Anaphora ResolutionAnaphora Resolution

resolution system I refer to a whole implemented system that processes input at
various levels such as morphological, syntactic, semantic, discourse, etc., and
feeds the analysed text to the anaphora resolution algorithm. A natural way to
testan ...

Author: Ruslan Mitkov

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317881803


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Teaching computers to solve language problems is one of the major challenges of natural language processing. There is a large amount of interesting research devoted to this field. This book fills an existing gap in the literature with an up-to-date survey of the field, including the author’s own contributions. A number of different fields overlap in anaphora resolution – computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), grammar, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and artificial intelligence. This book begins by introducing basic notions and terminology, moving onto early research methods and approaches, recent developments and applications, and future directions. It addresses various issues related to the practical implementation of anaphora systems, such as rules employed, algorithms implemented or evaluation techniques used. This is an ideal reference book for students and researchers in this particular area of computational linguistics. Since anaphora resolution is vital for the development of any practical NLP system, the book will be of interest to readers from both academia and industry.

Anaphora ResolutionAnaphora Resolution

Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, Stanford (1985) Kameyama, M.: Recognizing
referential links: an information extraction perspective. In: ACL Workshop on
Operational Factors in Practical, Robust Anaphora Resolution for Unrestricted
Texts ...

Author: Massimo Poesio

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662479094


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This book lays out a path leading from the linguistic and cognitive basics, to classical rule-based and machine learning algorithms, to today’s state-of-the-art approaches, which use advanced empirically grounded techniques, automatic knowledge acquisition, and refined linguistic modeling to make a real difference in real-world applications. Anaphora and coreference resolution both refer to the process of linking textual phrases (and, consequently, the information attached to them) within as well as across sentence boundaries, and to the same discourse referent. The book offers an overview of recent research advances, focusing on practical, operational approaches and their applications. In part I (Background), it provides a general introduction, which succinctly summarizes the linguistic, cognitive, and computational foundations of anaphora processing and the key classical rule- and machine-learning-based anaphora resolution algorithms. Acknowledging the central importance of shared resources, part II (Resources) covers annotated corpora, formal evaluation, preprocessing technology, and off-the-shelf anaphora resolution systems. Part III (Algorithms) provides a thorough description of state-of-the-art anaphora resolution algorithms, covering enhanced machine learning methods as well as techniques for accomplishing important subtasks such as mention detection and acquisition of relevant knowledge. Part IV (Applications) deals with a selection of important anaphora and coreference resolution applications, discussing particular scenarios in diverse domains and distilling a best-practice model for systematically approaching new application cases. In the concluding part V (Outlook), based on a survey conducted among the contributing authors, the prospects of the research field of anaphora processing are discussed, and promising new areas of interdisciplinary cooperation and emerging application scenarios are identified. Given the book’s design, it can be used both as an accompanying text for advanced lectures in computational linguistics, natural language engineering, and computer science, and as a reference work for research and independent study. It addresses an audience that includes academic researchers, university lecturers, postgraduate students, advanced undergraduate students, industrial researchers, and software engineers.

Anaphora Resolution and Text RetrievalAnaphora Resolution and Text Retrieval

This chapter will first examine those fields of natural language processing in
which anaphora resolution is predominantly used. Additionally, the potential of
anaphora resolution in text retrieval will be discussed. It will be seen that
anaphora ...

Author: Helene Schmolz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110416756


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This book covers anaphora resolution for the English language from a linguistic and computational point of view. First, a definition of anaphors that applies to linguistics as well as information technology is given. On this foundation, all types of anaphors and their characteristics for English are outlined. To examine how frequent each type of anaphor is, a corpus of different hypertexts has been established and analysed with regard to anaphors. The most frequent type are non-finite clause anaphors - a type which has never been investigated so far. Therefore, the potential of non-finite clause anaphors are further explored with respect to anaphora resolution. After presenting the fundamentals of computational anaphora resolution and its application in text retrieval, rules for resolving non-finite clause anaphors are established. Therefore, this book shows that a truly interdisciplinary approach can achieve results which would not have been possible otherwise. Open Access: In July 2019, this volume was retroactively turned into an Open Access publication thanks to the support of the Fachinformationsdienst Linguistik.

Empirical Perspectives on Anaphora ResolutionEmpirical Perspectives on Anaphora Resolution

Information structure effects on anaphora resolution in German and French: A
cross-linguistic study of pronoun resolution. Linguistics 50(5). 991–1013.
Colonna, Saveria, Sarah Schimke & Barbara Hemforth. 2014. Information
structure and ...

