Auto Racing Comes of AgeAuto Racing Comes of Age

This informative work provides welcome insight into a defining period in motorsports.

Author: Robert Dick

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786488117


Page: 312

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The first quarter of the 20th century was a time of dramatic change in auto racing, marked by the move from the horseless carriage to the supercharged Grand Prix racer, from the gentleman driver to the well-publicized professional, and from the dusty road course to the autodrome. This history of the evolution of European and American auto racing from 1900 to 1925 examines transatlantic influences, early dirt track racing, and the birth of the twin-cam engine and the straight-eight. It also explores the origins of the Bennett and Vanderbilt races, the early career of “America’s Speed King” Barney Oldfield, the rise of the speedway specials from Marmon, Mercer, Stutz and Duesenberg, and developments from Peugeot, Delage, Ballot, Fiat, and Bugatti. This informative work provides welcome insight into a defining period in motorsports.

The Racers How an Outcast Driver an American Heiress and a Legendary Car Challenged Hitler s Best Scholastic Focus The Racers How an Outcast Driver an American Heiress and a Legendary Car Challenged Hitler s Best Scholastic Focus

Fast Ladies: Female Racing Drivers from 1888 to 1970. ... Fast Women: The Drivers Who Changed the Face of Motor Racing. ... Auto Racing Comes of Age: A Transatlantic View of Cars, Drivers and Speedways, 1900–1925.

Author: Neal Bascomb

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9781338277425


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The heart-pounding story of an unlikely band of ragtags who took on Hitler's Grand Prix driver.

The Exciting History of Auto RacingThe Exciting History of Auto Racing

Although drivers are still hurt, or worse, modern motor racing is as safe as can be. The automobile was coming of age in France. Speeds were increasing. Some cars could manage sixty miles per hour. The idea of insides getting sloshed ...

Author: Ross R. Olney


ISBN: 9781300647652


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Two teen-agers back in early day France probably started it all by "borrowing" their Dad's "horseless carriages" and seeing which could go fastest. That was when highly respected doctors were certain that you would die if you moved faster than sixty miles an hour. The human body simply couldn't survive at that speed. Now, racers routinely go two hundred miles an hour, and drag racers go more than three hundred miles an hour in only a thousand feet. Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is daring, dangerous, and exciting, and the winners often become millionaires. This book aimed at young adults is full of stories about racing as it describes the progress from the two kids to modern racing. The author has participated as a driver, photographer and journalist for many years, and has written a number of books on the subject.


How a Jewish Driver, an American Heiress, and a Legendary Car Beat Hitler's Best Neal Bascomb. 160 161 162 163 9. ... 162 The race, founded by the wealthy railroad family: Dick, Auto Racing Comes of Age, pp. 15–25.

Author: Neal Bascomb

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9781328489838


Page: 368

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Winner of the Motor Press Guild Best Book of the Year Award & Dean Batchelor Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism For fans of The Boys in the Boat and In the Garden of Beasts, a pulse-pounding tale of triumph by an improbable team of upstarts over Hitler’s fearsome Silver Arrows during the golden age of auto racing As Nazi Germany launched its campaign of racial terror and pushed the world toward war, three unlikely heroes—a driver banned from the best European teams because of his Jewish heritage, the owner of a faltering automaker company, and the adventurous daughter of an American multimillionaire—banded together to challenge Hitler’s dominance at the Grand Prix, the apex of motorsport. Bringing to life this glamorous era and the sport that defined it, Faster chronicles one of the most inspiring, death-defying upsets of all time: a symbolic blow against the Nazis during history’s darkest hour.

Sport and modernism in the visual arts in Europe c 1909 39Sport and modernism in the visual arts in Europe c 1909 39

... monstres automobiles qui sont en nette régression sur les voitures de sport d'avant la guerre.' 93 Robert Dick, Auto Racing Comes of Age: A Transatlantic View of the Cars, Drivers and Speedways, 1900–1925 (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, ...

