With the notorious Black Ice missing or assumed dead, Michael Jr. and Rachel try to live a normal life.

Author: Shameek A. Speight

Publisher: Shameek speight

ISBN: 1456562363


Page: 258

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With the notorious Black Ice missing or assumed dead, Michael Jr. and Rachel try to live a normal life. Will Rachel be able to fight the urge of wanting to get high? Will Michael Jr. be able to fight the blood that's running through his veins? Or will he be subcumbed to what he hates most, the demon he calls a father or the life of being once a child of a crack head break him?

A Child of a Crack HeadA Child of a Crack Head

This story tells the countless beatings, killings, lies, infidelity and the betrayel's of a crack head and life on the street's [all sic]"--Page [4] of cover.

Author: Shameek A. Speight

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1449966128


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"He watched as she screamed and yelled with every strike that the man made to her face. From her mouth, she spit blood that was rolling down her face. He continued to watch the 6'2" dark skin man repeatedly hit ad kick the woman in the stomach, agaian and again. Noooo stop! please stop!", as she yelled his closed fist went upside her head. Micheal knew he had to do something to stop man from beating the brown skin woman, with tear's running down his own face he yelled, Daddy stop !, Daddy stop !, as he ran his 6 year old frame between his father and his mother. "daddy stop hitting mommy!" All he felt was his father's big black hands grasp him around his neck and squeeze until he couldn't breathe and threw him across the room. Micheal sat on the floor crying, partly because of the pain he felt, but mostly because of the beating his mother was getting. How does Micheal, child of a crack head, fight to stay a live ?, whatwill he face and those he truly love ? and do they survive the terror of the man they call Black ice. This story tells the countless beatings, killings, lies, infidelity and the betrayel's of a crack head and life on the street's [all sic]"--Page [4] of cover.

A Child of a Crackhead IVA Child of a Crackhead IV

With Black Ice dead after Michael beheads him.

Author: Shameek Speight

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1518649564


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With Black Ice dead after Michael beheads him. Envy, Mike and all his victims can finally live a normal life, but the nightmares are far from over. Rachel is the only one that can feel the truth in her soul that the drama is long from being over. As God shows her signs in her dreams, she does her best to warn Michael, but would he listening to her warning or take it as the rambling of a crazy woman who's been through too much pain in her life. Michael discovers a Journal inside the trophy house that leads him down the journey of his father's life and why he is the Devil in the flesh.

A Child of A CrackHead IIIA Child of A CrackHead III

With Mike in a coma the doctors say he may never awaken again.

Author: Shameek A. Speight

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1475005148


Page: 244

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With Mike in a coma the doctors say he may never awaken again. Envy blames herself for Mike's state of condition, but she had no choice. Michael, Jr. wants to put the past behind him and act as if none of the chaos in his life has ever happened. He yearns for a regular, normal life. How could that ever happen when the Devil, in the form of Black ice, is lurking around every corner and within every shadow waiting for an opportunity to strike? Rachel has seen the future to come in her dreams as a sign from God and tries to warn Michael, Jr. and Envy. Will they heed Rachel's warnings in time or slide in to the danger that is Black ice?

I Married a Crack HeadI Married a Crack Head

Living with Crack Cocaine Tom Mount. When you get to know Amy it is obvious that she has a mental handicap. She appears to have the mental maturity ofabout a 16 year old child, which explains why she gets along so well with children.

Author: Tom Mount

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468573978


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What's it like to be married to a drug addict? What should you do if you think your spouse is addicted to crack cocaine? What is crack cocaine? Having been raised during the 50s and 60s, the author had little exposure to drugs except alcohol. Then, through the eyes of his younger wife ..., he got the education he never had previously. ... His world was falling apart from a substance he knew nothing about.--Page [4] of cover.

Off Crack and Back on TrackOff Crack and Back on Track

My mom was strung out on crack for nineteen years. I always thought she would die a crack head. I even used to pray as a child that God would just take her out while she was going through one of her saved phases.

Author: Evangelist Myra Pratt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483616087


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Evangelist Myra Pratt is a licensed minister whose Passion is to help men and women who are bound by addiction. She is the founder of Love, Faith, and Hope Womens ministry, a non-profit organization designed to give hope to the hopeless. Evangelist Pratt has ministered to thousands of addicts who have given their lives to Christ because of the success of her testimony. She has also minstered in various correctional facilities including the D.C.C. Womens unit located in Pine Bluff, AR, where she served time herself. Its not about me says Evangelist Pratt, its about God and souls. I thank God that my two daughters Karey Russell and Coretta Muhammad did not follow in my addiction. They both achieved their own success in life. Karey, who is studying to get her RN license, has two sons and five god-daughters. Coretta is an RN. She and her husband have four sons and three daughters. I thank God that He has restored not only me, but my family as well.

