Aftermath of Art JewelleryAftermath of Art Jewellery

AFTERMATH of art jewellery discusses perspectives on contemporary art jewellery. Numerous artists have

Author: André Gali

Publisher: Arnoldsche

ISBN: 3897903792


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AFTERMATH of art jewellery discusses perspectives on contemporary art jewellery. Numerous artists have been successfully active in this field over the past five decades. Art jewellery has established itself as an independent form of artistic expression.

In the Aftermath of ArtIn the Aftermath of Art

that evidence is assumed to be homologous to that which may be evinced from that people's other arts – in particular its ... architecture) and minor arts (book illumination, luxury domestic and ceremonial objects, jewellery, and so on).

Author: Donald Preziosi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134231874


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By juxtaposing issues and problems, Donald Preziosi's latest collection of essays, In the Aftermath of Art, opens up multiple interpretive possibilities by bringing to the surface hidden resonances in the implications of each text. In re-reading his own writings, Preziosi opens up alternatives to contemporary discourses on art history and visual culture. A critical commentary by critic, historian, and theorist Johanne Lamoureux complements the author's own introduction, mirroring the multiple interpretations within the essays themselves.

The Law and Practice of Fine Art Jewellery and Specie InsuranceThe Law and Practice of Fine Art Jewellery and Specie Insurance

Media management plays a crucial role in the aftermath of a theft. Just as with crisis management insurance, insurers may consider that it is an essential part of the claims handling process to talk to the media and ensure that ...

Author: David Scully

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781800373440


Page: 384

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This comprehensive book will be essential reading for all those involved with fine art, jewellery and specie insurance. David Scully analyses the history, structure and dynamics of the global marketplace for this type of insurance, illustrating key points with real life examples to provide a practical guide to the business.

The Berg Companion to FashionThe Berg Companion to Fashion

The newly acquired wealth of the middle class enabled travel, and souvenir jewelry was invented soon after, such as pietra dura work from Florence, ... that are reminiscent of such art movements as Cubism, de Stijl and Futurism.

Author: Valerie Steele

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474264709


Page: 800

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- An essential reference for students, curators and scholars of fashion, cultural studies, and the expanding range of disciplines that see fashion as imbued with meaning far beyond the material. - Over 300 in-depth entries covering designers, articles of clothing, key concepts and styles. - Edited and introduced by Valerie Steele, a scholar who has revolutionized the study of fashion, and who has been described by The Washington Post as one of "fashion's brainiest women." Derided by some as frivolous, even dangerous, and celebrated by others as art, fashion is anything but a neutral topic. Behind the hype and the glamour is an industry that affects all cultures of the world. A potent force in the global economy, fashion is also highly influential in everyday lives, even amongst those who may feel impervious. This handy volume is a one-stop reference for anyone interested in fashion - its meaning, history and theory. From Avedon to Codpiece, Dandyism to the G-String, Japanese Fashion to Subcultures, Trickle down to Zoot Suit, The Berg Companion to Fashion provides a comprehensive overview of this most fascinating of topics and will serve as the benchmark guide to the subject for many years to come.


general art studies . The actual purpose of the residency was to train the artist himself . And it worked . Although Kubicek experienced ... Here he gave free lessons in art , applied art , and fabric , furniture and jewellery design .

Author: Harald Jähner

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 9780593319741


Page: 416

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How does a nation recover from fascism and turn toward a free society once more? This internationally acclaimed revelatory history—"filled with first-person accounts from articles and diaries" (The New York Times)—of the transformational decade that followed World War II illustrates how Germany raised itself out of the ashes of defeat and reckoned with the corruption of its soul and the horrors of the Holocaust. Featuring over 40 eye-opening black-and-white photographs and posters from the period. The years 1945 to 1955 were a raw, wild decade that found many Germans politically, economically, and morally bankrupt. Victorious Allied forces occupied the four zones that make up present-day Germany. More than half the population was displaced; 10 million newly released forced laborers and several million prisoners of war returned to an uncertain existence. Cities lay in ruins—no mail, no trains, no traffic—with bodies yet to be found beneath the towering rubble. Aftermath received wide acclaim and spent forty-eight weeks on the best-seller list in Germany when it was published there in 2019. It is the first history of Germany's national mentality in the immediate postwar years. Using major global political developments as a backdrop, Harald Jähner weaves a series of life stories into a nuanced panorama of a nation undergoing monumental change. Poised between two eras, this decade is portrayed by Jähner as a period that proved decisive for Germany's future—and one starkly different from how most of us imagine it today.

