackest corners of the soul of The Old Man Down The Road?

John Henry DaysJohn Henry Days

The sound, the beating heart of man, grew louder and louder. Wasn't no machine
going to beat this man down. The referee's face filled the screen, which was
pulled down over the blackboard to obscure a sentence diagram in chalk, he
looked ...

Author: Colson Whitehead

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0307486672


Page: 400

View: 473

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead’s triumphant novel is on one level a multifaceted retelling of the story of John Henry, the black steel-driver who died outracing a machine designed to replace him. On another level it’s the story of a disaffected, middle-aged black journalist on a mission to set a record for junketeering who attends the annual John Henry Days festival. It is also a high-velocity thrill ride through the tunnel where American legend gives way to American pop culture, replete with p. r. flacks, stamp collectors, blues men , and turn-of-the-century song pluggers. John Henry Days is an acrobatic, intellectually dazzling, and laugh-out-loud funny book that will be read and talked about for years to come.

Long ManLong Man

It could beat a man down, trying to farmland not fit for row crops, each season
losing some of what little he was able to grow to the floods. “I'm ready to get out of
here,” Dale told James when the TVA came to town. “Everybody's squalling, but I

Author: Amy Greene

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307958464


Page: 288

View: 181

From the critically acclaimed author of Bloodroot, a gripping, wondrously evocative novel of a family in turmoil, set against the backdrop of real-life historical event—the story of three days in the summer of 1936, as a government-built dam is about to flood an Appalachian town, and a little girl goes missing. A river called Long Man has coursed through East Tennessee from time immemorial, bringing sustenance to the people who farm along its banks and who trade among its small towns. But as Long Man opens, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s plans to dam the river and flood the town of Yuneetah for the sake of progress—to bring electricity and jobs to the region—are about to take effect. Just a few days remain before the river will rise, and most of the town has been evacuated. Among the holdouts is a young, headstrong mother, Annie Clyde Dodson, whose ancestors have lived for generations on her mountaintop farm; she’ll do anything to ensure that her three-year-old daughter, Gracie, will inherit the family’s land. But her husband wants to make a fresh start in Michigan, where he’s found work that will bring the family a more secure future. As the deadline looms, a storm as powerful as the emotions between them rages outside their door. Suddenly they realize that Gracie is nowhere to be found. Has the little girl simply wandered off into the rain? Or has she been taken by Amos, the mysterious drifter who has come back to Yuneetah, perhaps to save his hometown in a last, desperate act of violence? Suspenseful, visceral, gorgeously told, Long Man is a searing portrait of a tight-knit community brought together by change and crisis, and of one family facing a terrifying ticking clock. A novel set in history that resonates with our own times, it is a dazzling and unforgettable tour de force. This eBook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.

Sweet Sugar and Rocky RoadSweet Sugar and Rocky Road

You carry your man down there and beat up my aunt like this. You cant get away
with this. Come out here! By this time he was trying to pull her out the gate and it
was as if everyone was saying kill. Leeta told them that she took her and beat ...

Author: Alda Jarrett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469121550


Page: 179

View: 426

There is no available information at this time.

Man Falling Backwards Down StairsMan Falling Backwards Down Stairs

Fuckin ' It ' s tough to be A tough guy When deep down I ' m a sensitive Asshole I
want To beat a man And love a woman And do both of those Things for no
Reason I can think of Right now Summer Cold Part I Tonight feels Fucking crazy
Like ...

Author: Daniel Joshua Nagelberg

Publisher: SevenTen Bishop

ISBN: 0971213216


Page: 133

View: 497

Art is not created by the satisfied. The satisfied look out on the morning and accept the world as it is thus negating the desire for judgement. Like a sniper at a turd parade Daniel Joshua Nagelberg has the ills of his world in the crosshairs. Part scrutiny, part reticence, part fable, part rant, "Man Falling Backwards Down Stairs" is an outstanding exposition of a dissatisfied urban life. Daniel Joshua Nagelberg is at an imaginary bar with Bukowski on one side and Algren on the other quietly observing the rest of the villians have their way with each other. In the present climate of suspicion and fear, "Man Falling Backwards Down Stairs" is a welcome window of honest dynamic emotions. Much like Rumi's treaties of lust, debauchery and understanding through intoxication Daniel Joshua Nagelberg's visions of a wicked world gone wild are engaging, startling and often terrifying in their familarity.

