Adoption and LossAdoption and Loss

In what ways are families with adopted children different from other families? This book by Evelyn Robinson provides the answers to these questions and many others.'Adoption and Loss - The Hidden Grief' was first published in 2000.

Author: Evelyn Robinson

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ISBN: 1729816886


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Evelyn Robinson, OAM, has written four books about adoption separation and reunion. This is her first book. What becomes of women who are separated from their children by adoption? Why do so many adopted people feel such a strong desire to seek out their families of origin? In what ways are families with adopted children different from other families? This book by Evelyn Robinson provides the answers to these questions and many others.'Adoption and Loss - The Hidden Grief' was first published in 2000. A revised edition was published in 2003 and the 21st Century edition was published in 2018.

Adoption in the Digital AgeAdoption in the Digital Age

Retrieved from
Robinson, E. (2000). Adoption and Loss—The Hidden Grief. South Australia:
Clova Publications. Robinson, E. (2001). Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief.
Origins ...

Author: Julie Samuels

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319704135


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Adoption in the Digital Age explores the transformation of adoption due to social and digital media technologies. The most prolific of these changes can be seen within contact arrangements, particularly those that are not managed by an intermediary, between adopted minors and their biological kin. Within this shift, it becomes clear that this often-breached contact arrangement lends itself towards discussions about further openness within adoption. At the same time these technologies continue to document the way adopted individuals and their biological kin feel about themselves and each other. It is for these reasons that the Internet remains both a promise and threat. Samuels explores this in detail, highlighting that what it means to be adopted continues to evolve in the context of networked media cultures. Combining both theoretical discussions with the human experience of adoption, Adoption in the Digital Age will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, social work and cultural studies, as well as practitioners working with adoptive families and other members of the adoption triad connected and disconnected by adoption.

Counting Our LossesCounting Our Losses

Adoption and the family system. New York: Guilford Press. Robinson, E. (2001).
Adoption and loss—the hidden grief. Presented in Toronto at the ASK ...about
reunion and the Canadian Council of Birthmothers. Retrieved September 22,
2009 ...

Author: Darcy L. Harris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135280727


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This text is a valuable resource for clinicians who work with clients dealing with non-death, nonfinite, and ambiguous losses in their lives. It explores adjustment to change, transition, and loss from the perspective of the latest thinking in bereavement theory and research. The specific and unique aspects of different types of loss are discussed, such as infertility, aging, chronic illnesses and degenerative conditions, divorce and separation, immigration, adoption, loss of beliefs, and loss of employment. Harris and the contributing authors consider these from an experiential perspective, rather than a developmental one, in order to focus on the key elements of each loss as it may be experienced at any point in the lifespan. Concepts related to adaptation and coping with loss, such as resilience, hardiness, meaning making and the assumptive world, transcendence, and post traumatic growth are considered as part of the integration of loss into everyday life experience.

International Advances in Adoption Research for PracticeInternational Advances in Adoption Research for Practice

Howe, D., Sawbridge, P. and Hinings, D. (1992) Half a Million Women: Mothers
Who Lose Their Children by Adoption, The Post Adoption ... Robinson, E. (2000)
Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief, Clova Publications, New South Wales.

Author: Gretchen Miller Wrobel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470998175


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This is a unique compilation of cross-cultural and international attitudes towards adoption research and outcomes. Whilst informal adoption of children has probably always existed across all human societies, this work is timely in that interest in the role of legal adoption as both a child welfare solution and as a means of alternative family formation for adults wanting to become parents has never been higher. This book is an edited collection of 13 papers based on invited keynote presentations or paper symposia presentations given at the Second International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR2) 2006. It gives a unique Cross-cultural look at adoption from worldwide, multidisciplinary community of distinguished and emerging adoption researchers. International appeal, with different countries laws, attitudes and outcomes fully explored

After AdoptionAfter Adoption

Peller, L. (1961) 'About telling the child of his adoption', Bulletin of the
Philadelphia Associationfor Psychoanalysis, 11: ... Robinson, E. (2000) Adoption
and Loss – the Hidden Grief, Christies Beach, Southern Australia: Clova

Author: Janette Logan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135260699


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Few children nowadays are placed for adoption with no form of contact planned with birth relatives and it has become common professional practice to advocate direct rather than indirect contact. Practice has outstripped evidence in this respect and not enough is known about how contact arrangements actually work out, particularly for older children adopted from state care. Such children have often experienced neglect, and sometimes abuse, and have frequently been adopted without parental agreement. Based on research with a large number of adoptive parents, children and birth relatives, After Adoption considers the impact of direct post-adoption contact on all concerned in such cases. It also: · discusses the development of adoption policy and law, particularly with regard to the legal and social consequences · reviews the research evidence on adopted children's contact with their birth families · explores through interviews: participants' feelings about adoption and direct contact; their relationships with each other; what hinders and what helps. After Adoption challenges readers to re-think the relationship between adoption and the possibility of direct post-adoption contact and at the same time provides a comprehensive understanding of adoption issues. It is a timely and valuable addition to the literature on adoption, making a substantial contribution to policy and practice.


