Art VisionariesArt Visionaries

This compelling book chronicles 75 of the most influential artists from the dawn of the 20th century to the present, and from around the world.

Author: Mark Getlein

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 1780675771


Page: 312

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This compelling book chronicles 75 of the most influential artists from the dawn of the 20th century to the present, and from around the world. Each entry provides a fascinating insight into the artist and his or her vision of what they were trying to do, while also acknowledging the lasting effect or impression of their work. Arranged in a broadly chronological order, the book gives a sense of the impact each artist has had on the development of art practice over the last 100 years. Key dates in each artists career are clearly drawn out in the accompanying timeline. Through a combination of lively text and arresting visuals, this is an inspirational and wholly original guide to some of the artists whose vision has helped to shape the modern art world.

Eco VisionariesEco Visionaries

This comprehensive volume is a companion to the collaborative 2018 exhibition staged by four participating European museums.

Author: Pedro Gadanho

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

ISBN: 3775744533


Page: 224

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Eco-Visionaries surveys contemporary positions in art and architecture addressing environmental problems beyond mainstream notions of sustainability. This comprehensive volume is a companion to the collaborative 2018 exhibition staged by four participating European museums. Each show maintains a different focus and curatorial approach, and for each, artists investigate more sustainable approaches toward humankind's place on earth, through video and sound works, paintings and installations. While the series of exhibitions presents the works of artists and architects who offer critical reflections on pressing contemporary issues, the book unites research, essays and the artworks. Besides the historical antecedents of current ecological thinking in art and design, this catalog also promotes alternative visions for future uses of energy, resources and the environment.

Marvel VisionariesMarvel Visionaries

M. A From STHANGE TALES #4 (December 1951) ARTIST: John Romita “FLYING SAUGER!” From MENACE #5 (August 1953) WRITERE Stan L56 ARTIST: John Romita “GAPTAIN ...

Author: Stan Lee

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 9781302513726


Page: 336

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Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #39-40, #42, #50 And #108-109; Captain America (1968) #138; Daredevil (1964) #16-17; Fantastic Four (1961) #105-106; Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #-1; And Material From Vampire Tales #2, Strange Tales (1951) #4, Menace #6 And #11, Young Men #24 And #26, Western Kid (1954) #12, Tales To Astonish (1959) #77 And Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #365. Celebrate the career of a true Marvel Visionary! From the fabulous fifties to the Femizons’ future, Jazzy John Romita brought his distinctive and definitive style to all corners of the Marvel Universe! Witness the coming of the Communist-hunting Captain America! A furious face-off between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin! The debut of the Devil’s Daughter! Peter Parker’s parents in perilous predicaments! And classic stories featuring the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Nick Fury, Wolverine, the Kingpin and more — including rarely seen Atlas Era tales!

African VisionariesAfrican Visionaries

In discovering his spirituality, he developed a consciousness that changed his understanding of art. The young man from a simple background no more saw ...

Author: Dakubu, Mary Esther Kropp

Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers

ISBN: 9789988882990


Page: 336

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In over forty portraits, African writers present extraordinary people from their continent: portraits of the women and men whom they admire, people who have changed and enriched life in Africa. The portraits include inventor, founders of universities, resistance fighters, musicians, environmental activists or writers. African Visionaries is a multi-faceted book, seen through African eyes, on the most impactful people of Africa. Some of the writers contributing to the collection are: Helon Habila, Virginia Phiri, Ellen Banda-Aaku, Véronique Tadjo, Tendai Huchu, Solomon Tsehaye, Patrice Nganang and Sami Tchak.

Practical VisionariesPractical Visionaries

Her writings on art history are an interesting example of her ability to identify newly emerging subjects for popular education of the sort her writings ...

Author: Pam Hirsch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317877219


Page: 266

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An examination of women educationists in nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain. Working with new paradigms opened up by feminist scholarship, it reveals how women leaders were determined to transform education in the quest for a better society. Previous scholarship has either neglected the contributions of these women or has misplaced them. Consequently intellectual histories of education have come to seem almost exclusively masculine. This collection shows the important role which figures such as Mary Carpenter, Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, Elizabeth Edwards and Maria Montessori played in the struggle to provide greater educational opportunities for women. The contributors are: Anne Bloomfield, Kevin J. Brehony, Norma Clarke, Peter Cunningham, Mary Jane Drummond, Elizabeth Edwards, Mary Hilton, Pam Hirsch, Jane Miller, Hilary Minns, Wendy Robinson, Gillian Sutherland and Ruth Watts.