One Beat of a Butterfly s HeartOne Beat of a Butterfly s Heart

And it was up to me to fire the first shot, hoping it would drop one man and halt
their attack. I had selected the warrior ... I told Chuma to unload the weapons and
stand the men down, prior to re-forming for return to barracks. He supervised the

Author: Ronald Callander

Publisher: 30 Degrees South Publishers

ISBN: 9781928211204


Page: 320

View: 829

In this book we are given a unique view of East Africa of the 1950s; not the stereotyped picture of wildlife safaris and leaping Masai, but the emerging independence struggle of a new African nation from the viewpoint of a white police office, in an exceptionally detailed, thoroughly readable, firsthand account of a rare period of recent history. It tells how an Australian veteran, fresh from the Korean War, became a colonial police officer in Tanganyika Territory (later Tanzania after federation with the offshore islands of Zanzibar in 1964). Ê The reader is taken on a journey which tourists in Africa never see: from back alleys and police cells in the polyglot city of Dar es Salaam, to snake-infested camps on UgandaÐRuanda border patrols, and on police field force emergency operations from barracks at the foot of Kilimanjaro. There is much here to discover about a mostly benign semi-colonial period in Africa which lasted less than fifty years, passing, in one AfricanÕs description, as briefly as a butterflyÕs heartbeat; where a few conscientious white administrators and their loyal African assistants managed vast regions of a desolate territory with remarkably selfless care and scarce resources; where things worked most of the time, but sometimes where chaos reigned. It is about the country itself, its ubiquitous animals and its people at close range, including villagers, criminals, hunters, witch doctors, and colonial officials, but most of all, the African askari policemen who were the authorÕs closeÑand often onlyÑcompanions.

Lord of Long BeachLord of Long Beach

When we got out of the airport I told Tracy, “Man, don't ever take that watch
anywhere with us! It's trouble.” We stayed with Tracy's family a few weeks. I beat
down some guy at a club because he disrespected us. I was drunk and Tracy
said, ...

Author: August Hunter


ISBN: 9780557546565


Page: 178

View: 745

For two decades in Long Beach, California, August Hunter operates as one of the city's most powerful gang lords. But as his life alternates between the violence of the streets and the brutality of the California prison system, Hunter struggles in his heart and mind with the senselessness of the gang scene. Hunter finally surrenders to the greater forces that have been at work in his life, and he encounters the real "Lord of Long Beach." The book reads like a modern-day urban Exodus, from his bitter childhood in the housing projects of New Orleans, to his move with his mother to Long Beach and his rise through the youth gangs, to the pinnacle of his power in the adult gangs and the suffering of three prison terms, and finally to his emotional collapse and rebirth. Hunter's story is a valuable one-for young men and women at risk on the streets, for those in our prisons and jails who find little hope there, and for anyone seeking to make a stronger connection between their everyday life and their faith.

Hand Down Man DownHand Down Man Down

I don't care about beating my opponent if they're scared. It's better to be respected
than feared. The principle of playing the game is to have excitement. The goal is
not to beat on a team with fearful players. Coaches, how are your players ...

Author: Fadi Jolag

Publisher: Word Alive Press

ISBN: 9781486616299


Page: 64

View: 856

Nobody is exempt from struggles and challenges in life. To mature and grow personally and in our faith, we need to embrace difficult circumstances and situations, viewing them as opportunities to witness God’s unending faithfulness and love. In the game of basketball, players struggle with anxiety, tough competition, and physical and psychological challenges. Ultimately, however, the value of the game isn’t determined by who wins or loses, but by how much players grow from the challenges they face. When you put your heart and soul into each play, you can’t help but be a winner! Life is no different. When storms arise and we feel that God has forgotten about us, we need to stick to our faith and believe that He will finish what He started. These struggles test and strengthen our faith, and when we put our hearts and souls into serving our great God, we will be victorious! We need to face everything head on and lean on Christ to guide us in the path that He has created for us. A powerful use of a great sport as an analogy for the Christian life, Hand Down, Man Down will inspire readers of all ages.

Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk

Hubert Robertson, Jr., a founder of Woodsmen Enterprises, organized the
concert. ... Personnel Roster Jazz Gallery, 1960; “In Person,” Down Beat (October
13, 1960), 50; “In Person,” Down Beat (November 24, 1960), 46; “In Person,”
Down ...

Author: Robin Kelley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439190494


Page: 608

View: 607

The first full biography of legendary jazz musician Thelonious Monk, written by a brilliant historian, with full access to the family's archives and with dozens of interviews. Thelonious Monk is the critically acclaimed, gripping saga of an artist’s struggle to “make it” without compromising his musical vision. It is a story that, like its subject, reflects the tidal ebbs and flows of American history in the twentieth century. To his fans, he was the ultimate hipster; to his detractors, he was temperamental, eccentric, taciturn, or childlike. His angular melodies and dissonant harmonies shook the jazz world to its foundations, ushering in the birth of “bebop” and establishing Monk as one of America’s greatest com­posers. Elegantly written and rich with humor and pathos, Thelonious Monk is the definitive work on modern jazz’s most original composer.

Men Who Beat the Men Who Love ThemMen Who Beat the Men Who Love Them

Battered Gay Men and Domestic Violence Patrick Letellier, David Island. On
September ... Using a plan 1 developed that morning, I escaped through a
window of our second story apartment, ran down the fire escape and jumped to
the street.

