Create a Desired Future by Working on Your Own DreamCreate a Desired Future by Working on Your Own Dream

Joseph was a mere dreamer; he used his talent (dream interpreter) in the prison. Because people knew him for what he was, when the time of compensation came, he was called to interpret the dream for the king. He could have chosen not to ...

Author: Idowu Kotila

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781647014025


Page: 310

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The book Create a Better Future by Working on Your Personal Dream is to define dreams and elaborate on what the dreams are and what dreaming is not. It is a wake-up call book for many people who are suffering in the midst of plenty simply because they actually have dreams and talents that can shift them to a better stage of their lives but the fear of the unknown is preventing them from making any move or use their talents to their own advantage and to the benefit of their communities and the world at large. The book is also written to let many people who are talented but haven’t discovered their talents to discover their talents through examples and advice given in the body of this book and to remind readers that relying on their fathers’ wealth or their uncles or aunties abroad cannot help their dream. Possible channels for fulfilling dreams are touched in the book for as many that are on the crossroads on their way to success to study and be encouraged to put into practice. This book is to remind the readers that people are poor not because they don’t have money in their bank accounts but because they lack dreams, vision, and purpose and by exhibiting fear of unknown in their mind. Among the aim of this book is to remind the readers that borrowers are slaves to the lenders and to remind them that he who controls your time has control on your destiny and has a great influence on your life. That is the case of employers to employees regardless of your position in your present jobs as employee. Reasons why many university and college degree certificates holders are poor and serving as slaves to people in authority and the few rich who can take risks and work on their dreams even though they don’t bag as much university degree is emphasized on in this book. More also, one of the major purposes of this book is to remind the brilliant students that school rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their creativity and ability to solve problems. Your degree or certificate is not the cure to poverty; the cure to poverty is your ability to see and seize opportunities. Possible advice to the common problems facing the university and college graduates that are struggling to make ends meet and those that are making it but want to shift to the next level of their greatness are included in chapters of this book. The power of simple things is described in the chapter of this book by showing examples of simple thing that are easy for people to do to transform their lives but they keep failing to do at every point of their lives daily. This is among the reasons why this book is published. The constant law of wealth creation is mentioned in this book. Possible and simple ways of starting and establishing businesses with possible steps to take in transiting from your regular jobs to your own business without becoming jobless in between the transit is in this book. The ways to see your future are in the book. Reading this book will allow employees to know that by working for people, they will make a living. While working on their businesses will make them a fortune. The daily habits of the few rich and what they are doing daily to stay on top of the ladder and keep making people serve them and their generations are in this book. The ability to turn challenges into opportunities and to diffuse the fear of the unknown in the mind of those who don’t have hope in their future by letting them know that they are unstoppable by showing them how will be read in this book. The way you think has a great role to play concerning what you will become in life. Your thought is what you become. If you cannot change your thought, you cannot change your life. This book was written to encourage the readers on the need to think progressively and the positive effects of progressive thinking. Inclusive in this book is the need for the reader to be well-informed in whatever areas in business, career, or community they find themselves. The sure path to failure is when a man is ignorant and yet rejects every opportunity to obtain relevant knowledge. If you know your assignment, you will know what your needs are. Where you will get to in life is determined by your assignment. Reading this book will open ways for readers on how to recognize individual assignments and how to work in fulfilling the assignment rather than wasting time in doing what they were not called to do. Time is such a commodity that when spent can never be recovered. This book encourages readers to rise to their various challenges and reminds the readers of the importance of time management. Overall, this book serves as the GPS to navigate through the basic challenges of life and as a daily life devotional and motivational tool that encourages people to face and overcome the daily life challenges. Many of these reasons and more to be discovered as you read on the book are inclusive. I strongly believe the confidence needed to believe in yourself and instinct to work on your personal dream will be developed as you read the book.

