Banzai Babe RuthBanzai Babe Ruth

Considering the banquets the players attended, it must have been a fine meal.
The port was also the conduit for much of Hokkaido's raw materials to the
industrial centers on Honshu. Most of Hokkaido's 30,089 square miles remained

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Presents a detailed account of the attempt to reconcile the United States and Japan through the 1934 All American baseball tour which included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, future secret agent Moe Berg, and Connie Mack.

Role of Japan in Modern Chinese ArtRole of Japan in Modern Chinese Art

Banzai and Watanabe continued to see Wang Yiting as well, meeting with him
every day. On July 26, they attended another banquet organized by Wang, during
which they looked at bronzes and porcelains owned by a local collector.

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The modern histories of China and Japan are inexorably intertwined. Their relationship is perhaps most obvious in the fields of political, economic, and military history, but it is no less true in cultural and art history. Yet the traffic in artistic practices and practitioners between China and Japan remains an understudied field. In this volume, an international group of scholars investigates Japan’s impact on Chinese art from the mid-nineteenth century through the 1930s. Individual essays address a range of perspectives, including the work of individual Chinese and Japanese painters, calligraphers, and sculptors, as well as artistic associations, international exhibitions, the collotype production or artwork, and the emergence of a modern canon.

A History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji EraA History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era

BANQUETS. The annals of this epoch refer more than once to banquets at the
palace. Towards the close of Seinei's reign we ... reiterated cries of 'banzai'"*,
which has come into vogue once more in modern times as the equivalent of "

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IN the earliest eras of historic Japan there existed a hereditary corporation of raconteurs (Katari-be) who, from generation to generation, performed the function of reciting the exploits of the sovereigns and the deeds of heroes. They accompanied themselves on musical instruments, and naturally, as time went by, each set of raconteurs embellished the language of their predecessors, adding supernatural elements, and introducing details which belonged to the realm of romance rather than to that of ordinary history. These Katari-be would seem to have been the sole repository of their country's annals until the sixth century of the Christian era. Their repertories of recitation included records of the great families as well as of the sovereigns, and it is easy to conceive that the favour and patronage of these high personages were earned by ornamenting the traditions of their households and exalting their pedigrees. But when the art of writing was introduced towards the close of the fourth century, or at the beginning of the fifth, and it was seen that in China, then the centre of learning and civilization, the art had been applied to the compilation of a national history as well as of other volumes possessing great ethical value, the Japanese conceived the ambition of similarly utilizing their new attainment. For reasons which will be understood by and by, the application of the ideographic script to the language of Japan was a task of immense difficulty, and long years must have passed before the attainment of any degree of proficiency.

The Japan ChronicleThe Japan Chronicle

A banquet, to which were invited over 2,000 Government officials of certain ranks,
was given on the spacious ground ... for the Imperial benevolence in honouring
them with invitations, and called for three banzai, which were enthusiastically ...



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Christian AdvocateChristian Advocate

BANZAI.” At the alumni banquet at Chautauqua, N. Y., Lieutenant Takenchi, of
Admiral Togo's fleet, explained the meaning of the Japanese cry of victory,
Banzai, of which we heard so often during the war with Russia. Lieutenant
Takenchi's ...



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Banzai You Bastards Banzai You Bastards

We brushed them away and stepped on these loathsome creatures , but the cold
rice was still like a banquet to us ravenous prisoners . After an hour , the one - bar
hanchos re - appeared and began banging the overhead pipe with their ...

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The story of the hell-mine of Kinkaseki ranks with the "Bridge over the River Kwai" as one of the most appalling episodes of the war in the Far East. Yet until now it has been known only to a few. At Kinkaseki, on the island of Taiwan, Allied POWs were forced by the Japanese to slave underground, year after year, in conditions of extreme danger, subjected to savage floggings if weakness or illness prevented them from digging their required quota of copper ore. Starved, tortured, ravaged by dysentery, they died in hundreds. Written by one of the men who survived, who has since fought ceaselessly for compensation, "Banzai, You Bastards!" describes with moving simplicity the indomitable spirit of men who refused to be beaten into submission. An important first-hand document of history, it publishes for the first time a copy of the secret order from the Japanese High Command to massacre all POWs and 'leave no traces'. This order, known only to a select, secret committee of prisoners, which included the author, hung over them for nearly a year before the A Bombs and until they were released by the US Marines, after the surrender of the Japanese in September 1945. [This book] records one of the most terrible aspects of warfare. Its closing words "None of us should forget" have been choses for use on six War Memorials to date in Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Yeovilton, England. -- Back jacket cover.

The Japan Daily MailThe Japan Daily Mail

Second and Third Banquets The second Coronation' banquet was given on
Wednesday afternoon. H.I.M. the Emperor left ... Banzai-Raku H.M. the Emperor
arrived at the Nijo - - them to change their old business to the II. I.H. Prince
Fushimi ...



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Things JapaneseThings Japanese

Banquets, 191. Ban-tan, 435- "Banzai" 95. Baptists, 354. Basho, 315, 371, 405.
Baskets, 112, 115, 184. Batchelor (Rev. J.), 25. Baferen, 252. Bathing, 23, 43, 64,
65, 66, 232,342. Bays, 226. Bazaars, 87. Beads, 11, 35. "Bean moon," 471.

Author: Basil Hall Chamberlain

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An engaging collection about everything from the abacus to zoology in Japan, designed to preserve knowledge about a society that was modernizing beyond recognition. This book remains an erudite source of information about culture, history, art, religion, and daily life. Basil Hall Chamberlain (1850–1935) lived in Japan for thirty-five years and was one of the foremost Japanologists of his day.

A History of Japanese in HawaiiA History of Japanese in Hawaii

Welcome Banquet It was a fully packed schedule for the royal party in Hilo -
memorial service ; the 75th anniversary ... Takamatsu Presentation of Souvenirs :
Hisato Isemoto Banzai : Teruo Togashi After a short rest following the banquet ,
the ...

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