Marvel VisionariesMarvel Visionaries

1940) WRITER: Jack Kirby (as Martin A. Bursten) ARTIST: Jack Kirby “THE VISION” From MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #13 (Nov. 1940) WRITERS: Jack Kirby & Joe Simon ...

Author: Martin Bursten

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 9781302515621


Page: 352

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Collects Avengers (1963) #4, Sgt. Fury #6, Fantastic Four (1961) #48-51, Captain America (1968) #200, Eternals (1976) #7, What If? (1977) #11; material from Red Raven Comics #1, Marvel Mystery Comics #13, Captain America Comics #1, Yellow Claw #3, Strange Tales (1951) #94, Amazing Adventures (1961) #1, Rawhide Kid (1955) #17, Incredible Hulk (1962) #3, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #8, Fantastic Four Annual #5, Thor (1966) #134-136, Amazing Adventures (1970) #1-2. Celebrate the career of a true Marvel Visionary! Comics’ premier storyteller for over 40 years, Jack “King” Kirby brought new vitality and imagination to the medium, setting the standard for every artist to follow! This volume collects some of Kirby’s most monumental moments — including his earliest Marvel work, the debut of Captain America and the coming of Galactus! From the mystic fantasy of the Golden Age Vision to the Western world of the Two-Gun Kid, Kirby’s work spanned all genres and touched every corner of the Marvel Universe!

Outsider ArtOutsider Art

In some cultures visionary art is evoked by the ritual and religious use of psychoactive substances, such as the ayahuascainspired art of Amazonian shamans ...

Author: Daniel Wojcik

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496808073


Page: 276

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Outsider art has exploded onto the international art scene, gaining widespread attention for its startling originality and visual power. As an expression of raw creativity, outsider art remains associated with self-taught visionaries, psychiatric patients, trance mediums, eccentric outcasts, and unschooled artistic geniuses who create things outside of mainstream artistic trends and styles. Outsider Art: Visionary Worlds and Trauma provides a comprehensive guide through the contested terrain of outsider art and the related domains of art brut, visionary art, "art of the insane," and folk art. The book examines the history and primary issues of the field as well as explores the intersection between culture and individual creativity that is at the very heart of outsider art definitions and debates. Daniel Wojcik's interdisciplinary study challenges prevailing assumptions about the idiosyncratic status of outsider artists. This wide-ranging investigation of the art and lives of those labeled outsiders focuses on the ways that personal tragedies and suffering have inspired the art-making process. In some cases, trauma has triggered a creative transformation that has helped artists confront otherwise overwhelming life events. Additionally, Wojcik's study illustrates how vernacular traditions, religious worldviews, ethnic heritage, and popular culture have influenced such art. With its detailed consideration of personal motivations, cultural milieu, and the potentially therapeutic aspects of art making, this volume provides a deeper understanding of the artistic impulse and human creativity.

American Inventors Entrepreneurs and Business VisionariesAmerican Inventors Entrepreneurs and Business Visionaries

These citadels of fantasy, sentimentality, and nostalgia are permanent monuments to the artistic and business acumen of Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey ...

Author: Charles W. Carey

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9780816068838


Page: 433

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This A to Z biographical dictionary contains 260 entries on important Americans from colonial times to the present. Each entry begins with a short description of the person's importance, then the entry provides the person's birth date and information, and proceeds chronologically though his/her life. Suggestions for further reading follow each entry. There is a topical introduction to the book, a bibliography at the end of the book, two subject indexes, and a general index.

Art in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945 1980Art in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945 1980

... and were frequently exhibited with the work of the Visionaries . ... they embraced elements of Visionary art and had something of the pristine ...

Author: Thomas Albright

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520051939


Page: 349

View: 345

Offers a survey of modern painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and murals from the San Francisco area, and provides brief profiles of each artist

Sublime Spaces and Visionary WorldsSublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds

... Environments of Vernacular Artists Leslie Umberger, John Michael Kohler Arts Center ... Backyard Visionaries : Grassroots Art in the Midwest ( Lawrence ...