Author: Anke Holler

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110464108


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Traditionally, anaphor resolution focused on structural cues of the antecedent. Recently, the interaction between discourse factors and information structure affecting antecedent salience has been more thoroughly explored. This volume depicts selected peer-reviewed research papers that tackle issues in anaphor resolution from theoretical, empirical and experimental perspectives. These collected articles present a wide spectrum of cross-linguistic data (Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish, Yurakaré) and also offer new results from L1 and L2 acquisition studies. Data interpretation span from typological to psycholinguistic viewpoints and are related to recent developments in linguistic theory. One data analysis puts the issue of anaphor resolution in a historical context. The experimental findings are complemented by reviews of the current literature on the role of discourse units. This volume gives a comprehensive overview of the state of discussion how the interaction between information structure and contextual discourse affects salience. That's why it will be welcomed by all linguists and psycholinguists who are theoretically and / or experimentally investigating several aspects of anaphor resolution.

Anaphora Resolution in Children and AdultsAnaphora Resolution in Children and Adults

Rather, anaphora resolution requires a model with multiple constraints in which
referential forms can show different degrees of sensitivity to several factors, as
captured in the Form-Specific Multiple-Constraints approach (Kaiser & Trueswell

Author: Maialen Iraola Azpiroz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783823369295


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Anaphora ProcessingAnaphora Processing

The proposed engine envisages the linguistic and semantic entities involved in
the cognitive process of anaphora resolution as represented in three layers : the
referential expressions layer , the projected layer of referential expression's ...

Author: António Branco

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027247773


Page: 449

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Anaphora processing is a central topic in the study of natural language and has long been the object of research in a wide range of disciplines. The correct interpretation of anaphora has also become increasingly important for real-world natural language processing applications, including machine translation, automatic abstracting, information extraction and question answering. This volume provides a unique overview of the processing of anaphora from a multi- and inter-disciplinary angle. It will be of interest and practical use to readers from fields as diverse as theoretical linguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, computer science, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, human language technology, psycholinguistics, cognitive science and translation studies. The readership includes but is not limited to university lecturers, researchers, postgraduate and senior undergraduate students.

Anaphora Resolution in Natural Language UnderstandingAnaphora Resolution in Natural Language Understanding

previous chapter , my overall strategy in implementing an approach to anaphora
resolution will be to take a small , well - defined subset of the problem and use it ...

Author: Kathleen L. Murphy


ISBN: WISC:89031850464


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Anaphora Resolution of Attributive and Referential Definite DescriptionAnaphora Resolution of Attributive and Referential Definite Description

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ Anaphora Resolution of Attributive
and Referential Definite Description A Dissertation submitted in partial
satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY ...

Author: Rachel Anne Georgette Mueller


ISBN: UCSC:32106008239953


Page: 284

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Anaphora Analysis Algorithms and ApplicationsAnaphora Analysis Algorithms and Applications

This book constitutes revised selected papers of the 6th Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium, DAARC 2007, held in Lagos, Portugal in March 2007.

Author: António Branco

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540714125


Page: 192

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This book constitutes revised selected papers of the 6th Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium, DAARC 2007, held in Lagos, Portugal in March 2007. The 13 revised full papers are organized in topical sections on human processing and performance, language analysis and representation, resolution methodology and algorithms, as well as computational systems and applications.

MICAI 2000 Advances in Artificial IntelligenceMICAI 2000 Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing systems require a suitable linguistic co-reference
resolution. Many works have been focused on pronominal or adjective anaphora
resolution in English and Spanish texts. However, few of them have been ...

Author: Osvaldo Cairo

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540673545


Page: 750

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, MICAI 2000, held in Acapulco, Mexico, in April 2000. The 60 revised full papers presented with six invited contributions were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 163 submissions from 17 countries. The book is divided into sections on knowledge representation and reasoning, robotics and computer vision, machine learning, neural networks, knowledge-based systems, speech recognition and natural language, multiagent systems, reasoning under uncertainty, and intelligent tutoring systems.

Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing VRecent Advances in Natural Language Processing V

The Influence of Pronominal Anaphora Resolution on Term-based
Summarisation CONSTANTIN ORASAN University of ... to this approach is that it
usually considers words in isolation, ignoring relations between them such as
anaphoric links.

Author: Nicolas Nicolov

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027290915


Page: 338

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This volume brings together revised versions of a selection of papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on “Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing” (RANLP) held in Borovets, Bulgaria, 27–29 September 2007. These papers cover a wide variety of Natural Language Processing (NLP) topics: ontologies, named entity extraction, translation and transliteration, morphology (derivational and inflectional), part-of-speech tagging, parsing (incremental processing, dependency parsing), semantic role labeling, word sense disambiguation, temporal representations, inference and metaphor, semantic similarity, coreference resolution, clustering (topic modeling, topic tracking), summarization, cross-lingual retrieval, lexical and syntactic resources, multi-modal processing. The aim of this volume is to present new results in NLP based on modern theories and methodologies, making it of interest to researchers in NLP and, more specifically, to those who work in Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, and Machine Translation.

Cognitive Aspects of Anaphora Judgment and ResolutionCognitive Aspects of Anaphora Judgment and Resolution

2 Experimental approaches to anaphora resolution . . . 5 . 2 . 1 Pronouns vs .
lexical NP ' s : Effects of definiteness 5 . 2 . 2 Sentence - level interpretive biases :
Verb - based effects . 5 . 2 . 3 Intersentential interpretive biases . . . . . . . . . . . 5 . 2 .

