A Drummer s PerspectiveA Drummer s Perspective

A Drummer's Perspective is a stunning collection of live action photos celebrating the world of drumming.

Author: David Phillips


ISBN: 0956733409


Page: 157

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A Drummer's Perspective is a stunning collection of live action photos celebrating the world of drumming. It is a unique book by author David Phillips, who has had rare access on stage and behind the scenes to many of the biggest bands in the world. It includes some of the finest unseen photographs of over hundred legendary drummers.

Secrets of RecordingSecrets of Recording

When most people think of drums and they hear drums on a recording, the
majority of the time the bulk of the drums consists of the kick and snare. ... With
drummer's perspective, the drums are panned as if the listener were the drummer

Author: Lorne Bregitzer

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780240811277


Page: 217

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Packed with all the studio tips and tricks you'll need it's easier than ever to create pro-quality music at home -- book jacket.

The Art of Digital Audio RecordingThe Art of Digital Audio Recording

In a traditional band recording, the first element mixers consider is often the
drums—and the first element from the ... Drum panning can adhere to either the
drummer's perspective or the audience's perspective and either is acceptable as
long ...

Author: Steve Savage

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199910502


Page: 288

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Making great audio recordings requires striking the right balance between technical know-how and practical understanding of recording sessions. Even in the digital age, some of the most important aspects of creating and recording music are non-technical and, as a result, are often overlooked by traditional recording manuals. The Art of Digital Audio Recording teaches readers what they really need to know in order to make great sound recordings with computers - both the practical and the technical information, including: ? What to look and listen for in a recording environment ? Straightforward advice on recording almost any instrument ? Essentials of digital audio workstations ? Essentials of recording gear: microphones, mixers, and speakers ? Fundamentals of understanding and applying EQ, compression, delay, and reverb ? Secrets to running creative recording sessions ? Practical application of digital editing, mixing, and mastering A special section identifies solutions to the most common challenges in the recording studio, and the book also features an addendum with essential tips and reference information including: ? How to walk into a commercial studio and be the engineer ? Researching and buying gear: Internet vs. brick and mortar ? Digital formats: A handy reference As a whole, The Art of Digital Audio Recording is an essential resource that gives recordists the tools they need to let technical understanding serve greater musical goals.

The Drummer s Studio Survival GuideThe Drummer s Studio Survival Guide

A word about panning : You can set up the left / right perspective from either the
drummer's or the audience's point of view . That is , either the small tom ... I prefer
the drummer's perspective , but it's your call . ) Put up the tom tracks , panned ...

Author: Mark H. Parsons

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 0793572223


Page: 94

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The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide is an updated and expanded version of author Mark Parson's informative 13-part "In the Studio" series from Modern Drummer magazine. Topics include preparing one's drums for recording, drum miking, the use of outboard equipment, interacting with producers and engineers, and other information vital to any drummer entering the studio - whether for the first time or as a veteran.

On the Beaten Path Progressive RockOn the Beaten Path Progressive Rock

Well , yes — it's all of the above . This book dives into the genre we all know and
love and explores it from a drummer's perspective . You'll learn about progressive
rock , its roots , and all the significant events that happened as it flourished .

Author: Rich Lackowski

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 0739056719


Page: 104

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This must-have guide for drummers provides insight into the history and development of the progressive rock genre, and explores a dozen legendary drummers that had the most impact on the style. The book will lead you through the beats, licks, solos, and grooves that made each artist famous, with insight into their approaches, the gear they used, the bands they played in, and the drummers who influenced them. The easy-to-follow lessons delve into authentic transcriptions of 36 famous beats and solos from songs by Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Tool, Dream Theater, Rush, Frank Zappa, Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, and others. Amazing photos are included, as well as a listing of essential recordings. All the beats and solos in the book are performed on the accompanying CD. *****Drummers: * Barriemore Barlow * Terry Bozzio * Bill Bruford * Danny Carey * Vinnie Colaiuta * Phil Collins * Michael Giles * Gavin Harrison * Carl Palmer * Neil Peart * Mike Portnoy * Jon Theodore * . . . and more! On the Beaten Path: Progressive Rock is a much-anticipated extension to the highly acclaimed, award-winning book On the Beaten Path: The Drummer's Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them, voted No. 1 Educational Book in the 2008 Modern Drummer Reader's Poll!, and voted No. 1 Book in the 2008 DRUM! Reader's Poll! "Capturing the essence of prog drumming in an educational book isn't easy, but Lackowski does a fine job. Lackowski proves himself a true aficionado and a trusted source. Four stars!" - Modern Drummer magazine "This is where Lackowski shines! He has a gift that enables him to break down the core elements of a musical piece and translate those ideas into easily understandable written notation. On the Beaten Path: Progressive Rock is a must for anybody who wants to get on the inside track to understanding their heroes."