Poverty and PrisonPoverty and Prison

Women in the projects would spend their welfare checks, food stamps, and child support checks on drugs. Crack heads would sell their blood to buy a crack rock. One particular crack head, B. P. had it bad. B. P. hustled crack just to get ...

Author: "Champ" Napier Chris "Champ" Napier

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426926419


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Chris "Champ" Napier was only four years old when he witnessed his father's murder. By the time he was thirteen, Napier had lived in seven different homes in seven different ghettos. Biologically and socially, he was raised in a pool of piranhas, barbarians, and sharks. At eighteen, Napier was convicted of killing a man and was sent to prison. This memoir narrates Napier's story as he navigates a childhood of poverty in Prichard, Alabama; serves more than a decade and a half in prison; and transforms his life by becoming Muslim and devoting his life to Allah. We were so broke I had to eat dry saltine crackers or ketchup sandwiches with the end parts of the bread and drink sugar water, when we didn't have kool-aid. These times were hard for us. ... I can recall a lot of times on the weekend that someone from the club or from somewhere would burglarize our house and we would have to play like we were asleep until they left. The only thing they could not steal was a small black and white TV and portable radio.

Child Family and StateChild Family and State

A contemporary image of the careless black mother who harms her children is the pregnant crack addict. This image arose in the late 1980s from the urban crack-cocaine epidemic and the reporting of a surge in the numbers of newborns ...

Author: Stephen Macedo

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814756829


Page: 417

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The forty-fourth volume in the esteemed NOMOS series considers the philosophical, political, and legal dilemmas of the changing definition of "family" today.


In this story, you are going to read of the journey of a young man who was born with mental illness and later became a crack addict. The hardest thing for Betsy and me as parents was hearing our son being called a “crack head.

Author: Larry Brady

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617394461


Page: 228

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As Larry Brady was returning home from church one Sunday night, he never dreamed he'd receive a phone call telling him his twenty-nine-year-old son, Chris, had committed suicide. Chris had been a loving young man and a good father, but his unexpected death became a dark storm over the entire Brady family. Larry Brady's bittersweet yet troubling memoir,Undiagnosed: Losing the Son I Didn't Knowis the tragic account of one father's struggle to understand the events in his son's life that would eventually lead to his untimely death. Though Chris had been surrounded by a loving family, he had a secret life, one that involved drugs, lying, and danger. In addition to his life of crime, Chris had been born with bipolar disorder, a condition that went undiagnosed for most of his life. While he had been dealt a rough hand, his choices hurt his family and friends but ultimately led to his death. Learn from the Brady family's experience as Larry explains Chris's condition and the importance of an early diagnosis of mental illness in children. Discover with Larry what the consequences of a life of drugs can bring to anyone. But most importantly, learn the significance of letting your children know that they are loved.

The Vine of a Naked Child IIThe Vine of a Naked Child II

He never did that before . We stood out in the hallway for a long while , banging on his door , ” Brock Jr. said . My son and his friends gave up on trying to get into the crack - head's apartment and they went back outside .

Author: Mary Elizabeth Moorman

Publisher: Spiderwize

ISBN: 0956239285


Page: 212

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People who think they know everything are not willing to change anything. Some people think that all they have in life is what is in front of them. So they settle. They stay weak. Looking at Mary Thompson, she has it all in tact; the perfect painted face, the perfect hairstyle, and is well dressed, however, underneath the woven layers, lays dormant, a killer of souls. He is all she knows, or is it? Mary Thompson never expected to grow up the way she did, abused, misused, and rejected around each corner. All grown up, looking in the mirror, is when her true enemy reveals himself to her. She discovers that he is her family's enemy too. Only Mary stands a chance of saving them from an eternal death. But can she save them? Can she even save herself from sliding deeper into a dark pit, only to have the enemy ravish her again? Will she have enough strength to carry that endless burden? Psychologically destroyed, unstable and inexperienced in the strategies of spiritual warfare, Mary stands on a thin line between fear and faith, death and life. Will the dark side's gauntlet of trouble and turmoil keep her in bondage? Or will the grace of God, and her prophetic dreams lead to her deliverance?