American Religious History Belief and Society through Time 3 volumes American Religious History Belief and Society through Time 3 volumes

Preface, xxi Acknowledgments, xxiii Introduction, xxv Chronology, xxxvii Volume 1: Colonial Era to the Civil War Thematic Essays, 1 African Americans and Religion, Colonial Era to the Civil War, 3 The Bible in America, Colonial Era to ...

Author: Gary Scott Smith

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A mix of thematic essays, reference entries, and primary source documents covering the role of religion in American history and life from the colonial era to the present. Often controversial, religion has been an important force in shaping American culture. Religious convictions strongly influenced colonial and state governments as well as the United States as a new republic. Religious teachings, values, and practices deeply affected political structures and policies, economic ideology and practice, educational institutions and instruction, social norms and customs, marriage, and family life. By analyzing religion's interaction with American culture and prominent religious leaders and ideologies, this reference helps readers to better understand many fascinating, often controversial, religious leaders, ideas, events, and topics. The work is organized in three volumes devoted to particular periods. Volume one includes a chronology highlighting key events related to religion in American history and an introduction that overviews religion in America during the period covered by the volume, and roughly 10 essays that explore significant themes. These essays are followed by approximately 120 alphabetically arranged reference entries providing objective, fundamental information about topics related to religion in America. Each volume presents nearly 50 primary source documents, each introduced by a contextualizing headnote. A selected, general bibliography closes volume three. Timelines in each volume highlight key events in American religious history Some 30 essays survey broad themes central to American religious history Roughly 360 reference entries provide fundamental information about specific topics related to religion in American history Excerpts from around 150 primary source documents provide first-hand accounts of how religion has shaped American history Entry bibliographies and a selected, general, end-of-work bibliography direct users to additional information resources

America at WarAmerica at War

COMPENDIUM AMERICA AT WAR Spanning almost four centuries, :a af W< describes America's wartime history from colonial times to the 1990s. Extracted from Scribner's award-winning 3-volume Encyclopedia of the American Military, ...

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Presents America's wartime history from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf. Includes biographies of military personnel and information on treaties.

American Political Culture An Encyclopedia 3 volumes American Political Culture An Encyclopedia 3 volumes

2013. Reconstruction after the Civil War. 3rd ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Gallup. 2013. “Trust in Government.” .com/poll/5392/trust-government.aspx. Accessed April 29, 2014. Goel, R.J., and M. A. Nelson. 1998.

Author: Mark J. Rozell

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This all-encompassing encyclopedia provides a broad perspective on U.S. politics, culture, and society, but also goes beyond the facts to consider the myths, ideals, and values that help shape and define the nation. • Offers approximately 225 entries covering U.S. politics, culture, society, and beliefs • Includes an introductory overview of the forces that have shaped and continue to shape American political culture and a concluding essay that gathers key thematic threads and looks toward the future • Covers the myriad ways in which American political culture influences other aspects of American society • Examines how cultural symbols and beliefs are manipulated to advance political interests and establish government authority • Connects new issues such as social media and sexual politics with the political culture

Daily Life of U S Soldiers From the American Revolution to the Iraq War 3 volumes Daily Life of U S Soldiers From the American Revolution to the Iraq War 3 volumes

Charles Johnson Post, The Little War of Private Post (Boston: Little, Brown, 1960), 4–5; see also, Spencer Tucker, ed., Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and PhilippineAmerican Wars, 3 vol. (Santa Monica, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2009), vol.

Author: Christopher R. Mortenson

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This ground-breaking work explores the lives of average soldiers from the American Revolution through the 21st-century conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. • Provides readers with an understanding of the daily lives of soldiers in America's wars, greatly complementing more standard histories of battles and leaders • Offers a curated collection of primary sources for each conflict that illuminates the daily lives of US soldiers during wartime • Includes detailed bibliographies that offer many accessible sources needed by students and researchers looking to further explore the topics • Provides a comprehensive chronology for each conflict that helps readers to place it within the proper historical context • Spans nearly 250 years of national history from the American Revolution to the Afghanistan War

History of the Civil War in America book 1 The American Army book 2 Secession book 3 The first conflict book 4 The first autumn book 5 The first winterHistory of the Civil War in America book 1 The American Army book 2 Secession book 3 The first conflict book 4 The first autumn book 5 The first winter

These are , " The Pictorial History of the Civil War , " by Mr. Lossing ; “ The American Civil War , " three volumes ; “ Life of General Grant , ” by his former aide - de - camp , General Badeau , of which only the first volume has ...

Author: Louis-Philippe-Albert d'Orléans comte de Paris


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American HeritageAmerican Heritage

SUBJECT AND AUTHOR INDEX · VOLS . III AND IV · AMERICAN HERITAGE Compiled by Howard H . PECKHAM ( Editor ' s Note : No attempt has been made to index every name and place mentioned in the articles which are covered in Volumes III and IV ...



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War and Religion An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict 3 volumes War and Religion An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict 3 volumes

Frederick II and the Papacy, Conflict of French and Indian War, Religious Dimensions of French Wars of Religion Gaza ... Wars Maccabean Revolt Mad Mullah, Wars of the Mahdist Revolution in Sudan Mau Mau Rebellion Mexican-American War, ...

Author: Jeffrey M. Shaw Ph.D.

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This three-volume reference provides a complete guide for readers investigating the crucial interplay between war and religion from ancient times until today, enabling a deeper understanding of the role of religious wars across cultures. • Enables readers to explore the ongoing and important relationship between war and religion across history through coverage of the wars themselves; the important leaders, battles, and campaigns; and the treaties that resulted from these wars • Directs readers to further reading material and supplies a comprehensive bibliography that guides further inquiry into the topic of war and religion • Supplies primary source documents that include letters written by participants of the Crusades, proclamations and declarations from the Protestant Reformation, and UN documents related to war and religion

The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting World War I World War II the European TheaterThe Greenwood Library of American War Reporting World War I World War II the European Theater

THE GREEIVWOOD LIBRARY OF AMERICAN WAD REPORTING Volume 1 : The French and Indian War; The Revolutionary War (David A. ... The Mexican-American War (David A. Copeland and Carol Sue Humphrey; Ralph Frasca) Volume 3: The Civil War North; ...

Author: Ross F. Collins

Publisher: Greenwood

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Violent, destructive, and murderous like nothing before or since, the world wars mobilized entire societies to support the war effort. Propaganda, censorship, security demands, and military control of press credentialing pressured the media in new and novel ways. Blacks and women became war correspondents in numbers for the first time, while live radio broadcasts and combat film and photography enabled newsmen to report the heroism, tragedy and violence of war in new, more visceral, ways.

A Kids Guide to American Wars Volume 1A Kids Guide to American Wars Volume 1

during the Revolutionary War'3 George Washington was born in Virginia, and served in the military during the French and Indian War. He had the reputation of being a man who was loyal to his country and not to himself.

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This bundle book is a compilation of three of KidCaps top selling history books; it is the first in a three-part volume. The first volume presents the following wars in an easy to understand format that kids love: *The American Revolution *The Boston Tea Party *The Civil War

Collections State Historical Society of WisconsinCollections State Historical Society of Wisconsin

... 13 volumes , complete , 1866–70 ; Transactions of the American Association for the Advancement of Science , 2 additional volumes ... 10 volumes ; Atlantic Monthly , 20 volumes ; History of the Revolutionary War , 3 volumes ...

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