Adoption and Loss : The Hidden Grief . Christies Beach , Australia : Clova
Publications , 2000 ; Smith , Susan . “ Safeguarding the Rights and Well - being
of Birthparents in the Adoption Process . ” Evan B . Donaldson Adoption Institute .
http ...

Author: Kimberly P. Brackett

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 031334096X


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Everyone is part of a family, but what constitutes a family is one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States today. Battleground: The Family provides extensive coverage of those critical issues in U.S. culture concerning current and future family life, such as dating, marriage, parenting, work and family, abuse, and divorce. The scholarly contributors to this set provide unbiased coverage on these often incendiary topics, allowing students to assess the role of these controversies in their own lives. Entries thoroughly introduce the topic of concern, describe the problem as it currently exists, provide context for the controversies surrounding it, synthesize the current knowledge on the topic, and guide the reader to additional areas for consideration. Battleground: The Family serves as a starting point for those advanced high school and beginning undergraduate students who wish to pursue a more detailed study of family controversies and cultural concerns for classroom assignments. Non-specialist readers will also find this a useful resource in critically assessing current trends and conflicts in constituent groups' conceptions of family. - Publisher.


VIEWPOINT “ We must stop using the permanent practice of adoption to solve
what are often temporary problems . ... She is the author of Adoption and Loss :
The Hidden Grief , in which she reflects upon her experiences as an adolescent ...

Author: Roman Espejo

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 0737707895


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Experts debate the issues surrounding adoption, including discussions on family preservation, a child's identity, and adoption rights and policies.

The FamilyThe Family

She is the author of Adoption and Loss : The Hidden Grief , the source of the
following viewpoint . As you read , consider the following questions : 1. What “
humane alternative ” to adoption was enacted by the New Zealand government
in 2000 ...

Author: Auriana Ojeda

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 0737712279


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Offers opposing viewpoints on a variety of family issues, including the decline of the traditional family, the necessity of marriage, gay and lesbian adoption, day care, and same-sex marriage.

Unrecognized and Unsanctioned GriefUnrecognized and Unsanctioned Grief

THE ADOPTION Joan , a 40 - year - old , single executive , sought therapy for
recurrent episodes of serious depression and frequent job changes ... The grief
over the loss of a child by secret adoption or abortion is often hidden and
repressed .

Author: Vanderlyn R. Pine

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015019563090


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Motherhood SilencedMotherhood Silenced

Robinson , E. ( 2000 ) Adoption and Loss , The Hidden Grief , New South Wales :
Clova Publication . Robson , C. ( 1993 ) Real World Research – A Resource for
Social Scientists and Practitioners and Researchers , Oxford : Blackwell .

Author: Ruth J. A. Kelly


ISBN: UOM:39015066731863


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This book examines the experiences of a group of mothers who have had a reunion with their child who had been placed for adoption.

Issues in AdoptionIssues in Adoption

Washington , DC : National Council for Adoption , 1999 . Bruce M. Rappaport .
The Open Adoption Book : A Guide for Adoption Without Tears . New York :
Hungry Minds , 1998 . Evelyn Burns Robinson Adoption and Loss : The Hidden
Grief .

Author: William Dudley

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000055890991


Page: 208

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Presents a series of articles on adoption, examining the issue from a variety of diverse viewpoints.

On the Other Side of ShameOn the Other Side of Shame

A Road Called Adoption ( Angel Publishers , 1996 ) . Burns , Evelyn . Adoption
and Loss : The Hidden Grief ( Clova Publications , 2003 ) . Kirk , David . Shared
Fate : A Theory and Method of Adoptive Relationships ( Ben - Simon Publications

Author: Joanne Jowell


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132807434


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This is the story about the power of shame and the strength of forgiveness, a story which crosses borders and generations. It examines the intricacies of the Langman/Egnal adoption and reunion saga through the eyes of the people most deeply affected, centred around the unusual circumstances which make this an extraordinary story.

Journeys After AdoptionJourneys After Adoption

12 Revisiting the Secret : Triggering Feelings of Loss , Shame , and Guilt As
demonstrated , a birthmother may be stuck in one aspect of her grief , or she may
cycle between the stages throughout her life in an ongoing , nonlinear process of

Author: Jayne E. Schooler

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:39015055834751


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What can we learn about the experience of adoption from those who have taken that journey? How can those touched by adoption navigate successfully through the issues of search, reunion, and aftermath? Will those answers have a positive impact on adoption today? Drawing upon the experiences of dozens of triad members--adopted persons, birth parents, and adoptive parents--the authors offer insight into the concerns, issues, joys, and pain experienced by those who lives are framed by adoption. The book explores such questions as: -How do I make the decision to search for my parents? -How do I prepare emotionally? -What are my adoptive parents feeling and thinking? -What if I am rejected, encounter death, or reach a dead end? -How do I develop a relationship with siblings I've never known? The authors deal sensitively with these and many other issues. Attention is also given to the needs and concerns of adoptive parents as their children grow into adults. Practical advice helps prepare triad members to deal emotionally and psychologically with the process of search and reunion.