Author: Leslie Umberger

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 1568987285


Page: 427

View: 770

The need to personalize our surroundings is a defining human characteristic. For some this need becomes a compulsion to transform their personal surroundings into works of art. The John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has undertaken the mission to preserve these environments, which are presented for the first time in Sublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds. This colorful and inspiring book features the work of twenty-two vernacular artists whose locales, personal histories, and reasons for art-making vary widely but who all share a powerful connection to the home as art. Featured projects range from art environments that remain intact, such as Simon Rodia's Watts Towers in California, tosites lost over the years such as Emery Blagdon's six hundred elaborate "Healing Machines," made of copper, aluminum, tinfoil, magnets, ribbons, farm-machinery parts, painted light bulbs, beads, coffee-can lids, and more. Sublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds is the first book to explore these spectacularly offbeat spaces in detail.From "Original Rhinestone Cowboy" Loy Bowlin's wall-to-wall glitter-and-foil living room to the concrete bestiary of "witch of Fox Point" Mary Nohl, each artist and project is described in detail through a wealth of visuals and text. Sublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds reminds us that our decorative choices tell the world not just what we like but who we are.

A Day in the Life of an American Worker 200 Trades and Professions through History 2 volumes A Day in the Life of an American Worker 200 Trades and Professions through History 2 volumes

Another artist who has worked in multiple forms is Maya Lin (1959–), who took the advice of Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry: don't ... Art Visionaries.

Author: Nancy Quam-Wickham

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440845017


Page: 790

View: 831

This introduction to the history of work in America illuminates the many important roles that men and women of all backgrounds have played in the formation of the United States. • Provides readers with a comprehensive survey of the history of work in America • Introduces readers to a variety of occupations that Americans have held, revealing how those jobs changed with the introduction of technology • Includes a variety of primary documents to enliven the past and provide a glimpse into how historians use documents to understand the past

The Routledge Companion to Contemporary Art Visual Culture and Climate ChangeThe Routledge Companion to Contemporary Art Visual Culture and Climate Change

Hettie Judah, “There's a Flood of Climate ChangeRelated Art at the Venice Biennale. ... 9 Mariana Pestana, “Eco-Visionaries: Art and Architecture After the ...

Author: T. J. Demos

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000342246


Page: 466

View: 786

International in scope, this volume brings together leading and emerging voices working at the intersection of contemporary art, visual culture, activism, and climate change, and addresses key questions, such as: why and how do art and visual culture, and their ethics and values, matter with regard to a world increasingly shaped by climate breakdown? Foregrounding a decolonial and climate-justice-based approach, this book joins efforts within the environmental humanities in seeking to widen considerations of climate change as it intersects with social, political, and cultural realms. It simultaneously expands the nascent branches of ecocritical art history and visual culture, and builds toward the advancement of a robust and critical interdisciplinarity appropriate to the complex entanglements of climate change. This book will be of special interest to scholars and practitioners of contemporary art and visual culture, environmental studies, cultural geography, and political ecology.

Four Gifts of the Highly SensitiveFour Gifts of the Highly Sensitive

Visionaries are highly innovative , and they enjoy novel experiences . ... mathematics and string theory , or performance art , visionaries have in common ...

Author: Courtney Marchesani

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401957049


Page: 256

View: 476

Utilize the science of sensitivity to help you maximize your gifts of empath, intuition, vision, and expression. Are you often told that you are too sensitive? Can you intuit things before they happen? Are you an introvert who cares deeply about the people and places around you? Using a new and specialized framework for understanding empaths and sensitive individuals, integrative health coach Courtney Marchesani demystifies the science of sensitivity to help you maximize your gifts of empathy, intuition, vision, and expression. Her insightful sensitivity quiz will help you to recognize where your strengths lie, while her Mind-Body Method will help you to heal from the past and current trauma affecting your sensory processing and employ coping skills to manage what can be an overwhelming onslaught of intense emotions and sensations. Allow your sensory intelligence to shine and relish your profound ability to connect with the world by recognizing and honoring your unique gift of sensitivity.

Art Out of TimeArt Out of Time

Presents an eclectic compendium of the work of nearly thirty little-known American cartoonists whose work has been overshadowed by more famous contemporaries, showcasing the influential work of these pioneering cartoonists, who worked from ...

