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( A hammers for riveting cylindrical steam boilers and tubes . employed for
forming the pattern or design on one face of communication ) Dated October 31 ,
1865 Fourthly , this invention consists in constructing steam the tapestry or carpet
, another pattern card to form ... less powerful the same being produced and
reduced to the desired shape tain certain impurities - viz . , sulphide of sodium ...
upon the soluble compounds of iron so as to caused tbereby in the use of the
crank engine .

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The Graphic History of the FairThe Graphic History of the Fair

The immense power plant in the annex for the generation and distribution of
electric and steam force was substantially the work solely of ... One firm erected a
large reservoir into which a powerful pump discharged huge columns of water
and jets of spray . ... The majority of the fire engines were distributed to fire
stations throughout the grounds . ... Some of the looms produced before the
spectator's eyes silk patterns of intricate figure , interweaving emblems , badges ,
and portraits .



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