A Bit of a BumbleA Bit of a Bumble

Tracing the origins of the Dorset Dialect, this book aims to capture both its warmth and humour. The author is known for his recordings and readings of the dialect poems by William Barnes and Thomas Hardy.

Author: Alan Chedzoy

Publisher: Countryside Books (GB)

ISBN: 1853068063


Page: 96

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Tracing the origins of the Dorset Dialect, this book aims to capture both its warmth and humour. The author is known for his recordings and readings of the dialect poems by William Barnes and Thomas Hardy.

The Beekeepers How Humans Changed the World of Bumble Bees Scholastic Focus The Beekeepers How Humans Changed the World of Bumble Bees Scholastic Focus

How Humans Changed the World of Bumble Bees Dana L. Church. Here's a little challenge I'll give you: What about going a tiny bit outside of your comfort ...

Author: Dana L. Church

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9781338565560


Page: 320

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Dive deep into the world of this everyday insect -- and the science behind its uncertain future. Bumble bees are as familiar to most of us as the flowers these fuzzy insects feed upon. But did you know that the bees in your garden could be escapees from a local greenhouse, or descended from stowaways on a Viking ship?Bumble bees are a vital part of our lives and Earth's ecosystems, so much so that we've commercialized their breeding and shipped them across states, countries, and ecosystems for our benefit. However, all of that human interference has consequences. Bumble bees are pushing out native species and altering ecosystems worldwide. Pesticide use has led to the spread of disease in local colonies. And some species may be disappearing entirely.The Beekeepers is an expertly researched overview of bumble bees -- from hive hierarchies to how their brains work -- and the passionate humans and scientists who are fighting for their survival. With a thoughtful and accessible voice, researcher Dana Church introduces readers to the fascinating world of bumble bees, how and why some are thriving while others are floundering, and how both experts and regular citizens are working to ensure their future. Equal parts endearing, frustrating, and hopeful, this scientific narrative is essential for readers looking to understand and make an impact on our changing world.


Then I went on to Ear Tickling and Hair Climbing, which made them squeak a bit. The things they liked best were Finger Balancing and Hanging From the Pencil ...

Author: Alison Prince

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446498705


Page: 64

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Bumble the hamster, so called because of his big bum, belongs to Rosie. He knows it's his job to keep Rosie happy. He entertains her with Pocket Diving, Ear Tickling and Finger Balancing. But when he tries Hide and Seek, Rosie's parents panic and insist Bumble has to stay in his cage. Rosie still feeds him delicious things, but Bumble's getting bored - and fat! Then mice arrive in the house. Rosie's parents are horrified, Rosie isn't happy - and Bumble is frantic. if things go on like this, he'll lose his job. He has to come up with a plan, and quickly...

Bumble Bees of North AmericaBumble Bees of North America

Properly identifying a fast-moving bumble bee to species level requires a bit ofpractice, patience, and some tried-and-true techniques.

Author: Paul H. Williams

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400851188


Page: 208

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The essential guide for identifying the bumble bees of North America More than ever before, there is widespread interest in studying bumble bees and the critical role they play in our ecosystems. Bumble Bees of North America is the first comprehensive guide to North American bumble bees to be published in more than a century. Richly illustrated with color photographs, diagrams, range maps, and graphs of seasonal activity patterns, this guide allows amateur and professional naturalists to identify all 46 bumble bee species found north of Mexico and to understand their ecology and changing geographic distributions. The book draws on the latest molecular research, shows the enormous color variation within species, and guides readers through the many confusing convergences between species. It draws on a large repository of data from museum collections and presents state-of-the-art results on evolutionary relationships, distributions, and ecological roles. Illustrated keys allow identification of color morphs and social castes. A landmark publication, Bumble Bees of North America sets the standard for guides and the study of these important insects. The best guide yet to the 46 recognized bumble bee species in North America north of Mexico Up-to-date taxonomy includes previously unpublished results Detailed distribution maps Extensive keys identify the many color patterns of species


"We'll go outside for a bit, son. Do you have homework?" Aedan asked. "No, Dad. They let us out today at noon, when we found out about the murder.