How to Interpret Dreams Teach YourselfHow to Interpret Dreams Teach Yourself

He ended up in prison where he acted as a dream interpreter for other prisoners. One of these was Pharaoh's butler – Joseph accurately interpreted that one of his dreams showed the butler was about to be released.

Author: Leila Bright

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444190212


Page: 192

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What do our dreams mean? Throughout recorded history this question has fascinated people all over the world. How to Interpret Dreams is a complete handbook - simple, practical and easy to use - which suggests a host of possible answers. Dreams can serve as guides to your inner self and to your relationships, health and career success. How to Interpret Dreams explains how you can benefit from the power of dreams by: - Recalling dreams vividly and distinguishing significant from insignificant dreams. - Learning to work with symbols to gain insight into the messages hidden in dreams. - Appreciating the role played by specific types of dream - prophetic, anxiety, sexual etc. - Harnessing the power of lucid and mutual dreaming. - Learning to generate dreams to help solve specific problems. It includes case studies and sample entries from dream diaries as well as a comprehensive, quick-reference A to Z of the meaning of symbols - from abyss to zoo, fog to sunshine and bereavement to birth, plus hundreds of others in between.

The Jewish Dream BookThe Jewish Dream Book

Interpreting Dreams as Your Own You can try to interpret your dreams on your own. If you are uncomfortable bringing your dreams to others for interpretation, you can still use the same techniques and instructions (see below) for ...

Author: Vanessa L. Ochs

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580231329


Page: 107

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Explores the Bible, Talmud, and other rabbinic sources to help readers to understand the meanings of dreams, describing the Jewish traditions of dream interpretation and ancient dream practices. Original. $15,000 ad/promo.

Dreaming Yourself AwareDreaming Yourself Aware

Achieve Your Potential by Understanding Your Dreams Joan Harthan. Dreaming yourself aware. Find dream meanings and interpretations to understand what your dream means. A dream book to become your own dream interpreter.

Author: Joan Harthan


ISBN: 9781849370554


Page: 161

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This dream book is based on the belief that only you can accurately interpret your dreams. This book will guide you, in easy to follow steps, to understanding yourself better through your analysing and interpreting your dreams. Learn how to remember and record your dreams. A structured approach with lots of tools to understand your dreams.

It Is Not a Dream to Change Your PastIt Is Not a Dream to Change Your Past

lucid dream approach: how to overcome fears through lucid dreams, how to heal yourself through a lucid dream and how to be your own dream interpreter. (P. 87, 93). An example of the relationship between the dream and the previous ...

Author: Dr. Shirli Regev

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543482386


Page: 154

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If you only had three wishes that you think can change your current life dramatically, what would they be? Will you then be happy and satisfied, knowing that you can go back into your past and change your present life or even make your dreams come true? We are growing in a world that provides us with the resources and knowledge of how to make it all better. We strive to be and feel happy and fulfilled, searching outwardly for answers, not knowing that all the answers and our sought-after treasures lie and are already available to us within us. The book It Is Not a Dream to Change Your Past is an eye-opener and an exploration for all you spiritual seekers who wish to know and explore past life regression, as well as dreams and their interpretations, therapies, and benefits. This book is intended for you to give you a direction, a new point of view, tools, and a road map that will be useful for your own private life. We are going to learn together how to empower yourself to be able to change your lifethat is, with grace, harmony, and peace of mind to know how to be able to navigate our own ship to quiet waters and embrace lifes challenges with inner quietude and knowledge that, yes, you can. Join us for a great journey.

Sefer Hachalomot The Interpretation of DreamsSefer Hachalomot The Interpretation of Dreams

When Yosef experienced his own dream – the one where all the sheaves of wheat were bowing to the centre sheaf– and he told his brothers, they responded, ... When he awoke he called for a dream interpreter to tell him what it meant.

