Anatomy Stretching Training for MarathonersAnatomy Stretching Training for Marathoners

With training tips, exercises, and injury remedies, this is a book that every runner and coach should have!

Author: Philip Striano

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781628739954


Page: 160

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With training tips, exercises, and injury remedies, this is a book that every runner and coach should have! Running has become more and more popular in recent years, with thousands of people entering marathons, buying new running shoes with the latest technology, and going for a daily jog. But the joy and thrill of running are often marred by injuries that can bother you for a few weeks or for many years. That’s why every runner needs to have Anatomy, Stretching & Training for Marathoners. In this comprehensive workout guide for marathon runners, Striano and Purcell create a detailed exercise program devised to strengthen and stretch the major muscle groups used in running and jogging, including: • Warm-up and cool-down stretches • Stretches that target both the primary and secondary muscle groups • Step-by-step photos • How to get started, what to wear, and what running surfaces are best • How to identify, prevent, and treat common running injuries • And much more! Alongside each exercise you will find remarkable, true-to-life anatomical illustrations showing which muscles of the body are targeted. A handy guide lets you know the exercise’s benefits and cautions, along with tips on perfecting your form. Find out how to get started; what to wear and what running surfaces are best; and how to identify, prevent, and treat common running injuries. With a series of sample workouts that show you how to devise a training program to suit your unique goals, Anatomy, Stretching & Training for Marathoners is the ultimate reference for anyone who wants to get the most from their running regimen.

Anatomy for RunnersAnatomy for Runners

Offers advice on achieving goals for running without suffering injury, including mobility and stability tests, tips on the best way to run, and an assessment of running footwear.

Author: Jay Dicharry

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781620871591


Page: 309

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Offers advice on achieving goals for running without suffering injury, including mobility and stability tests, tips on the best way to run, and an assessment of running footwear.

Anatomy and 100 Essential Stretching ExercisesAnatomy and 100 Essential Stretching Exercises

indispensable for improving performance in any sporting discipline, whether
involving strength, resistance, or speed. We take note of individuals who can flip
over a tractor tire or run a marathon, and yet we don't think it extraordinary that
some ...

Author: Guillermo Seijas Albir

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN: 9781438006178


Page: 168

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Barron's Anatomy and 100 Essential Stretching Exercises helps you improve your flexibility, overcome physical ailments, and increase your overall sense of well-being. This comprehensive guide features over 100 stretching exercises to help you improve your range of motion, decrease discomfort, and prevent injuries. Easy-to-understand exercises are clearly illustrated and contain simple, precise instructions for the proper way to stretch every part of your body. This guide includes: Effective exercises for athletes, non-athletes, and those searching for pain relief associated with injuries Step-by-step methods for the most effective exercise routines Anatomical descriptions of the parts of the body and the muscles being worked Photographic representations of each exercise, with detailed illustrations of the primary and secondary muscles Explanatory text that ensures correct techniques and proper safety precautions The numbers of repetitions needed depending on fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the physiological benefits of each exercise A quick reference guide to the most beneficial stretches for specific ailments, and more

Running AnatomyRunning Anatomy

The Running Anatomy, Second Edition, Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the Running Anatomy, Second Edition With CE Exam, package that includes both the book and the exam.

Author: Joseph A. Puleo

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492575368


Page: 200

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See how to improve your running strength, speed, and endurance with Running Anatomy, Second Edition. This new edition of the best-selling running guide delivers more exercises, more insight, and more illustrations to show you how to increase your muscle strength, optimize the efficiency of your running motion, and minimize your risk of injury. Running Anatomy features 48 of the most effective strength exercises for runners, each with clear step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting the muscles in action. Each illustration helps you better understand how muscles, ligaments, and tendons all work together as your body moves. Running Anatomy clearly links each exercise to running performance. You’ll see how to strengthen specific muscles and improve gait efficiency for faster times and more fluid runs. Plus you’ll learn how to eliminate anatomical imbalances that can lead to the most common injuries that runners face, including plantar fasciitis, lower-back pain, knee aches and strains, and torn muscles and tendons. Feel prepared for any challenge that comes your way. You’ll find variations to train for every condition and competition—for various terrains, speeds, elevations, and distances, from sprint to marathon. You’ll also learn how new gear and technology-enhanced equipment can maximize your training and performance. Whether you’re a fitness runner looking to conquer hills with more speed and strength or a competitive runner looking for that extra edge in performance and a finishing kick, Running Anatomy will ensure that you’re ready to achieve your personal best. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. The Running Anatomy, Second Edition, Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the Running Anatomy, Second Edition With CE Exam, package that includes both the book and the exam.

