Purple JacarandaPurple Jacaranda

In October the jacarandas blossom in all their glory. The landscape turns into a sea of purple, draped in the striking colour of the magnificent treetops, while the dusty ground is covered in a carpet of velvety lilac.

Author: Claude-Hélène Mayer

Publisher: Waxmann Verlag

ISBN: 9783830983507


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Stories and autobiographical narrations have particular importance in society, whether they are told, shared or just listened to. This book presents 19 narrations of authors about their own experiences as migrants. Coming from different parts of the world, they tell stories about struggles, development, doubt, challenges, hope and empowerment, sometimes amusing the reader and then again containing a saddening or thought-provoking undertone. These creative works are set in various cultural contexts such as for example Germany, Australia, South Africa, America, India or Hungary and describe how life experiences in different countries contribute to and influence the development of transcultural identities. This book is a must for readers interested in transcultural stories, creative writing and identity development in cultural and transcultural contexts.

Authorized Biography of Jesus Mary Joseph and their Disciples 2nd EditionAuthorized Biography of Jesus Mary Joseph and their Disciples 2nd Edition

The jacaranda had left a carpet of flowers. Barefoot, without damaging the flowers, we played on that carpet. A deer with very big eyes approached us. The three rode by on that deer, it trotted and jumped making the tinkling sound of ...

Author: Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 9781786235978


Page: 691

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Twenty-seventh anniversary of the bioenergemal [‘spiritual’] research. Patriarchs, prophets, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and associates, Lamas and Mohammad apologize to their followers for the millenarian fake they have been promoting. All the religious figures promote themselves through parasitizing of dreams, inducing in/appropriated scenes and images in the dreamer conforming to their convenience. Without this resource, they had been unable to publicise themselves. Nevertheless, this book is not on religions, but about whom the religious figures and many persons more were and are. Doubts like these raised in the II Vatican Council, perhaps propitiated John XXIII biocollapse [‘death’]. Exceptional information! (Basic English).

Rosa Mexicano A Culinary Autobiography with 60 reciepiesRosa Mexicano A Culinary Autobiography with 60 reciepies

Jacarandas stay in flower for almost six months, filling people's hearts with joy. The spring winds blow softly and the jacarandas cover the sidewalks with a soft carpet of flowers. Azaleas, which are considered a native flower, ...

Author: Josefina Howard

Publisher: Viking, 1998

ISBN: 9780670879472


Page: 292

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The author presents sixty distinctive, authentic Mexican dishes, along with photographs and personal reminiscences

Driving into the SunDriving into the Sun

In the hills, she had walked over a carpet of jacaranda flowers when she got off the school bus. Sometimes there had been bees there too, fat and staggering, and now they had one of those trees in their yard and her father wasn't there, ...

Author: Marcella Polain

Publisher: Fremantle Press

ISBN: 9781925815016


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For Orla, living in the suburbs in 1968 on the cusp of adolescence, her father is a great shining light, whose warm and powerful presence fills her world. But in the aftermath of his sudden death, Orla, her mother and her sister are left in a no-man’s land, a place where the rights and protections of the nuclear family suddenly and mysteriously no longer apply, and where the path between girl and woman must be navigated alone.

The Beauty and the BeastsThe Beauty and the Beasts

It was lined with hundreds of purple jacaranda trees in full bloom, and the road was also covered with a carpet of jacaranda blossom. It seemed as though the highway was swathed in purple clouds. The colour was spectacular and, ...

Author: Geoff Hobbs

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781447822356


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This book recalls the memories of a young English businessman, who was not in the least interested in working in Africa, however the Corporation believed that his experience of working in a rough tough and hard to bluff industry made him the perfect candidate for the position in Nairobi, Kenya and they offered him a package that he could only imagine in his wildest dreams and the opportunity to move from a cold and wet English climate. With no more than a good gut feeling, he accepted the position little knowing that the decision he had just made, would change his life forever. This fast paced easy to read book, takes the reader through the complete lifecycle of an expatriate living and working in Nairobi, from the excitement of getting to know a new country, to falling totally in love with it, and finally to the point where daily life-threatening situations bought him to realise that if he did not leave on an aeroplane seat, he would soon leave in a wooden box.

The Price of FameThe Price of Fame

The barefoot blonde lay on a carpet of Jacaranda blossoms, not far from the back steps of a stately, but dilapidated old Queenslander. She wore a white tank top and faded cut-off jeans. Two old women bent over her, one watching ...

Author: Rowena Cory Daniels

Publisher: Clan Destine Press

ISBN: 9780987341921


Page: 280

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Where will Antonia's search for truth lead and who will suffer? When film and TV graduate, Antonia Carlyle sets out to make a documentary about eighties band, 'The Tough Romantics', she uncovers new facts surrounding the death of singer song-writer, Genevieve. This leads her to suspect that the man arrested for her murder was not the killer. One of the three surviving band members believes it is time to settle old ghosts but the other two have gone on to forge solo careers and don't want Antonia to rake up the past. One of them knows who the killer is, the other needs to hide their guilt. A growing psychic link with the dead girl and the conviction that justice must be done, drives Antonia to face her own demons, uncover the past and confront the present.

Roundabout at BangalowRoundabout at Bangalow

They float like a lavender mist above the avenues and streets, while the bitumen is inches deep in a purple carpet of jacaranda flowers. Children ride their bikes through it for the satisfying squelch and their tyres leave deep tracks ...

Author: Shirley Walker

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 9780702238307


Page: 230

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Exploring four generations of life in Australia, this intricate personal history shows the insularity of small towns, rigid class and caste divisions, and the effects of two world wars on Australian lives. Told with humor and dry wit, these extraordinary stories of pioneering struggles, deep religious divisions, and conflict within the family help navigate the history of Australia—from the abundance of the eastern Byron Bay hinterland to the hardships of the northern soldier-settler farm in North Queensland. Fascinating and engaging, this familial recollection is a revealing study of Australia's past.

Still ReflectionsStill Reflections

Jacaranda Carpets I don't remember when I actually realized that I don't remember when I actually realized that I was hearing things ... The jacaranda trees were in full bloom and had laid down a fresh carpet at the foot of every tree .

Author: Steven Fletcher

Publisher: Gentle Place Publishing

ISBN: 0974913804


Page: 366

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Short stories and vignettes of inspiration and spiritual quest.

How do religious figures induce the establishment of sects How do religious figures induce the establishment of sects

–L: “Now that the sun has risen, I can see Alejandro's jacaranda tree, beautiful, huge, its roots glowing with ... of the jacaranda tree that have fallen on the ground look like a carpet; we take our shoes off and play on this carpet, ...

Author: Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 9781786232915


Page: 331

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Remarkable story of a research project on the bioenerscience – intuitional knowledge – and a particular way of interaction with the bioenergemal (‘spiritual’) universe called bioenergemal communication. The author talks to a person (called Lucela) in relaxation as she describes extraordinary interactions with religious figures, including God the Father, Jesus, Mary and others – as well as the author himself. The author detects that threats and instructions become less and less veiled, and the religious figures are revealed as monopolistic and self-serving; while some of Lucela’s bioimages and bioscenes are truly terrifying. The conclusions are swaying tradition’s foundations and are ground-breaking steps in the fascinating field of bioenergemal communication.