Author: Patrick Letellier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317765509


Page: 326

View: 779

Domestic violence in gay male relationships is the third largest health problem for gay men in America today. Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them breaks the silence surrounding gay male domestic violence and exposes this hidden yet prevalent and destructive problem. The authors paint a vivid picture of gay men’s domestic violence, bringing its brutality to life by including personal narratives, written by one of the authors, by clearly defining what it is and what it is not through lists of violent acts and criminal code categories, and by thoroughly examining and analyzing the criminal, mental health, medical, political, and interpersonal issues involved. The authors boldly depart from the battered women’s literature by asserting that batterers have a diagnosable mental disorder, that battering is not gender based, and that much further criminalization of domestic violence is necessary. Striving for victim advocacy, the book underscores the idea that gay men’s domestic violence is totally unacceptable and is caused solely by individual abusive gay men who choose to batter. The book builds on and departs from what is known about domestic violence, with the authors challenging several fundamental premises in the literature, unabashedly identifying battering as a mental disorder. The authors explain that victims cannot stop their battering partners from battering and virtually all batterers choose to harm their partners in a premeditated fashion. The authors provide practical steps and suggestions for victims who want to leave and stay away from their violent partners and for friends who want to help battered gay men. Chapters describe the scope of the problem and refute myths and misconceptions. There are several detailed theory chapters in which the authors explain why gay men’s domestic violence occurs, who the batterers are, who the victims are at different stages of victimization, and how domestic violence can be stopped. A visionary, wide-ranging governmental and private plan of action is introduced, including lists of necessary laws and policies, as well as outlines of strong education, training, and advertising problems needed in various sectors of society. As a self-help book, Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them provides practical information on a never-before discussed topic. As a trainer’s manual or teaching guide, it includes specific criteria for understanding the problem and for providing treatment.

The Journal of a Southern GirlThe Journal of a Southern Girl

... the person kept shooting him, he fell and got back up and the person shot
again, he fell and got back up again and it went on until the man emptied his gun
and they said Buck still beat the man down to the ground with all those bullets in
him ...

Author: Doris McCray

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600346378


Page: 280

View: 281

McCray shares the true and touching journey of a southern child who later encountered many tragedies when she moved to New York. Readers will laugh, cry, and be truly inspired. (Practical Life)

The IliadThe Iliad

When glorious swift-footed Achilles had stripped the dead man he stood in the
midst of the Achaeans and spoke winged words: 'My friends, leaders and rulers
of the Argives, since the gods have granted me to beat this man down, who
caused ...

Author: Homer

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191620003


Page: 512

View: 720

'War, the bringer of tears...' War, glory, despair, and mourning: for 2,700 years the Iliad has gripped listeners and readers with the story of Achilles' anger and Hector's death. This tragic episode during the siege of Troy, sparked by a quarrel between the leader of the Greek army and its mightiest warrior, Achilles, is played out between mortals and gods, with devastating human consequences. It is a story of many truths, speaking of awesome emotions, the quest for fame and revenge, the plight of women, and the lighthearted laughter of the gods. Above all, it confronts us with war in all its brutality - and with fleeting images of peace, which punctuate the poem as distant memories, startling comparisons, and doomed aspirations. The Iliad's extraordinary power testifies to the commitment of its many readers, who have turned to it in their own struggles to understand life and death. This elegant and compelling new translation is accompanied by a full introduction and notes that guide the reader in understanding the poem and the many different contexts in which it was performed and read.

Black Man White ManBlack Man White Man

My father was “The Man,” the chief hustler with a black bag of get rich quick
schemes, and drug deals. ... get out of control, my father would sicus like dogs,
my brothers and me, on a dope fiend or alcoholic and we would beat the person

Author: Dr Joseph M. Jennings

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467800414


Page: 152

View: 174

A gangster and an undercover cop. A Midwesterner and a Southerner. Two men from different walks of life, both raised to be prejudiced toward the others race. Thats the story of Joseph and Wallace. It is an unlikely relationship because of the radical differences between them. Joseph is Black. Wallace is White. They met twenty years ago in a hotel hot tub and began a relationship that has developed into a deep friendship. Both men overcame their racial prejudices and joined together in ministry. They learned to invest in each other and take the risks necessary to learn each others story. Their combined story reflects their cultures and is the basis for the book. Many readers will identify with their lives. There is an openness between Joseph and Wallace. Neither man compromises who he is in order to be a confidant to the other. The influence of Josephs dad was very important in his life while Wallace was raised without a father in the home. Each of these men has significant statements to make concerning the influence of a father in a childs life. This underlying theme sets the stage for the merging of two unlikely men into a godly friendship. Now, serving together, they speak in the United States and Africa to adults and youth about the choices that life offers. The common factor they have shared from the beginning of their relationship is their individual commitment of faith in Jesus Christ. They both know that God designed their lives and brought them together. What they have overcome here will last with them throughout eternity.