Author: Connie Suttle

Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781634780582


Page: 217

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"Ashe, no matter how hard he tried, couldn't produce a single scale, feather, talon or patch of fur." In the paranormal community of Cloud Chief, Oklahoma, twelve-year-old Ashe Evans is a failure. Born to a shapeshifting mother and a vampire father, he should be passing his Transformational Arts classes easily. Sadly, Ashe can't seem to become anything other than himself. Principal Billings, a werewolf, is threatening to send Ashe to a human school if he doesn't transform soon. Ashe's personal troubles are soon forgotten when a seventeen-year-old werewolf is found dead behind his rural home. Someone is killing those with ties to the human world and Ashe finds himself a target. Will he solve the mystery of the murders or will he become the killer's latest victim?

Fumble the Bumble BeeFumble the Bumble Bee

Where to find flowers with something to drink ? I have to go farther , and try a bit harder . " PER 9 At last Fumble Bumble was very certain , When.

Author: Judy Kazz

Publisher: Judy Kazz

ISBN: 1412079888


Page: 21

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Meet Fumble, the adorable bumble-bee who fumbles and bumbles her way into adventure. Her first book is educational, fun to read and perfect for helping children acquire/strengthen reading skills.

Bumble and Snug and the Angry PiratesBumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates

I think that the wind is picking up I'm going a bit... to eat 100 ice creams... Bumble, I REALLY think that we should turn around. And ride a donkey!

Author: Mark Bradley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444958041


Page: 144

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Best friends Bumble and Snug are Bugbops - little monsters filled with BIG feelings! Join them on imaginative comic adventures while they encounter pirates, unicorns, ghosts and lots of other magical creatures, learning about the world outside and inside along the way. Bumble and Snug are going on a big adventure to ... have a picnic! But when they accidentally get lost, they're both cross - is their adventure ruined? Working together to find their way home, Bumble and Snug come across a pirate treasure horde. But taking treasure that isn't yours is a good way to get into trouble, and sure enough some VERY angry pirates aren't far behind. Bumble and Snug are certain they can replace the treasure, and fix things to make everybody happy. But there's another monstrous obstacle in store - and this one has TENTACLES. Bumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates is a story about being cross and how to listen, friendship and sandcastles, and one GIANT octopus! Perfect for readers just starting to enjoy stories independently, and for kids to share with their grown-ups. For fans of Narwhal and Jelly and Mr Men.

Bea Bumble and the trollBea Bumble and the troll

However, there was an interesting bit she could read - how hot water kills a troll. She came to room A16. Marit was waiting for her.

Author: Christopher Bourne

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781291521436


Page: 184

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Bea Bumble's parents are killed in a car crash. She has to go and live with her Grandfather in Norway. Up a mountain she finds a magical bag that belongs to a shape-shifting troll called Isaac, and he wants it back.

The Bumble Bee MiracleThe Bumble Bee Miracle

Once we calmed down a bit (my prayers were answered), I told them that we needed to let the rest of the family know, but when we tell them, ...

Author: Nina H. Anderson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453550313


Page: 107

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Did you know that there are different types of breast cancer? Did you know that you can have breast cancer without having a lump? Did you know that all breast cancers do not show up on a mammogram or an ultrasound? Have you ever heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer? Nina Anderson, the author of this book, would have answered no to all of the above questions. If she had known some of these facts, she would have been more suspicious about her symptoms. She was a very health conscious individual. She had a mammogram and Pap test every year and did monthly self breast examinations. When she started having swelling, an inverted nipple, redness and a fever in her right breast, the last thing she ever suspected was that she might have breast cancer. She had hardly ever been sick in her entire life until she was diagnosed with this very aggressive and lethal form of breast cancer known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This book is the story of her dreadful ordeal and miraculous survival. Nina considers the sequence of events that led to her early diagnosis a miracle that saved her life. Many women do not survive IBC because there is no lump involved and it cannot be detected by a mammogram or ultrasound. The only way to get a conclusive diagnosis is to perform a surgical biopsy of the breast and skin tissue. The symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (abbreviated as IBC) are similar to a breast infection known as mastitis. Most women are diagnosed with mastitis or cellulitis and treated with antibiotics for two to three months. By that time IBC is so aggressive that it has spread to other organs of the body and is in the final stage of breast cancer. The details of her diagnosis and the eleven months of treatment that followed are chronicled in this amazing story of survival. During her very first chemotherapy treatment, an incident involving a bumble bee instilled a hope in Nina that would help to sustain her during the long, grueling months of treatment. She shares her experience in an effort to inform every woman about the symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer and how to cope and fight the disease. It is her hope that this book will save lives. No woman should have to suffer the consequences of this disease because she has never heard of IBC or didnt know about the symptoms. Nina also wants to give every woman who is diagnosed with IBC the hope that YOU CAN SURVIVE. Here is an excerpt from her book: CHAPTER ONE THE MONTH OF APRIL RARE ENCOUNTERS OF THE INTIMATE KIND You know how when you get past fifty years old, those intimate moments with your spouse are few and far between? Well thats kind of how it was with us. But it was one of those rare evenings when things just seemed to fall in place and it happened! Afterwards my husband, Richard, said that something wasnt right with my right breast. I told him that I had already noticed it and that I thought I might have mastitis. He had no idea what that was, so I explained that it was an infection of the mammary glands which you can sometimes have when you are breastfeeding. I had some redness and swelling and the breast had felt kind of feverish for about a week or two. I told him I guess I would have to make an appointment with my gynecologist and get some antibiotics. It was kind of aggravating to be going through menopause and have to deal with a breast infection. I promised that as much as I hated going to the doctor, I would make an appointment the next day. When I woke up the next morning, the breast was so swollen that the nipple had inverted. I remembered when I was breast feeding that this same thing had happened when it was feeding time. The breasts would fill with milk and the right nipple would become an inny instead of an outy. I would have to use a nipple shield in order for the baby to be able to n

