Be My LobsterBe My Lobster

never let me go Sarah Ford. BE MY LOBSTER & never let me go SARAH F O RD BE MY LOBSTER & never let me go SA R. Front Cover.

Author: Sarah Ford

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781846015892


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The perfect romantic gift. When it comes to finding perfect love, lobsters are the best. They don't care about gifts, unless they're homemade, or about grand gestures...lovely little ones will do! With your lobster, it's about the real stuff...lying on your back to watch clouds, tickling each other until you need to pee, or devouring a box set all in one go. Ways you will know you have found your lobster and not just fished out another crab: they will chuckle at the same jokes, let you share their fries and will buckle up to accompany you on this crazy ride called life.

George Cole The World Was My Lobster The AutobiographyGeorge Cole The World Was My Lobster The Autobiography


Author: Penelope Cole obo George Cole

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781782198185


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The World was my Lobster tells the story of George Cole's more than 70 years in the acting profession that began with a walk-on part at the age of 14 in the stage musical The White Horse Inn in 1939, and continues today having included such roles as David Bliss in the radio and television versions of A Life of Bliss, Flash Harry in the St. Trinian's films, and Arthur Daley in television's Minder.Adopted when he was only 10 days old, George Cole grew up in south London in the 1920s. On the day he left school he saw a newspaper advertisement seeking a small boy to join the cast of The White Horse Inn and was selected the following day. A year later, he found himself in the West End play Cottage to Let playing a cheeky wartime evacuee. Here he met legendary comic actor Alastair Sim who, with his wife, took him as an evacuee in their country house and coached him in the finer skills of acting. A flurry of films and theatre performances in the late 1940s, after his RAF service, culminated in a memorable role as a young Ebenezer Scrooge in the classic 1951 film Scrooge alongside Sim. Henry V, Cleopatra (with Elizabeth Taylor), Don't Forget to Write, Blott on the Landscape, Henry Root, and Dad are among other titles for which he is well known. But it was in 1979 that he landed the role that would elevate him to international recognition when he was offered the role of Arthur Daley in Thames Television's new series Minder alongside Dennis Waterman. In The World was my Lobster, a title taken from a classic line in a Minder episode, George Cole talks candidly, humorously and sensitively about his adoption, his life, his roles and many of the people he has worked with throughout his long career.

How to Catch a Lobster in Downeast MaineHow to Catch a Lobster in Downeast Maine

My great-grandfather got into the lobster business sometime in the early 1900s, operating a lobster smack. He later ran a lobster business, buying and selling lobsters in our town and traveling to nearby harbors and inlets to purchase ...

Author: Christina Lemieux Oragona

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781614235019


Page: 188

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An insider’s look at the daily lives of Maine’s lobster fishermen. What is it like to live and work in a lobster fishing village in one of the most remote parts of Maine? The extreme weather conditions of the Maine coast, unreliable fishing seasons and an ever-present element of danger are just a few of the challenges encountered by lobster fishermen. They must adapt to constant change and balance exploiting the natural resource for personal profit with a duty to conserve lobster stocks for future generations. Despite the challenges, most would not trade the benefits of their job—from the independence it offers to unique pastimes like lobster boat racing. These fishermen aren’t just the masters of their ships, they are the captains of their souls. From a family of four generations of lobster fishermen, Christina Lemieux Oragano provides a glimpse inside these lobstering communities and celebrates it for those lucky enough to live it—the trials, triumphs and even a few of her favorite lobster recipes. “Her first book is a comprehensive, authentic, and honest insider’s look at the life of a Maine lobsterman. The book covers the strategy involved (they don’t just plunk those traps anywhere), the complexities of the market, the perils of the profession, the finer points of lobster-boat design, and even the unwritten rules that lobstermen use to police their waters (they are strictly, if unofficially, enforced).” —Colby Magazine “With an abundance of romanticized and dramatic fishing stories on the shelves, Christina wanted to tell the story in an accurate way and felt a responsibility not just to the fishermen but to her family also.” —Machias Valley Observer “Christina lived in Cutler, worked in the industry and then interviewed a number of people to make this book possible. My first question for her is when will the next book come out?” —Maine Coastal News

I LobsterI Lobster

Then there is the picture that hung above my head at the Rockland Cafe in Rockland, Maine, one day at lunch. In it, a lobsterman is pulling up a trap in the back of his boat, blissfully unaware that the King Kong of lobsters, ...

Author: Nancy Frazier

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781611683233


Page: 244

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A consideration of the lobster in history, myth, art, literature, and cuisine

Impacts of the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan on Maine s Lobster FisheryImpacts of the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan on Maine s Lobster Fishery

A new lobster trap with cement runners cost $ 80 . If I lose that minimum 50 a year , trap replacement will add $ 4,000 to my cost of doing business . But what if the loss rate turns out to be a 100 percent increase ?

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard


ISBN: MINN:31951D035234186


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Lobster Rolls of New EnglandLobster Rolls of New England

Champlin's has my favorite lobster roll in Rhode Island. One of the major reasons is because they actually use local Rhode Island lobster meat bought right from the lobstermen. This might not seem like a compelling reason.

Author: Sally Lerman

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625849403


Page: 181

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A lobster roll aficionado reviews forty lobster rolls from restaurants around New England. The mighty lobster roll is best enjoyed at a picnic table under a red umbrella accompanied by the sounds and smells of the sea. The perfect roll is all in the execution, and the variations are subtle but nearly endless—from top-sliced to buttered or mayonnaise-based. Blogger extraordinaire Sally Lerman chronicles her quest for the perfect bite in Lobster Rolls of New England. Savor mouthwatering descriptions of forty coastal lobster rolls, their storied venues, luscious photos and recipes for some of the lobster roll’s best complements. Discover the surprising history of the first trademarked lobster roll. Devour the very best New England has to offer, from Downeast Maine’s Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound to Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock in New London, Connecticut.

Current OpinionCurrent Opinion

To my astonishment , when the lobster worked himself out . of his old shell , he appeared with a rudimentary left claw ... deal of time and attention to my various live stock ; and at last my reward At the time of his capture my lobster ...



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Current LiteratureCurrent Literature

When the lobster was given to me he was without his left big claw , which had , I suppose , been accidentally ... To my astonishment , when the lobster worked himself out of his old shell , he appeared with a rudimentary left claw ...



ISBN: UTEXAS:059172130998188


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The Living AgeThe Living Age

At the time of his capture my lobster had already begun to think about get- ting a new suit ; and , as the days went by , the old shell became so small for him that he could no longer avoid discard- ing his ever - tightening armor .



ISBN: RUTGERS:39030035795543


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