5 Minute Parenting Fixes5 Minute Parenting Fixes

Many of us turn to the internet when we want a snap answer to a parenting dilemma, but how do we determine what is reliable information? This book is the antidote to those overwhelming search engine results.

Author: Liat Hughes Joshi


ISBN: 1786852470


Page: 192

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We all have busy lives but want to be the best parent to our child, without compromise. Many of us turn to the internet when we want a snap answer to a parenting dilemma, but how do we determine what is reliable information? This book is the antidote to those overwhelming search engine results. It's a one-stop source for time-poor parents who need reliable, tried and tested advice on all the parenting conundrums from classic to topical, such as: What's the best way to encourage good behaviour? How can I ensure my child has a healthy body image. How can I ensure they do their homework with minimal fuss? How can I get my children to play nicely together instead of fight? With no-nonsense solutions, each designed to be read in less than 5 minutes, this book will help to boost your confidence when making important parenting decisions.

5 Minute Parenting Fixes5 Minute Parenting Fixes

Many of us turn to the internet when we want a snap answer to a parenting dilemma, but how do we determine what is reliable information? This book is the antidote to those overwhelming search engine results.

Author: Liat Hughes Joshi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510741553


Page: 192

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We all have busy lives but want to be the best parent to our child, without compromise. Many of us turn to the internet when we want a snap answer to a parenting dilemma, but how do we determine what is reliable information? This book is the antidote to those overwhelming search engine results. It’s a one-stop source for time-poor parents who need reliable, tried and tested advice on all the parenting conundrums from classic to topical, such as: What’s the best way to encourage good behavior? How can I ensure my child has a healthy body image. How can I ensure they do their homework with minimal fuss? How can I get my children to play nicely together instead of fight? With no-nonsense solutions, each designed to be read in less than 5 minutes, this book will help to boost your confidence when making important parenting decisions.

The Doctors 5 Minute Health FixesThe Doctors 5 Minute Health Fixes

Parenting infants and toddlers is incredibly physical work—the lifting, the carrying, the rocking, the not sleeping. Yet all of these daily tasks of nurturing and the physical closeness that they bring are what communicate our love to ...

Author: The Doctors

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781605291093


Page: 352

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Paging Dr. Jim, Dr. Travis, Dr. Lisa, and Dr. Drew! America needs your help—and your 5-minute health fixes. If you are like many, you probably think you just don't have time to be healthy: It's too much work, and there's just too much conflicting information out there. Both leave you feeling powerless. But the best doctors know that an informed patient is a healthy patient. So before you lift your hands in defeat, know that great health is just a page away—and much easier to achieve than you think. After combing the very latest medical literature, the Doctors have isolated the seven factors that have been linked to the most vibrant, happiest, longest lives. The secret? Each body system (heart, brain, gut, skin) can be vastly improved with very small shifts in your lifestyle—most of which take less than five minutes to do. And whether it's adding cinnamon to your coffee to balance blood sugar, sipping cold water through a straw to nix nicotine cravings, or brushing and flossing your teeth before you eat each morning to prevent heart disease, all are easy fixes that anyone can make. Utilizing the show's dynamic expert hosts, and based on interviews and research from the top authorities in multiple disciplines, The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes is the one-stop source for readers looking for comprehensive, top-notch self-care advice and novel, cutting-edge tips, trivia, and information. Use these helpers as building blocks, and before you know it you're easily on your way to 24-hour health . . . while preventing disease, reversing aging, getting the most out of your annual checkup, and looking fantastic.

How to Survive the School LockdownHow to Survive the School Lockdown

5-MINUTE PARENTING FIXES Quick Tips and Advice for the Everyday Challenges of Raising Children Liat Hughes Joshi ISBN: 978178685 594 7 (ePub), 978178685 5954 (Mobi) We all have busy lives but want to be the best parent to our child, ...