Framing the Birthparent Experience in Open Adoption James L. Gritter. Chapter 7
The Distinctive Grief of Open Adoption Birthparents I hat adoption holds many
losses for birthparents is hardly a secret , yet few of birthparents are prepared for

Author: James L. Gritter

Publisher: Child Welfare League of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015063177938


Page: 235

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No one seems sure what to make of birthparents. Most of the time, birthparents are simply discounted; the adoption system is pleased when they fade into the woodwork. We seldom afford birthparents an influential or enduring place in the adoption process. In Lifegivers: Framing the Birthparent Experience in Open Adoption, open adoption practitioner James Gritter examines all the ways in which birthparents are marginalized. He provides a glimpse of the birthparents' emotional roller coaster ride as they struggle with grief, ambivalence, and regret. Most importantly, he makes the persuasive case that if the institution of adoption exists to benefit children, then adopted children are best served when birthparents and adoptive parents work together to ensure that the birthparents remain a part of their children's lives. Gritter challenges us to treat everyone involved in the adoption process -- birthparents, adoptive families, and, above all, the children -- with honor and respect.

Disenfranchised GriefDisenfranchised Grief

... 205 death statistics , 200 disenfranchised grief in , 206 - 212 family metaphors
in , 202 - 203 hidden grief in , 204 - 205 as ... adoption. ,. 270. Parents of
adolescents , 281 beliefs about loss in youth , 281 - 282 dysfunctional , 398
incarceration ...

Author: Kenneth J. Doka

Publisher: Research PressPub

ISBN: UOM:39015051439266


Page: 451

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This book focuses on the kind of grief that is not openly acknowledged, socially validated, or publicly mourned. It addresses the unique psychological, biological, and sociological issues involved in disenfranchised grief. The contributing authors explore the concept of disenfranchised grief, help define and explain this type of grief, and offer clinical interventions to help grievers express their hidden sorrow.

Saying Goodbye to a Baby A counselor s guide to birthparent loss and grief in adoptionSaying Goodbye to a Baby A counselor s guide to birthparent loss and grief in adoption

In fact , the secrecy prevents the grief process and makes living with the decision
harder because there are so many ... Agencies , however , now use open
adoption as an attractive option to birthparents . This too ... In spite of these shifts ,
it is not an easy task for birthparents to come out of the closet and disclose their
secret .

Author: Patricia Roles

Publisher: Child Welfare League of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015018946601


Page: 34

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This manual for the professional gives guidelines and practical information on how counselors can help birthparent clients who choose the adoption option -- before, during, and after the decision. It also looks at how counselors can work with and influence the larger adoption system.

Adoption and RecoveryAdoption and Recovery

Evelyn has written this book in the hope of supporting and enlightening those people. 'Adoption and Recovery - Solving the mystery of reunion' is the first book to explain the dynamics of the reunion experience within a grief framework.

Author: Evelyn Robinson Oam

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1729855377


Page: 290

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Evelyn Robinson, OAM has written four books about adoption separation and reunion. 'Adoption and Recovery - Solving the mystery of reunion' is her second book. After publishing 'Adoption and Loss - The Hidden Grief', Evelyn was contacted by many who had read and been deeply affected by it. Evelyn subsequently travelled within Australia and in New Zealand, the United States, Canada, England, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Romania and South Korea presenting seminars and conference papers and meeting those who had a personal experience of adoption, as well as therapists working in post-adoption counselling. Evelyn became aware, from all of those interactions, that many were struggling to understand what drove those who had been separated from family members by adoption to seek them out later in life and by the issues which arose when reunions occurred. Evelyn has written this book in the hope of supporting and enlightening those people. 'Adoption and Recovery - Solving the mystery of reunion' is the first book to explain the dynamics of the reunion experience within a grief framework. The book was published in 2004 and updated in 2018.

Saying Goodbye to a Baby The birthparent s guide to loss and grief in adoptionSaying Goodbye to a Baby The birthparent s guide to loss and grief in adoption

mate , it will be hard for birthparents to see their loss as legitimate , and recognize
their right to grieve . The birthparents need to feel ... Loss in adoption is a private
and often secret affair . This means that social support for ... Loss and Grief 19.

Author: Patricia Roles

Publisher: Child Welfare League of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015018946593


Page: 92

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This moving book deals with birthparent grief at many different stages. Contents include the original adoption decision, living with the decision, the adoption triangle, searching and reunions, guilt and anger when looking back, and when to get counseling. Written for birthparents by someone who has been there.

How to Survive the Loss of a ChildHow to Survive the Loss of a Child

Unlike miscarriage , abortion is usually kept secret and carries with it a sense of
guilt and shame . Society gives those who go through an induced abortion no
liberty to acknowledge grief or loss . Needless to say , society at large rarely ...
Mothers Who Relinquish Children to Adoption . Often the loss of the birth mother
is ...

Author: Catherine M. Sanders

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

ISBN: 1559584440


Page: 256

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The author, herself a bereaved parent, has written a compassionate book to help grieving parents understand the five stages of grief and realize they are not alone.