Author: Bernard Vere

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526126818


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This book highlights sport as one of the key inspirations for an international range of modernist artists. Sport emerged as a corollary of the industrial revolution and developed into a prominent facet of modernity as it spread across Europe at the turn of the twentieth century. It was celebrated by modernists both for its spectacle and for the suggestive ways in which society could be remodelled on dynamic, active and rational lines. Artists included sport themes in a wide variety of media and frequently referenced it in their own writings. Sport was also political, most notably under fascist and Soviet regimes, but also in democratic countries, and the works produced by modernists engage with various ideologies. This book provides new readings of aspects of a number of avant-garde movements, including Italian futurism, cubism, German expressionism, Le Corbusier's architecture, Soviet constructivism, Italian rationalism and the Bauhaus.


Auto Racing Comes of Age: A Transatlantic View of the Cars, Drivers, and Speedways, 1900–1925. McFarland & Co. Jefferson, NC: 2012. Di Fate, Vincent. “Where Do Little Green Men Come From? A Speculative Look at the Origins of a Pop ...

Author: David J. Hogan

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9781495082870


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(FAQ Pop Culture). Since the famed Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" sighting of 1947, the world has been fascinated and unnerved by these mysterious objects in the sky. Millennia of recorded human history report UFOs, and everything from the extinction of dinosaurs to the origins of humankind have been attributed to them but what exactly are UFOs? Featuring material from a treasure trove of UFO/Project Blue Book archives declassified in 2015, UFO FAQ is an all-inclusive guide to UFO lore hard science and hoaxes, sightings and abductions, noted UFO proponents and skeptics, and sanctioned research and purported government cover-ups. Readers will meet cultists and explore worldwide UFO "hot spots." They'll learn about UFOs in World War II, the Cold War, and the age of terrorism. And they'll zip along with UFOs in movies, comics, TV, and other popular media. Also featured are an international UFO timeline and a valuable UFO checklist that includes step-by-step suggestions on how to prepare and make the most of your UFO sightings while ensuring your credibility. Dramatically illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and drawings, UFO FAQ combines historical accuracy, provocative speculation, and compulsive readability in one handy volume.

A Pictorial History of the AutomobileA Pictorial History of the Automobile

As Seen in Motor Magazine 1903-1953 Philip Van Doren Stern. AUTOMOBILE RACING COMES OF AGE This tremendous Eight - in - line French - built. Fred Frame , one of the top three race drivers of 1932 , who averaged 104 mph at Indianapolis ...

Author: Philip Van Doren Stern

Publisher: New York, Viking

ISBN: UOM:39015024198692


Page: 256

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The Golden Age of Wisconsin Auto RacingThe Golden Age of Wisconsin Auto Racing

For his wife , Nancy , the best memory goes back into the 1970's and a race at Seymour that paid 1,000 silver dollars . Smith had just sold a car to Herb Iverson and took a new one to the track that evening . When he blew a motor in it ...

Author: Dale Grubba

Publisher: Badger Books Inc.

ISBN: 1878569678


Page: 247

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This text highlights races and drivers from the glorious racing days at Wisconsin's short tracks.

Auto Racing in the Shadow of the Great WarAuto Racing in the Shadow of the Great War

“Some Notes on the Cars,” Motor Age, 29 May 1919, 11. 17. ... “Race Is Plea for Smaller Cars,” Motor Age, 5 June 1919, 8. 21. “Big Race as Seen by ... “Roscoe Sarles Goes East for Big Race,” Los Angeles Herald, 10 April 1920, A9. 9.

Author: Robert Dick

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476631554


Page: 446

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From 1915 through the early 1920s, American auto racing experienced rapid and exciting change. Competition by European vehicles forced American car manufacturers to incorporate new features, resulting in legendary engineering triumphs (and, essentially, works of art). Some of the greatest drivers in racing history were active during this time--Ralph DePalma, Dario Resta, Eddie Rickenbacker, the Chevrolet brothers, Jimmy Murphy. Presenting dozens of races in detail and a wealth of engineering specs, this history recalls the era's cigar-shaped speedway specials and monumental board tracks, the heavy-footed drivers, fearless mechanics, gifted engineers and enthusiastic backers.

Race Car DriversRace Car Drivers

Sketches featuring three famous race car drivers presented in graphic novel format accompany information about the history of automobile racing and requirements for the job of race car driver.

Author: David West

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1404214534


Page: 48

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Sketches featuring three famous race car drivers presented in graphic novel format accompany information about the history of automobile racing and requirements for the job of race car driver.