Author: Verity Davidson

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 9781787837751


Page: 160

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Say bye-bye to boredom! School’s out – a time that many parents dread. How is it possible to keep kids from staring at screens or complaining there is nothing to do all day? This survival guide is here to help. It’s packed with brilliant and inexpensive activities to engage young minds and create awesome memories. From outdoor pursuits to indoor amusements, solo crafting to group games, there’s inspiration in these pages to get you through the lockdown.

15 Minute Parenting the Teenage Years15 Minute Parenting the Teenage Years

5. The Problem with Problem-Solving Throughout my 15-Minute Parenting series I have encouraged you to resist jumping in to rescue your children from every struggle or problem they experience and to resist adopting a fix or change agenda ...

Author: Joanna Fortune

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781800190924



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‘When I tried Joanna’s approach during the first lockdown, I was both comforted and excited by how such a small change could have such a big impact.’ Dr. Suzanne McClean Parenting through the teenage years can be challenging and overwhelming. With over twenty years of clinical practice, psychotherapist and parenting expert Joanna Fortune has devised a simple and proven 15-Minute parenting model packed with practical, playful and creative communication techniques to strengthen your relationship with your teenager. Is it really possible to play with your teenager? Well, the answer is yes. Not only is it possible, it is a crucial to nurturing the surge in growth and brain development in this stage of childhood. Combining neurological insights into the key stages of adolescence with a road map for playful connection, Joanna shows you how to navigate your way through the teenage years and adolescent behaviour including how to: Build self-esteem and confidence Establish a relationship of trust and respect Encourage emotional resilience Deal with mental illness including anxiety Handle teenage friendships and when they turn toxic Brave conversations about sex, gender and sexuality Tackle the dark side of social media 15-Minute Parenting The Teenage Years is a vital toolkit that will enable you to better understand your relationship with your children as they grow and ensure that your parenting is growing with them. 15-Minute Parenting 0 – 7 Years and 15-Minute Parenting 8 – 12 Years are also available now! Read what everyone is saying about the 15-Minute Parenting series: As featured in Grazia's 21 of the Best Parenting Books in 2020 'Joanna's books give you every answer to every question you have as a parent with practical methods to tackle every obstacle and connect with your child and help them flourish.' Madeleine Shaw ‘Now that we have to be teachers and coaches as well as parents — and feel guilty and overburdened — it’s the perfect time for psychotherapist Joanna Fortune’s new book.’ Sunday Independent ‘In an “Age of Anxiety” for parents, Joanna was able to dispense reassuring advice and practical tips from her 15 Minute Parenting Model for time-pressed parents who want the very best for their children’s development and well-being.’ Marena Duffy, Chairperson of Cuidiu (the National Parent to Parent Voluntary support network) Dublin North West 'Makes you reflect on your own childhood and how this can influence your parenting. Some interesting and thought-provoking sections.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Absolutely love this! I’ve read multiple parenting books as a daddy blogger and this is BY FAR one of my favourites!’ Amazon Reviewer ‘A must read for all parents! Absolutely loving this book. Joanna has a no frills, relaxed attitude towards parenting and brings fun into it. She made me realise that we don't need to question ourselves as much as we do.' Amazon Reviewer ‘It’s expert advice but advice that’s accessible and smart and actually kind of fun. All the exercises are easily implemented and kids respond to them immediately. A parenting book can seem like “work” after a long day, but this book is well broken down so that whatever crisis you’re dealing with today you can jump straight to the few pages (and solutions) about that issue.’ Amazon Reviewer ‘Simple and effective. Totally love this book, such simple creative and inspiring ideas on how to just come back to your kids in this crazy busy world we live in. Fabulous chapter on relationships covering how to stay connected to your partner which I feel gets left out from other books I’ve read.' Amazon Reviewer ‘A gentle and kind book...Certainly think it can help parents that feel they can’t find their own way back.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Treating the Traumatized ChildTreating the Traumatized Child

TABLE 4.1 Parent or Caregiver Motivational Phone Call Script (continued) Question #4: What do you think will ... [Estimated time of completion = 3–5 minutes] Question #5: Question #6: Closing Remarks Village inquiry question TABLE 4.2 ...