The Anatomy of Stretching Second EditionThe Anatomy of Stretching Second Edition

Muscle Anatomy When aiming to improve flexibility, the muscles and their fascia (
sheath) should be the major focus of our flexibility training. While bones, joints,
ligaments, tendons, and skin do ... rapid movements are required, such as
weightlifting. World-class marathon runners have been reported to possess 93-') (
iii ...

Author: Brad Walker

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781583947302


Page: 192

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The multiple stresses of contemporary life—whether from excessive sports play, overwork, or overuse of technology—are increasingly taking a toll on the body. Symptoms range from muscle soreness and pain to pinched nerves to potentially more permanent disabilities, including serious body injuries. One safe, quickly productive way to address the problem is through a simple therapy that can be done anywhere, anytime, and without special equipment: stretching. This new edition of Brad Walker’s best-selling book on the subject presents 135 unique stretching exercises designed to help repair the body and make it more flexible, fit, and relaxed. The book begins with clear, detailed descriptions of important principles of anatomy and physiology, the benefits of stretching, different forms of stretching, rules to remember, and how to stretch properly. It also focuses on the kinds of stretches that are most helpful in the alleviation or rehabilitation of specific sports injuries. Organized by body part, The Anatomy of Stretching presents stretching exercises in a uniform style accompanied by full-color anatomical illustrations. Equally useful for fitness fans, pro or amateur athletes, coaches and personal trainers, and healthcare practitioners, this new edition contains 20 new stretches; expanded physiology and anatomy information; and a revised numbering system that makes the stretches easier to reference. An expanded appendix includes a longer resources section and a helpful chart describing the top five stretches for each sport and sports injury.

The Complete Running and Marathon BookThe Complete Running and Marathon Book

190 × IND ex hamstring stretch 58,59. ... knees, quadriceps, thighs ligament
injuries 178, 181 lower body roll 113, 114 M marathon see training massage
87,150–51, 154–59, 171 Tedicine Dall exercises 119, 123,133 TUSC'es anatomy
and ...

Author: DK Publishing

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781465425157


Page: 192

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For anyone interested in running - from beginners to those looking to improve their techniques or preparing for their first marathon - The Complete Running and Marathon Book includes a comprehensive range of programs for all aspects of training. Ideal for runners, personal trainers, coaches, and students, The Complete Running and Marathon Book features detailed anatomical artworks, user friendly step-by-step sequences, advice on optimum techniques and injury prevention, as well as guidance on running psychology.

Life Is A MarathonLife Is A Marathon

I have developed a theory about that college course on anatomy and physiology.
for students to remember those strange ... not listening to their bodies) or actions
they do not take (not tapering, not stretching, not cross-training, and not resting).

Author: D. Chongo Mundende

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465307392


Page: 188

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Life Is a Marathon Running promotes healthy living. Running marathons is a worldwide phenomenon. More and more people are training for and completing the ultimate running distance, 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers in a day, while they are still standing, alive, coherent, and in need of no medical attention. Running marathons requires careful preparation, planning, and execution. The runner needs a lot of patience and internal mental fortitude to do well. Many principles of running apply to those of living a committed Christian life. In living a Christian life, you need the assurance that Jesus loves you. Christ living in you transforms your life. Living a Christian life requires patience, endurance, and discipline. Both Christians and runners experience highs and lows, as well as expected and unexpected turns of events. Sometimes the road is lonely and wearying, but it ultimately ends in inexpressible joy to those who find themselves at the finish line to receive their reward. However, while running may yield temporal and perishable rewards, living a Christian life brings eternal and everlasting rewards. Life Is a Marathon contains information that may transform your life.

Essentials of Anatomy and PhysiologyEssentials of Anatomy and Physiology

Athletes training to develop anaerobic endurance perform a . a few , long ,
relaxing workouts . b . a combination of weight training and running marathons . c
. frequent , brief , intensive workouts . d . stretching , flexibility , and relaxation ...

Author: Charles M. Seiger

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 0805375201


Page: 457

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Designed to help students master the topics and concepts covered in the textbook, the Study Guide includes a variety of review questions, including labeling, concept mapping, and crossword puzzles that promote an understanding of body systems. It is keyed to each chapter's learning objectives and parallels the three-level learning system in the textbook.

Stretching the LimitsStretching the Limits

OVERTRAINING IN DISTANCE RUNNERS Overtraining , or overuse , injuries
occur due to a gradual breakdown in the ... all injuries arise from the foot - shoe -
surface interface and are mediated by training errors , abnormal anatomy , shoe ...

Author: Lee Torrey

Publisher: Dodd Mead

ISBN: STANFORD:36105003993362


Page: 322

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Provides an overview of sports science and describes the people and technology behind the advances in the field.

Anatomy of Exercise for WomenAnatomy of Exercise for Women

Examines which muscles are used in specific exercises with instructions on how to do each and offers pre-designed workouts to allow readers to focus on the area they want to improve.

