A Weed Is a FlowerA Weed Is a Flower

Discover how George Washington Carver went from a slave to an innovator of agricultural science in this luminously illustrated picture book.

Author: Aliki

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0671661183


Page: 32

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Brief text and pictures present the life of the man, born a slave, who became a scientist and devoted his entire life to helping the South improve its agriculture.

A Weed by Any Other NameA Weed by Any Other Name

In A Weed by Any Other Name, Gift offers a personal, unapologetic defense of clovers, dandelions, plantains, and more, chronicling her experience with these "enemy" plants season by season.

Author: Nancy Gift

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807085529


Page: 220

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Is that a weed? This question, asked by anyone who has ever gardened or mowed a lawn, does not have an easy answer. After all, a weed, as suburban mother and professional weed scientist Nancy Gift reminds readers, is simply a plant out of place. In A Weed by Any Other Name, Gift offers a personal, unapologetic defense of clovers, dandelions, plantains, and more, chronicling her experience with these "enemy" plants season by season. Rather than falling prey to pressures to achieve the perfect lawn and garden, Gift elucidates the many reasons to embrace an unconventional, weedy yard. She celebrates the spots of wildness that crop up in various corners of suburbia, redeeming many a plant's reputation by expounding on its positive qualities. She includes recipes for dandelion wine and garlic mustard pesto as well as sketches that show the natural beauty of flowers such as the morning glory, classified by the USDA as an invasive and noxious weed. Although she is an advocate of weeds, Gift admits that some plants do require eradication-she happily digs out multiflora rose and resorts to chemical warfare on poison ivy. But she also demonstrates that weeds often carry a message for us about the land and our treatment of it, if we are willing to listen.

Bougie Bitch PoetryBougie Bitch Poetry

Discovered why flowers envy weeds Flowers need tending to and are limited by their species Along comes the weeds, ... and rapidly growing Growing and towering over the flower; frustrated by its beauty and inability to outgrow the weed, ...

Author: Laura Wize

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781387650460


Page: 120

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Bougie Bitch Poetry: Poems for the misunderstood and chronically underestimated woman. How do you form self-identity when it’s already been assigned to you? Society proclaims, "you can't judge a book by its cover", but often does. Day after day, women are judged and prejudiced based on uninformed assumptions. Women everywhere, particularly black women are caged inside unfair perceptions and locked into societal standards and expectations forced upon them. Growing up in a “hood adjacent” suburb under the guise of the Pentecostal church where gender roles and rules of engagement are staunchly defined, Laura Wize learned early that she wasn’t quite square enough to fit inside the boxes constructed for her. From then and even until now, in her mid-thirties, she knows what it means to be misunderstood and chronically underestimated. “Who does this bougie bitch think she is sitting there distinguishably dressed, sipping lattes, and existing without visible pain?” Well, if rejecting societal norms, being authentic, and setting boundaries justify identifying a woman as a “Bougie Bitch”, Laura Wize proudly accepts, proclaims, and reclaims it. With powerful words, concepts, and perspectives, the author throws the preassigned identity of “Bougie Bitch” back in society’s face by weaving thought-provoking poetry with constructive commentary. Who does she think she is? She’s just a “Bougie Bitch” trying to live and something about that bothers some people. Can she live? Can we all live?

A Weed is a Flower Without a NameA Weed is a Flower Without a Name

This poetry book is meant to be read to a child, at the age where the backyard is lava, the flower beds are islands, and Wiffle ball bats are oars.

Author: Carolyn Perricelli


ISBN: 9798676001209


Page: 38

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When expression is difficult, we may find ourselves using a few necessary words, and I have found children may more easily express their discoveries about themselves and the world around them than we can. They dream more than what they see, and although they want to learn by asking "why?" and "how?" they have greater answers to their own mysteries than we can surmise. This poetry book is meant to be read to a child, at the age where the backyard is lava, the flower beds are islands, and Wiffle ball bats are oars. This is an exploration of how the mundane is not as literal as we perceive it to be, and how easily it is to create a gift out of wonder.

Fundamentals of Weed ScienceFundamentals of Weed Science

In the beginning, there were no weeds. If one impartially examines the composition of natural plant communities or the morphology of weed flowers, one can find beauty and great aesthetic appeal. The flowers of wild onion, poison hemlock ...

Author: Robert L Zimdahl

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080549859


Page: 688

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This book addresses herbicides and their use as an important aspect of modern weed management, and strives to place them in an ecological framework. Many weed scientists believe agriculture is a continuing struggle with weeds - without good weed control, good and profitable agriculture is impossible. Each agricultural discipline sees itself as central to agriculture's success and continued progress, and weed science is no exception. While not denying the importance of weed management to successful agriculture, this book places it in a larger ecological context. The roles of culture, economics, and politics in weed management are also discussed, enabling scientists and students to understand the larger effects on society. NEW TO THIS EDITION: Information on New herbicides included, along with the old herbicides that are important for understanding the history New section on weed resistance to herbicides and genetic engineering New information on invasive plants Expanded chapters on Biological Control, Pesticide Legislation and Regulation, Weed Management Systems, and more

An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New ZealandAn Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand

The text has been updated to accommodate changes to the legislation governing pest plants.

Author: Ian Popay


ISBN: 0473162857


Page: 416

View: 326

Aimed at a wide audience, with colour photographs and simple text, this popular and indispensable guide to the identification of weeds in New Zealand is now in its third edition. The 2010 edition is bigger and better, with just over 600 species and more than 1500 stunning new photographs which provide an excellent aid to identification. Species are listed in four groups : Plants with spores -- Plants with cones -- plants with flowers - Dicotyledons and -- Plants with flowers - Monocotyledons. the authors remind us that "The definition of a weed as a plant growing in the wrong place means that one person's weed is another's treasure". Their intention was to include all common weeds, including garden escapes, introduced plants, and some plants which may be useful pasture components but which can be a nuisance in the garden or in horticultural crops. Native species which are major weed problems of pastoral land in some regions are listed, and other native species are listed due to their similarity of appearance to a weed in order to avoid misidentification. each plant receives a general introduction, and is then described in detail; the usefulness or toxicity of the plant is also addressed and derivation of botanical names is given. Plants are listed by both botanical and common names, and indexes enable easy searching, but for those unfamiliar with a plant there is a section to help identify a plant from information about flower colour and size, the kind of plant it is and where it occurs. The text has been updated to accommodate changes to the legislation governing pest plants.

Miss Daisy Weed s Flower PowerMiss Daisy Weed s Flower Power

Daisy was so happy : she would always be with her wonderful friend who she still thought of as Miss Daisy Weed , even thou she realized , they were two flower fairies : it seemed to Daisy such a long time ago , since Miss Daisy Weed was ...

Author: Charlotte Godkin

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN: 9781645367550


Page: 156

View: 756

Two daisy flower fairies fly through the clouds clutching their new wand and wishing fairy Snowbell had given them a manual. As they appear to be descending to Earth at tremendous speed, a black hole suddenly appears. The fairies set out on a mission that introduces them to many animals, all with their own breathtaking stories and endearing ways. Miss Daisy Weeds have come a long way, not just in distance, but in knowledge, bringing out their most caring and humorous side. Their petals fold over their ears as Snowbell once again misses the correct note. Two wizards fly above, promising to be good as angels if only Snowbell will find her voice and two Miss Daisy Weeds, now as flower fairies, giggle at the sight of a rabbit dance... And one, two, three…