Do You Know What Do You Know What

BIT. OF. BUMBLE. Notes. on. David. Lloyd. I loved David Lloyd so much when I played cricket, and still do. He was just a brilliant man-manager.

Author: Andrew Flintoff

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781788700450


Page: 304

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What's the worst that can happen? Are there aliens out there somewhere? What happens when I die? In Do You Know What?, our favourite sportsman-turned-comedian-slash-leftfield-thinker Freddie Flintoff expels an eclectic and entertaining smorgasbord of anecdotes, impressions, reflections, ruminations, musings, cogitations, observations, rants, confessions and pearls of wisdom on all aspects of life's rich tapestry. As a prolific philosopher of life's most unfathomable questions, Freddie uses his own inexplicable experiences - from the sublime: giving up booze, shopping in Poundland with his family, exploring the wonders of the universe with his mates; to the ridiculous: wrestling with WWE's finest, singing in a musical on the West End, pranking teammates - to help us all gain the comfort of his life mantra: What's the worst that can happen? Do You Know What? is an unexpectedly helpful, occasionally silly and absorbing brain dump on life and everything it holds, from one of Britain's most-loved national treasures.

Bumble BeeBumble Bee

The illustrator (Daniel Jarc) and I created Bumble Bee while deployed to ... Bumble Bee was written as a way to bring a little bit of lighthearted fun into ...

Author: Amber L. Batie

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496932815


Page: 22

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The purpose of Bumble Bee (book title, Bumble Bee in italics) is to foster an environment that encourages parent-child interaction. As the author, I also want to expand the knowledge of every reader. It is my understanding that if a child hears a larger word early in their development they are more likely to grasp an advanced vocabulary as they develop. My goal throughout Bumble Bee (book title, Bumble Bee in italics) is to engage all readers, including parents, so that everyone enjoys themselves throughout the book. I have composed an upbeat tempo and expanded vocabulary to accomplish my hopes and desires for this book. The illustrator has created drawings that are bright, fun and whimsical to pull in and capture the attention of your little one.

Schoolboy Servant GWR ApprenticeSchoolboy Servant GWR Apprentice

I felt a bit sorry for old Bumble. He never recovered his good spirits that evening. But the ways of the transgressor are hard. One day I saw what I thought ...

Author: David Wilkins

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750983334


Page: 160

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Alfred Plumley, son of a coachman, was born in 1874 in Somerset’s Mendip Hills. Written in his old age, this memoir of his youth was discovered in an auction sale. In it, Alfred vividly describes his country childhood and first job as a serving boy at the grand house on the hill above his village. At age 16, Alfred decides to improve his prospects by ‘going on the railway’ and is sent to a tiny village station on the Somerset coast. He quickly comes to love his new life and, undeterred by an unhappy temporary posting to the grim and chaotic engine yards of Bristol, ends up spending forty-five years as a GWR employee. Alfred writes charmingly, and always with the authentic voice of a West Country lad. His memoir has been edited by David Wilkins who adds just the right amount of detail to place the story in its proper historical context.