Author: Lisa Purcell

Publisher: Firefly Books Limited

ISBN: 1770851801


Page: 160

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Examines which muscles are used in specific exercises with instructions on how to do each and offers pre-designed workouts to allow readers to focus on the area they want to improve.

Coaching ReviewCoaching Review

. Wirhed This book will help sports ... Sports trainers , coaches , physical
therapists and committed athletes will learn : why stretching and flexibility training
is ... a program of stretching and strengthening exercises that will improve the
performance of runners and other athletes by increasing muscular flexibility and
strength .



ISBN: PSU:000063836035



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Runner s WorldRunner s World

Now I'd like to move up to the 10 - K , and later to the half - marathon . How
should I change my training schedule ? ( Tom Polasek , Topeka , Kan . )
ANATOMY OF A WINNER : nents , and accessories in ... Many runners Friday :
12 - K , easy seem to run 10 - K PRs while Saturday : hard fartlek run they're
training for ... If this doesn't work , stop your workout and do some stomach -
stretching exercises .



ISBN: IND:30000122809654



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Ross Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness E BookRoss Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness E Book

Anaerobic training, such as weightlifting, increases muscle bulk because it
increases the size of individual fibres within the muscle (hypertrophy). ... In order
to move a body part, the muscle or its tendon must stretch across at least one

Author: Anne Waugh

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702044274


Page: 512

View: 928

This title is unique among textbooks in its appeal to a wide range of healthcare professionals including nurses, nursing students, students in the allied health professions and complementary / alternative medicine, paramedics and ambulance technicians. Each chapter provides an explanation of the normal structure and functions of the human body and the effects of disease or illness on normal physiology. The text is written in straightforward language and is complemented by over 400 extensive clear, colour illustrations. carefully refined, clear and unambiguous text which omits the unnecessary detail that can confuse the student new to the subject highly illustrated with clear line diagrams, mostly in colour regular sequences of headings, lists and bullet points help with learning and revision learning outcomes related to the sections within each chapter a glossary of common prefixes, suffixes and roots commonly used in anatomy and physiology an Appendix containing useful biological values for easy reference an accompanying Colouring and workbook that facilitates structured learning and revision of the material in this book. access to electronic ancillaries offering a fully searchable, customisable electronic version of the text, high quality animations, web links to supplementary websites, MCQs and an audio pronunciation guide text fully revised and updated with developments in the field colour photographs glossary new and revised illustrations significantly enhanced electronic ancillaries featuring a fully searchable, customisable electronic version of the text, new animations, an electronic colouring in /labelling feature, case studies, over 300 self-assessment exercises such as MCQs, crosswords, drag and drop, ‘hangman’ etc with answers extra electronic resources for lecturers including the full image bank

Clinical Issues in AnatomyClinical Issues in Anatomy

Stretching exercises after an initial warm - up will stimulate blood flow to muscles
and help keep ligaments and joint ... Dietary planning can also be important in
preventing injuries to muscles during endurance events , such as marathon ...

Author: Frederic Martini

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: PSU:000060921505


Page: 200

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This new student supplement includes discussions on diseases, dysfunctions, and injuries that are referenced throughout HUMAN ANATOMY, 5TH EDITION. Icons throughout the text alert the user to topics that Clinical Issues in Anatomy covers and illustrates in great depth.

Kinesiology and Applied AnatomyKinesiology and Applied Anatomy

... effects of , 189 myotatic or stretch , 30 , 63 , 84-85 kinesiology of , 188-189
negative supporting , 368-369 Planes , anatomical , 97 ... 404-405 good , criteria
for , 364-372 middle , 125 , 440 implications for , 372 energy cost of , 399 , 400
maintenance of , 367 marathon ... factors in , 372 Principles of training and
development , 349–359 Sarcomere , 38 Progression principle , 89 , 357
Sarcoplasm , 38 , 43 ...

Author: Philip J. Rasch


ISBN: UOM:39015004442029


Page: 496

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The Whartons Stretch BookThe Whartons Stretch Book

You'll refer to it over and over when you put together a stretch routine for a new
sport or activity—or for a new season, when you have to restart your ... a “
Coaches' Notes" section covers the challenges, studies and their results, and
anatomy “sound bites" specific to the activity. ... event like a marathon, you can
adapt our Personal Active-Isolated Stretching Program to your changing
stretching needs.

Author: Jim Wharton

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0812926234


Page: 253

View: 277

Introduces the active-isolated stretching method for developing flexibility, presenting a program of fifty-nine stretches and advice for pregnant women and older athletes
Introduces basic concepts and principles important to an understanding of the human body. Textbook has two goals: Building a foundation for later courses dealing with anatomy or physiology and providing a framework for the organization, interpretation, and application of related information obtained outside the classroom.