Author: Ronald H. Smyth

Publisher: National Library of Canada

ISBN: UOM:39015013394229


Page: 191

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Anaphora Resolution in Children and AdultsAnaphora Resolution in Children and Adults

This work focuses on the comprehension of null and overt subject pronouns in intrasentential anaphora contexts in Basque, a language which employs overt referential devices that fall out of the scope of what traditionally counts as third ...



ISBN: OCLC:1182640722



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This work focuses on the comprehension of null and overt subject pronouns in intrasentential anaphora contexts in Basque, a language which employs overt referential devices that fall out of the scope of what traditionally counts as third person pronouns, namely the demonstrative hura 'that' and the quasipronoun bera '(s)he (him/herself)'. Data from native adults obtained from two experimental offline tasks on the referential properties and the discourse features of null and overt pronouns set a baseline for comparison with a) the i nsights reported in descriptive grammars and with b) developmental data from 6-8-year-old child L1 and child L2. Dr. Maialen Iraola Azpiroz is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Kaiserslautern with a postdoctoral fellowship from the Basque Government.

Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Syntax Discourse Interface in Heritage GrammarsTheoretical and Experimental Aspects of Syntax Discourse Interface in Heritage Grammars

Anaphora resolution is a phenomenon that pertains to the syntax-discourse
interface and as such has been found to be problematic for different types of
language learners and bilinguals (Montrul, 2011). Since the objective of the
present study ...

Author: Tania Ivanova-Sullivan

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004246171


Page: 220

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InTheoretical and Experimental Aspects of Syntax-Discourse Interface in Heritage Grammars,Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan investigates comprehension and production of anaphoric dependencies in heritage Russian. She explains the representational and processing mechanisms behind the divergent behaviour of the experimental group.

Anaphora and Type Logical GrammarAnaphora and Type Logical Grammar

This book develops a hybrid architecture that allows to incorporate anaphora resolution into grammatical deduction while avoiding these consequences.

Author: Gerhard Jäger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402039058


Page: 290

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Type Logical Grammar is a framework that emerged from the synthesis of two traditions: Categorial Grammar from formal linguistics and substructural logics from logic. Grammatical composition is conceived as resource conscious logical deduction. Such a grammar is necessarily surface oriented and lexicalistic. The Curry-Howard correspondence supplies an elegant compositional mapping from syntax to semantics. Anaphora does not seem to fit well into this framework. In type logical deductions, each resource is used exactly once. Anaphora, however, is a phenomenon where semantic resources are used more than once. Generally admitting the multiple use of lexical resources is not possible because it would lead to empirical inadequacy and computational intractability. This book develops a hybrid architecture that allows to incorporate anaphora resolution into grammatical deduction while avoiding these consequences. To this end, the grammar logic is enriched with a connective that specifically deals with anaphora. After giving a self-contained introduction into Type Logical Grammar in general, the book discusses the formal properties of this connective. In the sequel, Jäger applies this machinery to numerous linguistic phenomena pertaining to the interaction of pronominal anaphora, VP ellipsis and quantification. In the final chapter, the framework is extended to indefiniteness, specificity and sluicing.

Association for Computational Linguistics 39th Annual Meeting and 10th Conference of the European ChapterAssociation for Computational Linguistics 39th Annual Meeting and 10th Conference of the European Chapter

John Benjamins Publishing Company alleviates a long - standing weakness in
the area of anaphora resolution : the inability to fairly and consistently compare
anaphora resolution algorithms due not only to the difference of evaluation data ...

Author: Association for Computational Linguistics. Meeting

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: IND:30000081177531


Page: 750

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Philosophers have long been fascinated by the connection between cause and effect: are causes things we can experience or are they concepts provided by our minds? The study of causation goes back to Aristotle, but resurged with David Hume and Immanuel Kant, and is now one of the most important topics in metaphysics. Most of the recent work done in this area has attempted to place causation in a deterministic, scientific worldview. But what about the unpredictable and chancey world we actually live in: can one theory of causation cover all instances of cause and effect?


The dynamics of syntax Anaphora , relative pronouns and crossover Ruth
Kempson and Wilfried Meyer - Viol King's ... What we shall argue is that general
concepts of tree growth , together with anaphora resolution as a process of term ...

Author: Horst J. Simon

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 902722773X


Page: 291

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The contributions of this thematic collection center around the typology of pronominal paradigms, the generation of syntactic and semantic representations for constructions containing pronouns, and the neurological underpinnings for linguistic distinctions that are relevant for the production and interpretation of these constructions. They come from different theoretical approaches and methodological backgrounds and take into account data from a wide range of Indoeuropean and non-Indoeuropean languages. Bringing together a cross-section of recent research on the grammar and representation of pronouns, the volume offers a kaleidoscope of studies united by the common topic of pronouns as a domain of language that exemplarily shows the interaction of different components responsible for computational (syntactic and semantic), lexical, and discourse-pragmatic processes.