Car and DriverCar and Driver

T Mallett , Hennessey , Dinan , RENNtech , driver ; a Volvo 760 sedan running a superCallaway , Auto Thority , and Ruf — have all ... although several other car centage of owners will ever run their cars he old line in racing goes ...



ISBN: UOM:39015047887404



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Japan Comes of AgeJapan Comes of Age

In the sweltering summer of 1894 Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu knelt before the Japanese emperor Meiji to report that Japan's "long nightmare" was over at last.

Author: Louis G. Perez

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 083863804X


Page: 244

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In the sweltering summer of 1894 Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu knelt before the Japanese emperor Meiji to report that Japan's "long nightmare" was over at last. After forty years of humiliation, Japan was ridding itself of the hateful "Unequal Treaties." These treaties had been imposed upon a politically divided and militarily weakened nation by powerful mercantilist Western nations in mid-century. The treaties had hindered Japan's economic development because of discriminatory tariff restrictions, they had poisoned Japan's foreign relations, and they had truncated its legal sovereignty by virtue of extraterritoriality. The final six months of negotiations are carefully examined, employing Mutsu's extensive personal and official correspondence as well as telegrams and secret British and Japanese documents.

American Auto RacingAmerican Auto Racing

But occasionally one car comes along that defies the rules. ... So it was in ¡985 for the redhead of racing, Bill Elliott. ... Despite the slippery shape, Ford teams were having trouble taking advantage of the new pack- age.

Author: J.A. Martin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786412358


Page: 231

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As soon as there were automobiles, there was racing. The first recorded race, an over road event from Paris to Rouen, France, was organized by the French newspaper Le Petit Journal in 1894. Seeing an opportunity for a similar event, Hermann H. Kohlsaat--publisher of the Chicago Times-Herald--sponsored what was hailed as the "Race of the Century," a 54-mile race from Chicago's Jackson Park to Evanston, Illinois, and back. Frank Duryea won in a time of 10 hours and 23 minutes, of which 7 hours and 53 minutes were actually spent on the road. Race cars and competition have progressed continuously since that time, and today's 200 mph races bear little resemblance to the event Duryea won. This work traces American auto racing through the 20th century, covering its significant milestones, developments and personalities. Subjects included are: Bill Elliott, dirt track racing, board track racing, Henry Ford, Grand Prix races, Dale Earnhardt, the Vanderbilt Cup, Bill France, Gordon Bennett, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Mercer, the Stutz, Duesenberg, Frank Lockhart, drag racing, the Trans Am, Paul Newman, vintage racing, land speed records, Al Unser, Wilbur Shaw, the Corvette, the Cobra, Richard Petty, NASCAR, Can Am, Mickey Thompson, Roger Penske, Mario Andretti, Jeff Gordon, and Formula One. Through interviews with participants and track records, this text shows where, when and how racing changed. It describes the growth of each different form of auto racing as well as the people and technologies that made it ever faster.

New York MagazineNew York Magazine

... loves, joys, and frustrations as they confront the challenges of coming of age in the nineties. ... about the history of auto racing, examining the inventors and machines that have fulfilled the urge to drive as fast as possible.





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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

DieCastX MagazineDieCastX Magazine

In 1908, when Enzo was just 10 years old, his father took him to an auto race in Bologna — and for him the hook was set. ... FERRARI COMES OF AGE The Ferrari brand matured in the '50s primarily through the Is there a more desirable ...





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DieCast X covers the entire spectrum of automotive diecast from customizing to collecting. it takes an insider's look at the history behind popular diecast cars and trucks, as well as how each model has helped shape the automotive industry and motor sports

Eastern Standard TimeEastern Standard Time

... in Japan ) -At I just 18 years of age , Speed is a precocious competitor in the M fast - paced world of international auto racing . ... And who's that masked the regular cast , this mysterious racer , coming up on the inside track ?

Author: Jeff Yang

Publisher: Mariner Books

ISBN: 039576341X


Page: 340

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For anyone who's ever wondered how to order Korean barbecue and Chinese dim sum, what "good feng xui" is and how to make sure you have it, and which is the deadliest martial art, here is the long-awaited guide to all things Asian: the key concepts, events, people, trends, and products that have been imported from Asia to America and have become a part of life. Photos & drawings.