A Companion to Korean American StudiesA Companion to Korean American Studies

A Companion to Korean American Studies aims to provide readers with a broad introduction to Korean American Studies, through essays exploring major themes, key insights, and scholarly approaches that have come to define this field.

Author: Rachael Miyung Joo

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004335332


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A Companion to Korean American Studies aims to provide readers with a broad introduction to Korean American Studies, through essays exploring major themes, key insights, and scholarly approaches that have come to define this field.

A Companion to Asian American StudiesA Companion to Asian American Studies

Ranging from essays on class and sexuality to those focusing on literature, transnationality, and identity, this volume exemplifies the changing intellectual shape of Asian American Studies from its early periods to a more contemporary one.

Author: Kent A. Ono

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405137096


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A Companion to Asian American Studies is comprised of 20 previously published essays that have played an important historical role in the conceptualization of Asian American studies as a field. Essays are drawn from international publications, from the 1970s to the present Includes coverage of psychology, history, literature, feminism, sexuality, identity politics, cyberspace, pop culture, queerness, hybridity, and diasporic consciousness Features a useful introduction by the editor reviewing the selections, and outlining future possibilities for the field Can be used alongside Asian American Studies After Critical Mass, edited by Kent A. Ono, for a complete reference to Asian American Studies.

The Routledge Companion to Transnational American StudiesThe Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies

This scholarship has helped to complicate a straightforward paradigm of US domination of Asia within Asian American Studies, more closely aligning Asian Americanists with Asian Studies scholars, who have been examining Japanese ...

Author: Nina Morgan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351672627


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The Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies provides scholars and students of American Studies with theoretical and applied essays that help to define Transnational American Studies as a discipline and practice. In more than 30 essays, the volume offers a history of the concept of the "transnational" and takes readers from the Barbary frontier to Guam, from Mexico's border crossings to the intifada's contested zones. Together, the essays develop new ways for Americanists to read events, images, sound, literature, identity, film, politics, or performance transnationally through the work of diverse figures, such as Confucius, Edward Said, Pauline Hopkins, Poe, Faulkner, Michael Jackson, Onoto Watanna, and others. This timely volume also addresses presidential politics and interpictorial US history from Lincoln in Africa, to Obama and Mandela, to Trump. The essays, written by prominent global Americanists, as well as the emerging scholars shaping the field, seek to provide foundational resources as well as experimental and forward-leaning approaches to Transnational American Studies.

A Concise Companion to American StudiesA Concise Companion to American Studies

In this essay, I speculate on the continuing relevance and refocusing of Asian American studies in our contemporary post-9/11 moment, one in which Asian Americans are becoming a significant minority community in the USA, and when the US ...

Author: John Carlos Rowe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444319086


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A Companion to American Studies is an essential volume that brings together voices and scholarship from across the spectrum of American experience. A collection of 22 original essays which provides an unprecedented introduction to the "new" American Studies: a comparative, transnational, postcolonial and polylingual discipline Addresses a variety of subjects, from foundations and backgrounds to the field, to different theories of the “new” American Studies, and issues from globalization and technology to transnationalism and post-colonialism Explores the relationship between American Studies and allied fields such as Ethnic Studies, Feminist, Queer and Latin American Studies Designed to provoke discussion and help students and scholars at all levels develop their own approaches to contemporary American Studies

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in KoreaThe Oxford Handbook of the Bible in Korea

Korean American studies is a subfield within the interdisciplinary field of Asian American studies, which is a subfield of Ethnic Studies. Similarly, Korean American biblical interpretation is a subfield within the interdisciplinary ...

Author: Won W. Lee

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190916916


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"Korean Christianity is renowned for its rapid growth and conservative theological orientation. This phenomenon is inextricably tied to Korean appropriation of the Bible in their religio-cultural and socio-political context since the 18th century. Less understood, however, is the complex tapestry of Korean biblical interpretation that emerged from being missionized, colonized, internally divided, and incorporated into global norms. These countervailing forces proffer a distinctive Korean-ness of biblical interpretation. On the one hand, it tracks closely the influence of conservative western missionaries. On the other hand, it reflects God's liberating intervention for Koreans and the Korean diaspora. Both of these movements respond to and move beyond distinct histories of oppression. This introduction coheres twenty-four papers by grouping them into four waves of reciprocal interpretive encounters shaping Korean appropriation of the Bible and Christian practices. While some conservatively align with received western orthodoxy, others embrace a sense of complementarity that informs the spectrum of Korean Christian thought and practice, the long-standing religious traditions of Korea, the diversity of Korea's global diaspora, and the learning of non-Koreans who are attentive to the impact of the Bible in Korea"--

A Companion to American Literary StudiesA Companion to American Literary Studies

In many ways, the sense of Lee's waxing canonicity for Asian American studies might be understood to result from precisely Lee's grounding of Asian American character in the more contemporary dynamics of US geopolitics in Asia.

Author: Caroline F. Levander

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119062516


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A Companion to American Literary Studies addresses the most provocative questions, subjects, and issues animating the field. Essays provide readers with the knowledge and conceptual tools for understanding American literary studies as it is practiced today, and chart new directions for the future of the subject. Offers up-to-date accounts of major new critical approaches to American literary studies Presents state-of-the-art essays on a full range of topics central to the field Essays explore critical and institutional genealogies of the field, increasingly diverse conceptions of American literary study, and unprecedented material changes such as the digital revolution A unique anthology in the field, and an essential resource for libraries, faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates

The Routledge Companion to Korean LiteratureThe Routledge Companion to Korean Literature

“A er the Watershed: Korean Migration since 1965.” In A Companion to Korean American Studies, edited by Ra ael Miyung Joo and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee, 21–46. Boston: Brill. Lie, John. 2008. Zaini i (Koreans in Japan).