The Royal Dictionary French and English and English and French The Royal Dictionary French and English and English and French

A tame Beast , Une Bére apprivoisée , ou * To beat a Thing into one's own Head ,
To bear DOWN , Act . Faire bailjer , ab ... a filthy Creature , a leud plus qu'un autre
, Il signifie außi , Marobar . cbofe à quelqu'un , Le troubler , le déconcer Man ...

Author: Abel Boyer


ISBN: UCM:5319428661



View: 357

Blow the Man DownBlow the Man Down

“It's a word from the Old Man himself. He ordered me down here. It's from Marston
!” whispered the promoter. “I'm in a devil of a hole all around, Mayo.” “Very well! I'
ll come. I can beat you up in your room more comfortably!” “I'm not afraid of the ...

Author: Holman Day

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752318258


Page: 364

View: 946

Reproduction of the original: Blow the Man Down by Holman Day

The Life and Times of Henry PlummerThe Life and Times of Henry Plummer

Henry tasted blood from his splitlip and remembered his painfrom these toughs'
former beating. The man went down. Henry stoodover him, picking him up by his
shirt, and punchinghim twicein thehead andonce inthe stomach, he let him go.

Author: Linda Buxbaum

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503523012


Page: 254

View: 584

Guilty or innocent? Historians have devoted much time and effort investigating whether or not Henry Plummer, the sheriff of Bannack, Montana, actually committed the crimes for which he was hanged by vigilantes on a bitter, cold January night in 1864. The question of his innocence has plagued Western historians for fifteen decades. In May of 1993, a posthumous trial was held in Virginia City, Montana, where a Madison County jury consisting of twelve registered voters split the verdict6-6. The judge declared a mistrial and had Sheriff Plummer been alive, she would have told him, You are free to go. Henrys life tells the tale of a lawless West and epitomizes many a mans experience in these untamed, violent mining towns of the 1800s where shootouts and duals rule and life is sometimes worth only a handful of gold or the dispute over a lady, proper or fallen. Henry, a well-educated and handsome man, delicate and consumptive, soft-spoken and refined, appears dedicated to the law and yet, is also capable of instantly shooting a man dead. Trouble follows him everywhere. By the time Henry Plummer becomes sheriff in Bannack in 1863, he has killed five men in self-defense and has loved and lost three women. Henrys time spent at the faro tables pans out better than his time spent as a miner or as a lover. The hunger for gold dust brings every manner of men from all corners of the country and beyond to enjoy the easy reaping, and with them come more robberies and murders. Rumors and suspicion become rampant, leaving no one untouched, including Henry Plummer, a man swept along by the tides of his time.

Of Stiletto and SoulOf Stiletto and Soul

I saw Ba-Ba stabbing a guy repeatedly in his back until he ran off the battlefield.
The Coast suffered a defeat that day and retreated down Fifty-Seventh Street
toward their base on Ludlow Street. The victorious Moon Gang allowed them a
safe ...

Author: Michael King

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469168036


Page: 750

View: 653

The entire purpose of being a Corner Boy was rooted in the concept of the ultra-masculine male The highest honor a Corner Boy could aspire was becoming a martyr for the gang The second highest honor was to carry a wound from battle that could be observed without the removal of ones attireThe third highest honor was going to jail and doing time In my young mind, Corner Boys came to represent the highest level of manhood and the epitome of moral virtue. says the author. But what was the truth? Of Stiletto and Soul: The Memoirs of Gangster Mike The Last West Philadelphia Corner Boyis a comprehensive and smooth recollection of the authors childhood experiences, family, youthful exploits, and his life with Philadelphias legendary Corner Boys. Honest, hopeful, challenging and absolutely inspiring, this book is about a unique life spent in a tough setting. In this book, King recollects his memories and deals with the most serious realitieslife, family, relationships, and the exigent world of his youth. This memoir is inspired by several factors, all of them pertinent to todays climate where some of the experiences of the author could serve as helpmates to those who may find themselves in similar situations. Here, he shares how both positive and negative influences in his life helped him developed a social consciousness. The book also relates certain historical events and personalities and packed with personal commentaries, insights, and psychosocial outlooks that readers may find relevant and favorable.

Get the Gun Get the Gun

Those who remained behind—approximately 30 men—were made to lie down
on the ground in a line. ... The soldiers used sticks, including tree branches with
thorns, and bayonets and other gun parts, to beat the men on their backs, at their


Publisher: Human Rights Watch



Page: 97

View: 559

Methodology -- Background -- Legal standards governing UPDF operations in Karamoja -- Government response to alleged Human Rights Violations -- Detailed recommendations.