The Miracles of Christ Expositions Critical Doctrinal ExperimentalThe Miracles of Christ Expositions Critical Doctrinal Experimental

They that spake the Prophecies were generally those who also wrought the Miracles . ... Accordingly , as there is a chain of Prophecy , so we shall be able to trace a chain of Miracle , consisting of consecutive links , showing a ...

Author: Robert Maguire


ISBN: BL:A0019952528



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Decoding China s Export Miracle A Global Value Chain AnalysisDecoding China s Export Miracle A Global Value Chain Analysis

Compared to conventional specialization at the product level, specialization in tasks along value chains is a refined process involving division of labor among nations that enhances resource allocation efficiency and raises the ...

Author: Yuqing Xing

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789811229640


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In less than three decades, China has emerged as the world's largest exporting nation with more than $2 trillion exports annually. China's quick rise as a leading exporter in the world is an unprecedented miracle. There are many theories explaining this miracle. This book adopts the global value chain (GVC) approach to analyze the Chinese export miracle over the last four decades. It focuses on the tasks rather than the gross export value and emphasizes the organizations of modern trade rather than the national comparative advantage. The GVC approach systematically explains how, in less than four decades China has evolved from a closed economy to the world's No. 1 exporting nation; why China, a developing country, has exported more high-technology products than labor-intensive products to the US; and why almost half of the US trade deficit has originated from China.The book identifies three spillover effects of GVCs that originated from brands, technology and product innovation, and distribution and retail networks of GVCs lead firms. It argues that China's deep integration with GVCs has been a decisive factor for China's emergence as the world's No.1 exporting nation and the champion of high-technology exports. In addition, this book uses iPhone trade and the operation of Apple, the largest factory-less American manufacturer, to explain how current trade statistics exaggerate China's exports to and its trade surplus with the US on the one hand, and underestimate US exports on the other hand.By using the experience of the Chinese mobile phone industry, the book argues that the GVC strategy can be a short-cut for developing countries to achieve industrialization and enable firms of developing countries to enter high-technology sectors despite their intrinsic disadvantages. At this end, the book also discusses the future trajectory of China-centered GVCs under the shadow of the US-China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women and Miracle StoriesWomen and Miracle Stories

In the Iconium episode both the metamorphosis, meant to support Thecla, and the miracle by which she is saved from the ... The chain of miracles in which the women function as intermediaries shows that the women produce many converts, ...

Author: Anna Korte

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047402879


Page: 365

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This book contains a multidisciplinary collection of studies on women in miracle stories found in texts ranging from religious classics to contemporary literary fiction. By including research on miracle stories in contemporary fiction written by women this book also wants to acknowledge and research the disputed status of 'miracles' as well of 'women' in our present society which is moving from modernity to post-modernity. Please note that Women and Miracle Stories is previously published by Brill in hardback (ISBN 90 04 16681 8, still available).

I Could Use a Miracle Right NowI Could Use a Miracle Right Now

It opens the doors for more excitement than anyone could ever imagine and, even if it costs you your life, it will only lead to a much better one in the hereafter. Go with God and go for the gusto! A chain of miracles In the beginning ...

Author: John Webb Kline

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412023481


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The movie The Passion of The Christ dramatically conveyed the price that Jesus paid on the cross to redeem the sins of the world. John Webb Kline's new book, I Could Use a Miracle Right Now, profoundly brings the message of the cross and what it means to us in the 21st century into perspective in a way that few books can. It is a story about one man's life-long encounter with the Living Christ--a story that one might call, The Passion of the Christian. It is a must-read for any true seeker of truth or follower of Christ. Author John Webb Kline describes his inspiring new book as a Workingman's Theology-a theology that helps us to find God in the midst of our everyday struggles and which helps us to make sense out of the seemingly senseless trials and tribulations we all face. Based on stories from his own, often tumultuous, yet miracle-filled life, Webb brings us to the amazing discovery that, not only is God's intervention for our lives real, but it is also there for each and everyone of us-hidden only by our rational worldviews and unbelief. This is a book about hanging on to faith when it would seem perfectly reasonable not to; a book for the faithless and faithful alike; it is a book for those who are feeling so hurt, so angry, or so left out of God's will that they have nothing left but the desire to curse God and die. In today's world, it very well could be your own handbook for survival. Heart to Hand Ministries director, Woody Wolfe has this to say about I Could Use a Miracle Right Now: "Webb is able to take us on that journey to see the true miracles that are the reality of our everyday lives even when the world had blurred our vision. Webb's uncanny ability to put into words, that which is at the heart of the true Gospel message, has been such a blessing to me. I wish this book would have been around during those first days of my full-time ministry when I was still looking to the world for affirmation. To truly understand that God is already knocked out about us, gives us the freedom to be just who we are and Webb has brought that vision of the uncompromising love of God to these pages." Please visit the Miraclenews website.