Kick ItKick It

From a drummer's perspective, Keith Moon's playing on the classic album Who's
Next— particularly his inventive work on tracks like 'Baba O'Reilly' and 'Won't Get
Fooled Again'—is a core element of the music: it would not be an exaggeration ...

Author: Matt Brennan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190683894


Page: 320

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The drum kit has provided the pulse of popular music from before the dawn of jazz up to the present day pop charts. Kick It, a provocative social history of the instrument, looks closely at key innovators in the development of the drum kit: inventors and manufacturers like the Ludwig and Zildjian dynasties, jazz icons like Gene Krupa and Max Roach, rock stars from Ringo Starr to Keith Moon, and popular artists who haven't always got their dues as drummers, such as Karen Carpenter and J Dilla. Tackling the history of race relations, global migration, and the changing tension between high and low culture, author Matt Brennan makes the case for the drum kit's role as one of the most transformative musical inventions of the modern era. Kick It shows how the drum kit and drummers helped change modern music--and society as a whole--from the bottom up.

Drums in the Rhythm SectionDrums in the Rhythm Section

This book & CD focuses on the drumset as it relates to the rest of the rhythm section.

Author: Steve Houghton

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 1576239918


Page: 38

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This book & CD focuses on the drumset as it relates to the rest of the rhythm section. Various scenarios are discussed and represented in diagram form, including setups and drum tuning suggestions. Various styles of music, such as medium swing, up-tempo swing, rock, fusion, Latin styles, vocal jazz, and odd time are then studied. Throughout each style of music, the author discusses, from a drummer's perspective, numerous techniques and approaches that apply (for example, left-hand triplet interplay). Soloing, improvisation, chart reading, and ear training are also covered. The CD play-along allows the reader the opportunity to read, listen, and practice what is discussed.

Hot Drum Grooves Made EasyHot Drum Grooves Made Easy

When a producer contracts a drummer for a recording session, his choice is
based on as much the drummer's taste and ... From a drummer's perspective,
groove can also indicate a particular rhythmic motif, which, when played
repeatedly, with ...


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 9781619111837


Page: 96

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A comprehensive 96-page large print perfect-bound book containing 138 all time favorite drum grooves. This book is perfect for daily practice or for teaching the drummer to play in-the-pocket.


11We can make sense of this by considering a drummer's perspective. While a
drummer is creating a groove, after the equilibrium brought on by the regularity of
the initial pulse is thwarted by the pull of late eighth notes (say), he works to ...

Author: Tiger C. Roholt

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441101389


Page: 192

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Written by an experienced drummer and philosopher, Groove is a vivid and exciting study of one of music's most central and relatively unexplored aspects. Tiger C. Roholt explains why grooves, which are forged in music's rhythmic nuances, remain hidden to some listeners. He argues that grooves are not graspable through the intellect nor through mere listening; rather, grooves are disclosed through our bodily engagement with music. We grasp a groove bodily by moving with music's pulsations. By invoking the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty's notion of "motor intentionality," Roholt shows that the "feel" of a groove, and the understanding of it, are two sides of a coin: to "get" a groove just is to comprehend it bodily and to feel that embodied comprehension.

Sync Your Relationship Save Your MarriageSync Your Relationship Save Your Marriage

The role of a drummer in any ensemble—whether it's jazz, soul, funk, rhythm and
blues, country, or even classical music— ... 4 If we drummers impose our
rhythmic point of view on the ensemble without listening, we dominate and
alienate the ...

Author: Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780230115668


Page: 272

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Award-winning couples therapist Peter Fraenkel argues that most relationship problems can be traced to partners being out of sync on the powerful but mostly hidden dimension of time. Differences in daily rhythms, personal pace, punctuality, time perspective, and priorities about how time is allocated can all lead to couple conflict. Yet the fascinating fact is that these polarizing time differences play a potent role in attracting lovers in the first place. In this trailblazing new book, he draws on his original research to show how a clearer understanding of these forces can improve the health of your relationship and even rescue a failing one.