Cosmic DebrisCosmic Debris

The Norwegian jewelry artist Reinhold Ziegler presents a successful reinterpretation of the concept of jewelry with his objects, providing an impressive continuation of the discussion started in Aftermath of Art Jewelry about the status and ...

Author: Halvor Nordby

Publisher: Arnoldsche

ISBN: 3897904055


Page: 80

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In his work, Reinhold Ziegler (born in 1965) explores the meaning of jewellery. Through the reduction of visual forms of expression, his works go beyond the purely decorative. His jewellery is not intended to reflect the individual personality of the wearer, but to link the individual with the universal. Gravity was the theme of an earlier series of works, the universal and all-embracing natural force that exists independently of the will of an individual. His current works are inspired by meteorites; originating in deep space, beyond the realm of human experience, they hold a fascination, capture the imagination and lend themselves to reflections about nearness and distance. Ziegler uses these heavenly bodies to express ideas about jewellery worn on the body, as a means to reflect light and distance. In Cosmic Debris,Halvor Nordby analyses the meaning behind Ziegler's meteorite works, focusing on creative influences and interpretation. In an interesting dialogue with the artist, Andre Gali touches on the artistic journey towards finding meaning and expression and the forces that inspire these.

Ethnic Jewellery from IndonesiaEthnic Jewellery from Indonesia

Crescent Moon: Islamic Art and Civilization in SoutheastAsia. Canberra: National Gallery of Australia, 2006. Bernet Kembars, A.J. “The Kettledrums of Southeast Asia: A Bronze Age World and its Aftermath”, In Modern Quarternary Research ...

Author: Bruce W. Carpenter

Publisher: Editions Didier Millet

ISBN: 9789814260688


Page: 327

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Ethnic Jewellery from Indonesia: Continuity, Creativity and Evolution is a compelling introduction to the little known visual power and beauty of the body adornments used by the myriad peoples of Indonesia's outer islands, including Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumba and Maluku. Illustrated with more than 500 rare pieces that have been accumulated since the 1970s by collector Manfred Giehmann, the book explores the depth and breadth of an ancient and magnificent tradition, revealing the fruits of careful documentation that has taken place over a period of decades. It will provide information on the origin, meaning and purpose of the jewellery items, as well as unique insights into the people who crafted and wore the jewellery for ritual or ceremonial functions. Ethnic Jewellery: Continuity, Creativity and Evolution is a definitive work on the subject and a testimony to the greatness of a fast-disappearing Indonesian tradition.

Encyclopedia of Clothing and FashionEncyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion

Author: Valerie Steele

Publisher: Charles Scribners Sons/Reference

ISBN: UOM:49015003008092


Page: 498

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"Steele, director of the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, has crafted, with the help of 325 contributors, an authoritative introduction to fashion, the industry, and the issues that hve defined the field. Some 640 articles describe the colorful facets of couture and textiles, from fabrics of chintz, corduroy, and feathers to such garb as aprons, bikinis, and prison dress. There are color plates and nearly 600 black-and-white illustrations. Back matter includes a comprehensive index, a timeline, and a topical outline."--"Reference that rocks," American Libraries, May 2005.

Women Performance and the Material of MemoryWomen Performance and the Material of Memory

Art and celebrity in the age of Reynolds and Siddons. University Park: Penn State ... A cultural history of gem stones and jewellery. New Haven: Yale University Press. ———. ... In the aftermath of art: Ethics, aesthetics, politics.

Author: Laura Engel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137589323


Page: 169

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This book proposes that the performance of archival research is related to the experience of tourism, where an individual immerses herself in a foreign environment, relating to and analyzing visual and sensory materials through embodiment and enactment. Each chapter highlights a particular set of tangible objects including: pocket diaries, portraits, drawings, magic lanterns, silhouettes, waxworks, and photographs in relation to actresses, authors, and artists such as: Elizabeth Inchbald, Sally Siddons, Marguerite Gardiner the Countess of Blessington, Isabella Beetham, Jane Read, Madame Tussaud, and Amelia M. Watson. Ultimately, operating as an archival tourist in my analyses, I offer strategies for thinking about the presence of women artists in the archives through methodologies that seek to connect materials from the past with our representations of them in the present.