Six Discourses on the Miracles of Our Saviour and Defences of His DiscoursesSix Discourses on the Miracles of Our Saviour and Defences of His Discourses

And this is the Reason that the Stories of these two Miracles are blended together by the Evangelists, ... I would present them with a new and more entertaining Chain of Thoughts against these Miracles; such a Chain of Thoughts, as, ...

Author: Thomas Woolston

Publisher: Good Press

ISBN: EAN:4064066171599


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"Six Discourses on the Miracles of Our Saviour, and Defences of His Discourses" by Thomas Woolston. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Alternative Medicine and MiraclesAlternative Medicine and Miracles

The miracles remain " miraculous " because the sequence of equations depicting the cascade of phenomena at play in the production of a miracle is mind - boggling . This is a chain of events where the principles and laws of relativity ...

Author: Reginald Crosley

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761828923


Page: 290

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From the twentieth century to the present, the scientific medical establishment is taking consideration of alternative healing practices. Having witnessed positive results, medical researchers are facing urgent inquiries. According to author Reginald O. Crosley, M.D., the exotic scientific principles revealed in quantum mechanics, relativity theories, strings theory, and chaos theory, directly correspond to alternative medicines and miraculous healings.

The Bible Speaks On Miracles And ProvidenceThe Bible Speaks On Miracles And Providence

As we explore further, we will see how this could be possible without any miracle on the part of the evil spirits. The Man Of Gadara Possessed With Legion Breaks Fetters & Chains (Mark 5:1-4) To have a better understanding of this event ...

Author: Kevin Townsend

Publisher: Kevin Townsend



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An in-depth look into the Bible definition of miracles and divine providence. The book provides how the Bible defines these words and concepts as well as what they are designed, by God, to do. It also contrasts and compares these two concepts with each other.

The Rationalization of MiraclesThe Rationalization of Miracles

These witnesses, often nobles, usually experienced miracles later in the candidate's career, after the candidate's power had become or was approaching a ... Like a scientific explanation, a miracle creates a chain of cause and effect.

Author: Paolo Parigi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107378902



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During the Counter-Reformation in southern Europe, Catholic Church officials developed rules to legitimize miracles performed by candidates to sainthood. The Rationalization of Miracles uncovers a tacit understanding between central religious officials and local religious activists. Each group had a vested interest in declaring miracles: Catholic Church leaders sought legitimacy in the wake of the crisis of faith created by the Protestant Schism and religious acolytes needed Church approval to secure a flow of resources to their movements. The Church's new procedure of deeming miracles 'true' when there were witnesses of different statuses and the acts occurred in the presence of a candidate's acolyte served the needs of both parties. And by developing rules and procedures for evaluating miracles, the Church rationalized the magic at the root of the miracles, thereby propelling the institution out of a period of institutional, political and social uncertainty and forming the basis of modern sainthood.

The Miracles In YouThe Miracles In You

I believe this book will start a chain reaction of great miracles that cannot be stopped.” Dr. Mick Hall, developer of the “35 For Life” program “The Miracles in You is the Mark Victor Hansen I know and love. Like all great leaders, ...

Author: Mark Victor Hansen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781617955693


Page: 240

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Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, authors the ultimate book on personal and spiritual success for the 21st century.