Author: Heekyoung Cho

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000539646


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The Routledge Companion to Korean Literature consists of 35 chapters written by leaders in the field, who explore significant topics and who have pioneered innovative approaches. The collection highlights the most dynamic current scholarship on Korean literature, presenting rigorous literary analysis, interdisciplinary methodologies, and transregional thinking so as to provide a valuable and inspiring resource for researchers and students alike. This Companion has particular significance as the most extensive collection to date of English-language articles on Korean literature; it both offers a thorough intellectual engagement with current scholarship and addresses a broad range of topics and time periods, from premodern to contemporary. It will contribute to an understanding of literature as part of a broad sociocultural process that aims to put the field into conversation with other fields of study in the humanities and social sciences. While presenting rigorous and innovative academic research that will be useful to graduate students and postgraduate researchers, the chapters in the collection are written to be accessible to the average upper-level undergraduate student and include only minimal use of academic jargon. In an effort to provide substantially helpful material for researching, teaching, and learning Korean literature, this Companion includes as an appendix an extensive list of English translations of Korean literature.

The Columbia Companion to American History on FilmThe Columbia Companion to American History on Film

Clearly and steadily, the new generation of Asian American filmmakers, directors, producers, and actors and a growing Asian American audience are helping to dismantle Hollywood-created, Hollywood-insisted images of what it means to be ...

Author: Peter C. Rollins

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231508391


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American history has always been an irresistible source of inspiration for filmmakers, and today, for good or ill, most Americans'sense of the past likely comes more from Hollywood than from the works of historians. In important films such as The Birth of a Nation (1915), Roots (1977), Apocalypse Now (1979), and Saving Private Ryan (1998), how much is entertainment and how much is rooted in historical fact? In The Columbia Companion to American History on Film, more than seventy scholars consider the gap between history and Hollywood. They examine how filmmakers have presented and interpreted the most important events, topics, eras, and figures in the American past, often comparing the film versions of events with the interpretations of the best historians who have explored the topic. Divided into eight broad categories—Eras; Wars and Other Major Events; Notable People; Groups; Institutions and Movements; Places; Themes and Topics; and Myths and Heroes—the volume features extensive cross-references, a filmography (of discussed and relevant films), notes, and a bibliography of selected historical works on each subject. The Columbia Companion to American History on Film is also an important resource for teachers, with extensive information for research or for course development appropriate for both high school and college students. Though each essay reflects the unique body of film and print works covering the subject at hand, every essay addresses several fundamental questions: What are the key films on this topic? What sources did the filmmaker use, and how did the film deviate (or remain true to) its sources? How have film interpretations of a particular historical topic changed, and what sorts of factors—technological, social, political, historiographical—have affected their evolution? Have filmmakers altered the historical record with a view to enhancing drama or to enhance the "truth" of their putative message?


Exploring the Economics, Politics, and Identities of Korean Spatial Formation Jinwon Kim, Soo Mee Kim, Stephen Cho Suh ... the International Journal of Cultural Policy, and CUNY Forum as well as A Companion to Korean American Studies, ...

Author: Jinwon Kim

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498584531


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This collection defines Koreatowns as spatial configurations that concentrate elements of “Korea” demographically, economically, politically, and culturally. The contributors provide exploratory accounts and critical evaluations of Koreatowns in different countries throughout the world. Ranging from familiar settings such as Los Angeles and New York City, to more unfamiliar locales such as Singapore, Beijing, Mexico, U.S.-Mexico borderlands, and the American Midwest, this collection not only examines the social characteristics and contours of these spaces, but also the types of discourses and symbols that they exude.

Transnational Cultural Flow from HomeTransnational Cultural Flow from Home

“Hallyu and Korean America: Transnational Connections through Cultural Consumption in New York City.” In A Companion to Korean American Studies, edited by Rachael Miyung Joo and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee, 207–230. Leiden: Brill. Kim, Nadia.

Author: Pyong Gap Min

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978827165


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When the first wave of post-1965 Korean immigrants arrived in the New York-New Jersey area in the early 1970s, they were concentrated to retail and service businesses in minority neighborhoods. This caused ongoing conflicts with customers in black neighborhoods of New York City, with white suppliers at Hunts Point Produce Market, and with city government agencies that regulated small business activities. In addition, because of the times, Korean immigrants had very little contact with their homeland. Korean immigrants in the area were highly segregated from both the mainstream New York society and South Korea. However, after the 1990 Immigration Act, Korean immigrants with professional and managerial backgrounds have found occupations in the mainstream economy. Korean community leaders also engaged in active political campaigns to get Korean candidates elected as city council members and higher levels of legislative positions in the area. The Korean community's integration into mainstream society also increasingly developed stronger transnational ties to their homeland and spurred the inclusion of "everyday Korean life" in the NY-NJ area. Transnational Cultural Flow from Home examines New York Korean immigrants’ collective efforts to preserve their cultural traditions and cultural practices and their efforts to transmit and promote them to New Yorkers by focusing on the Korean cultural elements such as language, foods, cultural festivals, and traditional and contemporary performing arts. This publication was supported by the 2022 Korean Studies Grant Program of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2022-P-009).