A City in Blue and GreenA City in Blue and Green

In the context of this book, 'blue and green' or 'blue-green' network planning and programs seek to protect the hydrologic and ecological values of Singapore's urban and other landscapes and to provide resilient measures to address ...

Author: Peter G. Rowe

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811395970


Page: 152

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This open access book highlights Singapore’s development into a city in which water and greenery, along with associated environmental, technical, social and political aspects have been harnessed and cultivated into a liveable sustainable way of life. It is also a story about a unique and thoroughgoing approach to large-scale and potentially transferable water sustainability, within largely urbanized circumstances, which can be achieved, along with complementary roles of environmental conservation, ecology, public open-space management and the greening of buildings, together with infrastructural improvements.

Blue and Green CitiesBlue and Green Cities

The Role of Blue-Green Infrastructure in Managing Urban Water Resources Robert C. Brears ... To achieve this Rotterdam will ensure the following: • The city and its inhabitants are safe from flooding: It is vital that Rotterdam and its ...

Author: Robert C. Brears

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137592583


Page: 318

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This book offers new research on urban policy innovations that promote the application of blue-green infrastructure in managing water resources sustainably. The author argues that urban water managers have traditionally relied on grey infrastructural solutions to mitigate risks with numerous economic and environmental consequences. Brears explores the role urban water managers have in implementing blue-green infrastructure to reduce ecological damage and mitigate risk. The case studies in this book illustrate how cities, of differing climates, lifestyles and income-levels, have implemented policy innovations that promote the application of blue-green infrastructure in managing water, wastewater and stormwater sustainably to reduce environmental degradation and enhance resilience to climate change. This new research on urban policy innovations that promote the application of blue-green infrastructure in managing water resources sustainably will be of interest to those working on water conservation and policy.

Blue Green Infrastructure Across Asian CountriesBlue Green Infrastructure Across Asian Countries

Being a coastal city, Khulna is highly vulnerable to climate change–induced risks and vulnerabilities, which are aggravating by accommodating climate change and disaster migrants from surrounding rural areas.

Author: Shalini Dhyani

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811671289


Page: 518

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This edited book discusses Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) from conception to implementation in building resilience and urban sustainability. The book emphasizes on infrastructures, institutions, and perceptions as three main pillars of implementing and managing successful BGI, with a special focus on Asia. The book highlights concepts as well as field-based experiences from different parts of Asia by experts, with a special focus on advances and opportunities in advancing BGI, challenges and constraints, followed by case studies on BGI mainstreaming. It addresses sustainable water management, multiscale environmental design, environmental risk assessment, and finally understanding policy implications and concerns for BGI mainstreaming in growing urban sprawls of the region. There has been growing global momentum and recognition of Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) as a multifunctional Nature-based Solution (NbS) with multiple co-benefits. There is strong evidence from many urban centres of Europe, USA, China, and South Africa demonstrating that mainstreaming BGI can help in addressing growing vulnerability of urban areas by ensuring safety, resilience, and sustainability for urban residents in the warming world. This book is a timely contribution for researchers, students, scholars, urban planners, consultants, and policy makers in the fields of environment, resilience, urban planning, climate adaptation, and sustainability science.

Blue green ProvinceBlue green Province

city itself, as a foretaste of what a Hudak government, running on a platform very similar to Ford's approach in the November 2010 Toronto election, might look like at the provincial level. In the end, on election night the PCs failed ...

Author: Mark Winfield

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774822367


Page: 277

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In Blue-Green Province, Mark Winfield takes a long overdue look at the crucial relationship between Ontario’s environmental policy and its politics and economy. Covering the period from the Progressive Conservative "dynasty" that dominated Ontario politics from the mid-1940s to the mid-1980s, through the subsequent Peterson, Rae, Harris, Eves, and McGuinty governments, Winfield offers a trenchant analysis of the effects on Ontario’s environment and politics of these administrations’ dramatically different ideologies. Timely and original, Blue-Green Province is the first comprehensive study of environmental policy in Ontario. It will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in Ontario’s environmental and economic future.

Ecosystem Services and Global EcologyEcosystem Services and Global Ecology

A Blue-Green City is a concept relating to the support or enhancement of natural potential, mostly by plants, and using them, for example, to reduce flood risk or to help improve air, soil, and water quality.