Mixing and Mastering in the BoxMixing and Mastering in the Box

138 6.1 Drums and Percussion The editor of a well-known recording magazine
once told me that he could run an ... of a typical drum set setup—although the first
question is whether you are replicating from the drummer's perspective or the ...

Author: Steve Savage

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199929320


Page: 299

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"Mixing and mastering, the two final steps in the complex process of sound engineering, require both artistic finesse and technical facility. Even the slightest difference in the way a sound is processed can lead to a shift in the overall aesthetic of a piece, and so sound engineers must work towards an understanding of sound engineering that is particularly oriented towards the artistic and aesthetic. In order to create effective mixes, a sound engineer must maintain a distinct set of artistic goals while drawing on an in-depth understanding of the software involved in the process. Creating final masters requires specialized aural skills and a similarly advanced understanding of the software in order to fine-tune the product with respect to these goals. Mixing and Mastering in the Box addresses the practical and technological necessities of these two final steps without neglecting the creative process that is integral to the creation of high-quality recordings. Savage focuses primarily on creating mixes and masters in the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or "in the box," currently a popular platform in the field of sound engineering due to the creative advantages and advanced technological capabilities it offers to its users. However, much of the information presented in Mixing and Mastering in the Box is also applicable to analog mixing gear or a hybrid system of digital and analog tools. This book, which features over one hundred illustrations and a comprehensive companion website, is ideal for beginning or intermediate students in sound engineering with a focus on DAW, recording artists who do their own mixing and mastering, or musicians who wish to be better informed when collaborating on mixes and masters"--

Oblique PerspectiveOblique Perspective

This shower are now eying up the maids, and I think were in for a macho scrap
between the drummers and the pipers. Our Milky little maids are now behaving
like bitches on heat. The toilet is blocked. There's excrement everywhere.


Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781409229964



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Using Paired Text to Meet the Common CoreUsing Paired Text to Meet the Common Core

Book 1: Drummer Boy • Story takes place during the time of the actual Civil War,
1860–1864. • Story is told from the perspective of a drummer boy in the Union
Army. • Perspective on War and life changes dramatically Over time due to the

Author: William Bintz

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462519019


Page: 212

View: 356

Teaching students to make connections across related texts promotes engagement and improves reading comprehension and content learning. This practical guide explains how to select and teach a wide range of picture books as paired text--two books related by topic, theme, or genre--in grades K-8. The author provides mini-lessons across the content areas, along with hundreds of recommendations for paired text, each linked to specific Common Core standards for reading literature and informational texts. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes 22 reproducible graphic organizers and other useful tools. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

Modern DrummerModern Drummer

So I guess you could say I'm always starting from a drummer's perspective -
looking for an interesting groove . " " Don't Care Anymore ? Phil Collins : Hello , I
Must Be Going ( recorded 1982 ) " I Don't Care Anymore ” could only have been ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822024632887



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Electronic MusicianElectronic Musician

OVERHEADS Overhead mics record more than just cymbal crashes: They
document the spatial characteristics of a drummer's personal kit configuration.
This perspective is as important to the drummer as a guitar/amp marriage is to the



ISBN: UCSC:32106010323258



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Rhythmic PerspectivesRhythmic Perspectives

If you are in a situation where the drummer is the only person listening to the click
, he may find it difficult to keep everything synchronized while other band
members are pulling him around by dragging or rushing . In this case , it's best to
play ...

Author: Gavin Harrison

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 0769291465


Page: 76

View: 520

Covers cutting-edge drum concepts and offers mind-expanding exercises to further develop the study of rhythmic illusions and multi-dimensional rhythm. These concepts are "mind rudiments" for a unique way of thinking about rhythmic structure, rhythmic composition, and higher rhythmic awareness.

A Different DrummerA Different Drummer

This volume is a collective production by Carleton University's anthropology caucus, for use in introductory courses in cultural anthropology.

Author: Bruce Alden Cox

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0770902499


Page: 156

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This volume is a collective production by Carleton University's anthropology caucus, for use in introductory courses in cultural anthropology. It is an alternative to available textbooks which the caucus feels are mainly American in orientation, and not respectful of third and fourth world peoples.