Author: Dan Nadel

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015066871073


Page: 318

View: 997

Presents an eclectic compendium of the work of nearly thirty little-known American cartoonists whose work has been overshadowed by more famous contemporaries, showcasing the influential work of these pioneering cartoonists, who worked from 1900 to 1969, including Raymond Crawford Ewer, Howard Nostrand, Ogden Whitney, and Dick Briefer, among others.

Visionaries In Our MidstVisionaries In Our Midst

Larry was at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Later, he graduated from the Corcoran with a degree in fine arts. His roots were in Kenilworth [the ...

Author: Allison Silberberg

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761847199


Page: 248

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Presents a collection of essays documenting the work of ordinary people who are inspiring hope and helping people in need through a variety of programs and volunteer work.

Envisioning Howard FinsterEnvisioning Howard Finster

The Religion and Art of a Stranger from Another World Norman J. Girardot ... his visionary faith, and his art—he showed us that we “should be able to also.

Author: Norman J. Girardot

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520961074


Page: 296

View: 344

The Reverend Howard Finster (1916–2001) was called the "backwoods William Blake" and the "Andy Warhol of the South," and he is considered the godfather of contemporary American folk and visionary art. This book is the first interpretive analysis of the intertwined artistic and religious significance of Finster’s work within the context of the American "outsider art" tradition. Finster began preaching as a teenager in the South in the 1930s. But it was not until he received a revelation from God at the age of sixty that he began to make sacred art. A modern-day Noah who saw his art as a religious crusade to save the world before it was too late, Finster worked around the clock, often subsisting on a diet of peanut butter and instant coffee. He spent the last years of his life feverishly creating his environmental artwork called Paradise Garden and what would ultimately number almost fifty thousand works of "bad and nasty art." This was visionary work that obsessively combined images and text and featured apocalyptic biblical imagery, flying saucers from outer space, and popular cultural icons such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Henry Ford, Mona Lisa, and George Washington. In the 1980s and 90s, he developed cult celebrity status, and he appeared in the Venice Biennale and on the Tonight Show. His work graced the album covers of bands such as R.E.M. and Talking Heads. This book explores the life and religious-artistic significance of Finster and his work from the personal perspective of religion scholar Norman Girardot, friend to Finster and his family during the later years of the artist’s life.

Double VisionDouble Vision

The Unerring Eye of Art World Avatars Dominique and John de Menil William Middleton. made a trip to Italy. From Parma, he wrote to Dominique, “As always, ...

Author: William Middleton

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 9781524732943


Page: 800

View: 513

**NAMED ONE OF THE BEST ART BOOKS OF THE DECADE BY ARTNEWS** The first and definitive biography of the celebrated collectors Dominique and John de Menil, who became one of the greatest cultural forces of the twentieth century through groundbreaking exhibits of art, artistic scholarship, the creation of innovative galleries and museums, and work with civil rights. Dominique and John de Menil created an oasis of culture in their Philip Johnson-designed house with everyone from Marlene Dietrich and René Magritte to Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. In Houston, they built the Menil Collection, the Rothko Chapel, the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, the Cy Twombly Gallery, and underwrote the Contemporary Arts Museum. Now, with unprecedented access to family archives, William Middleton has written a sweeping biography of this unique couple. From their ancestors in Normandy and Alsace, to their own early years in France, and their travels in South America before settling in Houston. We see them introduced to the artists in Europe and America whose works they would collect, and we see how, by the 1960s, their collection had grown to include 17,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, rare books, and decorative objects. And here is, as well, a vivid behind-the-scenes look at the art world of the twentieth century and the enormous influence the de Menils wielded through what they collected and built and through the causes they believed in.

The Professions of AuthorshipThe Professions of Authorship

... of the situation of the American artist in the early nineteenth century . ... himself one of the outstanding intellectual and artistic visionaries of ...

Author: Matthew Joseph Bruccoli

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570031444


Page: 251

View: 548

A tribute to Matthew J, Bruccoli, the man whose life's work has centred on the study of authorship, this text examines the business of writing, publishing, and selling books. Authors, publishing professionals and scholars unravel the mysterious surrounding this tradition-bound endeavor.