Author: Levente Hufnagel

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9781789237382


Page: 224

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The aim of Ecosystem Services and Global Ecology is to give an overview and report from the frontiers of research of this important and interesting multidisciplinary area. Ecosystem services as a concept plays a key role in solving global environmental and human ecological crises and associated other problems, especially today when the sixth major extinction event of the history of the biosphere is in progress, and humanity can easily become a victim of it. Human activity is rapidly transforming the surface of the Earth, its biosphere, atmosphere, soil, and water resources. Ecological processes happen over a long time scale, thus damage caused by human activity will be perceptible after decades or even centuries. We hope that our book will be interesting and useful for researchers, lecturers, students, and anyone interested in this field.

Blue Green CoalitionsBlue Green Coalitions

The official unions that worked with the SVTC in the beginning represented workers on the periphery of high-tech, servicing the manufacturing plants and working for the city governments. The nonunion worker organizations like SCCOSH and ...

Author: Brian Mayer

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801457785


Page: 256

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What do unions and environmental groups have to gain by working together and how do they overcome their differences? In Blue-Green Coalitions, Brian Mayer answers these questions by focusing on the role that health-related issues have played in creating a common ground between the two groups. By recognizing that the same toxics that cause workplace hazards escape into surrounding communities and the environment, workers and environmentalists are able to collaborate for the protection of all. Mayer examines three contemporary cases of successful labor-environmental alliances to demonstrate how health and safety issues are used to create durable and politically influential social movement coalitions: o Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, a coalition of environmental, labor, community, and public health organizations in Massachusetts that has developed a successful prevention-based approach to safe workplaces and a clean environment. o The Work Environment Council in New Jersey, which succeeded in passing the first statewide right-to-know law and concentrates on protecting citizens from the dangerous toxics generated by the state's chemical industries. o The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, an organization that began in the 1980s fighting hazardous high-tech practices that were affecting the Valley residents and the high-tech industry's largely immigrant workforce. In Mayer's ethnographic accounts of the challenging work of bringing these blue-green coalitions together, it becomes clear that stereotypes about environmentalists and workers are largely irrelevant when thinking about who is at risk of exposure to dangerous toxic substances. Both movements share a common concern for protecting their members' health from toxic hazards that are by-products of the modern industrial economy.

Oman Sustainability The Blue Green EconomyOman Sustainability The Blue Green Economy

In line with Vision 2040 to develop smart, sustainable, and vibrant cities and a vital countryside with a viable architecture to provide a high quality of life, NEC is focusing on innovative technologies to push the agenda forward.


Publisher: The Business Year



Page: 33

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From bold plans to go carbon neutral by 2050 to efforts to boost sustainable aquaculture practices, Oman's government is laser focused on building an economy built on solid green-blue credentials. This 33-page report includes interviews with key figures from across the Omano economy, as well as news and analysis on efforts in this area.

Album and catalogue of British foreign postage stamps revised corrected and brought up to the present time by dr VinerAlbum and catalogue of British foreign postage stamps revised corrected and brought up to the present time by dr Viner

Newsman galloping to N. Y. Green on buff envelope . Selma . - Numeral in oval with inscriptions . Dark blue , 5 c . Smith's City Express Post , Postage L'aid . - Oblong : black , green , 2 o . Do .; to be Collected on Delivery .

Author: Edward A. Oppen


ISBN: OXFORD:590736157



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Blue GreenBlue Green

Sheila was tucked into skin tight blue jeans and a satiny, wrinkle-free, white blouse. Harold was helping Flora in the kitchen, catching up with orders. The blue plate special of the day was country fried steak with white gravy, ...

Author: Gregory Whitis

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781641381062


Page: 310

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Near the town of Tazewell, on the western edge of the Mississippi Delta, amidst vast fields of cotton and ponds of catfish, twenty-four-year-old Warren Pope manages the Paradise Catfish Farm. He befriends most of the locals and struggles with the Delta's lingering reluctance to cast aside the last remaining vestiges of social injustice. Pope's archnemesis, Chief Deputy Leo Abrams, doesn't appreciate the northern outsider and the two tangle in a suspenseful, action-packed seq