Author: Rabbi Moty Segal

Publisher: Editorial Móaj




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This book delves into the universe of dream interpretation, in light of thousand-year Jewish teachings. It fascinates and dazzles, both for the wisdom it presents and the spirituality it reflects. It is a book that helps us to understand the meaning of dreams and reveal the purpose of existence. Based exclusively on the Hebrew sources of the Torah, Talmud, Midrash and complementary works, it also includes commentaries and anecdotes drawn from the entire sea of wisdom of which Jewish Tradition consists. Included in this book is a Glossary of Dreams, which allows the interpretation of any dream to be easily found.

Dream CodesDream Codes

As time goes by, you will start coming up with your own interpretation also. ... Dream dictionaries will help you get started and will be there for you even when you become a dream interpreter expert, but do not rely on them for all the ...

Author: Leon Titus


ISBN: 9781105173363


Page: 194

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Dream Codes is a powerful little book about the purpose of dreaming. It not only explains why we dream, but also how to remember and interpret your dreams. The author gives a few examples of things that can affect our dreaming, and how, when acknowledged, dreams can change and improve our life. The author explains why we have ghosts and how they can affect our life, and even our sleep and dreams. He also includes things like, spiritual energy, the truth about psychics, and the importance of harmony between, the mind, body and soul. The book also includes a three hundred word dream dictionary which gives on average, three examples of what each dream symbol may mean. The symbols chosen are what the author feels are the most commonly dreamed about, and also the ones that trouble people most. The dictionary is detailed and authoritative, and offers insight into the language of dreams.


It is often true that the most experienced dream-interpreter has no idea what is contained in his or her own dream until another person, entirely naive about dreams and symbols, but familiar with the dreamer, says “That stranger in the ...

Author: Paul Lippmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317771173


Page: 280

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Nocturnes, literally music for the night, is a delightfully impressionistic investigation into everything that is not known, and perhaps can never be known, about dreams. Rather than espousing yet another strategy of dream interpretation, Lippmann proffers a naturalistic approach appreciative of the playful, complex, even zany creativity embodied in dreams. He urges us, that is, to apprehend dreams on their own terms, in a manner that enables patients actually to experience the unconscious in its radical difference from waking thought. Lippmann delivers on his agenda lightly, with a sense of humor and practicality that will engage lay readers as well as analysts and therapists. He takes up questions of general interest that challenge us to reorient our thinking about dreams: How do children learn about dreams and their telling? Why are most dreams forgotten? How may we understand dreams about sleeping and waking, even dreams about dreaming? And he reengages issues of perennial interest to analytic therapists: dream disguise, dream forgetting, the "companionship" of dreams, the neurotic dream expert, and the therapist's management of his or her own anxiety when patients report their dreams. "Oh, I had a dream last night," the patient remembers. Too often, observes Lippmann, this remark signals the beginning of an unfortunate struggle, as the patient is called on to relate something that changes when it is put into words, the analyst is put on the spot to come up with an interpretation, and both are asked to extract something immediately useful - and lately, cost effective - from something that partakes of magic and mystery. How silly this ritual is, Lippmann argues, and how alien to the nature of the dream itself. After reading Nocturnes, no clinician, from the novice to the most senior, will hear the words "Oh, I had a dream last night" in quite the same way.

Dream EncountersDream Encounters

My Onar is the premiere interactive Web site that offers you access to superlative mature dream interpreters who have dedicated their lives to helping you understand the symbolic spiritual language of your dreams and visions.

Author: Barbie L. Breathitt

Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing

ISBN: 9781603832564


Page: 288

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"Dream Encounters" Seeing Your Destiny from God's Perspective, is the "Rosetta Stone" to interpreting the illusive vapors of dreams. Uniquely inspired, and written to convince the greatest skeptics, and educate the most ardent believer, "Dream Encounters" will bring God's perspective, and understanding to the symbolic, visual, love letters, in the mysterious world of dreams. Take a journey into the sub-conscious night parables of the soul, to learn how dream truths impact your world; give direction, purpose, and destiny. Gain valuable keys to success by unlocking the mysteries of your dreams.