Paper and the British EmpirePaper and the British Empire

Liotard, L. (1880) Memorandum on Materials in India Suitable for the Manufacture of Paper. Home, Revenue and Agricultural Press, Calcutta. Manufacture of Paper from Bamboo (18 April 1952) AY4/2288, Paper Production from Bamboo in India.

Author: Timo Särkkä

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Paper and the British Empire examines the evolution of the paper industry within British organisational frameworks and highlights the role of the Empire as a market and business-making area in a world of shrinking commerce and rising trade barriers. Drawing on a valuable range of primary sources, this book covers the period 1861–1960 and examines events from the establishment of free trade backed by the gold standard to Britain’s membership of the European Free Trade Association. In the field of the paper industry, the speed and intensity of the industrialisation process around the globe have been shaped by a wide variety of variables, including the surrounding institutional framework; entrepreneurial and organisational strategies; the cost and accessibility of transport; and the availability of capital, knowledge, energy resources, and technology. The supply of papermaking raw materials has also been key and has historically been the most important determinant for geographical location and dominance. The research in this work focuses on the roles played by such variants, on the one hand, and demand characteristics on the other. In particular, it considers developments connected to a quest for Empire-grown raw materials in order to tackle the problem of the lack of indigenous raw materials and the resulting dependence on Scandinavian wood pulp imports. This text is of considerable interest to advanced students and researchers in economic history, business history, and the paper industry, and will also be useful to organisations working within the pulp and paper industries.

A Descriptive Catalogue of Indian Produce Contributed to the Amsterdam Exhibition 1883A Descriptive Catalogue of Indian Produce Contributed to the Amsterdam Exhibition 1883

Mr. Routledge , in his paper on " Bamboo considered as a paper - making material , ” writes“ Of all the fibre - yielding plants known to botanical science , there is not one so well calculated to meet the pressing requirements of the ...

Author: Trailokyanātha Mukhopādhyāẏa


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Paper and Composites from Agro Based ResourcesPaper and Composites from Agro Based Resources

Although bamboo was considered unsuitable for papermaking at one time in the western nations , the Chinese have utilized bamboo ... Taiwan , and Thailand , and it is a major raw material for papermaking in India ( 1.7 million t / yr ) .

Author: Roger M. Rowell

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Sustainable development is an important concept underlying many of today's renewable resource policies. Agro-based resources, such as wood, make up a significant portion of modern renewable resources. While probably the most familiar example, wood is only one type of agromass in the vast world of photosynthetic resources. Paper and Composites from Agro-Based Resources explores the great number of options available for producing paper and composites. Using sound ecosystem management principles, the book discusses strategies for obtaining fiber from plant-based resources including agricultural crops and residues, grasses, and recycled agro-based resources, in addition to wood.

The Art of Paper MakingThe Art of Paper Making

A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Paper from Rags, Esparto, Straw, and Other Fibrous Materials, Including the Manufacture of Pulp from Wood Fibre Alexander Watt ... "Bamboo Considered as a Paper-making Material.

Author: Alexander Watt

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The Art of Paper-Making is a book by Alexander Watt. It details the manufacture of paper from rags, esparto, straw, and other fibrous materials for those interested in older paper production methods.

Commerce ReportsCommerce Reports

NEW SOURCES OF PAPER - MAKING MATERIALS . [ Consul General W. Stanley IIollis , London , England , May 10 , 1920. ] · An interesting letter on the subject of bamboo and tropical grasses as materials for paper making has just been ...



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A Classified List of Reports and Other Publications in the Record Branch of the India Office April 1883A Classified List of Reports and Other Publications in the Record Branch of the India Office April 1883

London 1875 ( 25 ) 1569 Bamboo considered as a Paper - making Material , with Remarks upon its Cultivation and Treatment . ( 27 ) 1764 “ A new source of Revenue for India . ” | G. W. Strettell - London ( Fibres as paper - making ...

Author: India Office Records


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A Dictionary of the Economic Products of IndiaA Dictionary of the Economic Products of India

PROPERTIES AND USES OF THE BAMBOO. FIBRE AS A PAPER MATERIAL. References.—Routleolge—On Bamboo considered as a Paper-making Maierial; Kew Reports, 1877, 13.35, and 1879, pp. 33, 34 ,- Dr. King's Reports of the Botanic Gardens, Calcutta, ...

Author: George Watt

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Assisted by contributors, Scottish botanist George Watt (1851-1930) set about organising vast amounts of information on India's commercial plants and produce, including scientific and vernacular names, properties, domestic and medical uses, trade statistics, and published sources. Volume 1 (1889) contains entries from Abaca to Buxus.