Author: Scott P. Sells

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826171887


Page: 392

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"This book builds upon my early work and the work and others by offering a comprehensive guide to practitioners interested in facing and helping to heal trauma and manage the drama systemically with a special focus on children and adolescents. The FST Model is a contribution to the fields of trauma, family sciences, and human development practice." --Charles R. Figley, PhD; Kurzweg Chair in Disaster Mental Health at Tulane University in New Orleans This is the first book that addresses trauma treatment for child and adolescents using a Family Systems Trauma (FST) model which goes beyond individual therapy to include the child and their entire family. Co-written by a renowned family therapist who created the Parenting with Love and Limits® model, it delivers a research-based , step-by-step approach that incorporates the child’s immediate family along with their extended family to treat the traumatized child or adolescent. Using a "stress chart," the child or adolescent's trauma symptoms are quickly identified. This strategy guides therapists in accurately diagnosing root causes of the child's trauma and culminates in the creation of co-created "wound playbooks" to heal trauma in both the child as well as other family members. Additional helpful features include extensive case examples, a menu of trauma techniques, wound playbook examples, evaluation forms, client handouts, and other practical tools to provide the therapist with a complete guide to implementing this approach. Child and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists working in a variety of settings will find this book a valuable resource. Key Features: Provides a step-by-step, practice focused, time-limited model Uses a family systems approach for addressing child and adolescent trauma--the only book of its kind Includes useful tools such as checklists, client handouts, and evaluation forms

Hockey Sucks Let s Fix ItHockey Sucks Let s Fix It

My generation of parents would tell the kids to go outside after breakfast and they really didn't care too much ... I grew up in a place where you could watch Ronald's mom warm the station wagon up for 5 minutes while she smoked a dart.

Author: Michael Munro

Publisher: Blue Swell Books

ISBN: 9781988257143


Page: 250

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The game of hockey has drastically changed over the past two decades and not for the better. Gone are the days of goal scorers, stick handlers, tough guys and passers. When they left so did the excitement and the unexpected. Now it is a game played by drones in exactly the same fashion by every team. Former hockey reporter Michael Munro examines the impact manufactured hockey players are having on the National Hockey League and its feeder systems. In this Western based critique Munro explains how the NHL ended up eliminating goal scorers and entertainers with a series of rule changes and management decisions. And it is a discussion of how Canada lost its role as the dominant hockey nation and started developing only supporting players and not lead actors. An honest and sometimes disturbing 250 page essay that is a must read for anyone who loves hockey and wants to see it become a global success.


If any of the following: loss of developmental skills at any age; concern about vision, fixing, or following an object ... min Parents' evaluation of Developmental Status 0–96 Parent report 10 items http://www.pedstest.com 2–5 min Child ...

Author: Asher B. Simon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118654279


Page: 440

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The Mount Sinai Expert Guides, published by Wiley and endorsed by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, provide rapid access, point-of-care clinical information on the most common diseases in a range of different therapeutic areas. Each title focuses on a different speciality and emphasis throughout is on providing rapid-access, clear clinical guidance to aid physicians with point-of-care management of their patients. Each title is edited by a renowned specialist from Mount Sinai, normally the Chair of the department, who is responsible for recruiting key faculty members to author the chapters. A chapter template has been developed to which each chapter author must adhere, so as to ensure complete consistency across all the chapters in each book and also across every book in the series. Accompanying each book is a companion website containing accessory materials such as case studies, video clips, MCQs, patient advice and PQRI/ICD codes. Mount Sinai Expert Guides: Psychiatry will provide specialist trainees and recently qualified specialists in psychiatry with an extremely clinical, affordable and accessible handbook covering the specialty. It will be used as both a point-of-care resource in the hospital and clinical setting, and also as a refresher guide during preparation for board exams and re-certification. Focused on providing 100% clinical guidance on the most common conditions that psychologists encounter, it will present the very best in expert information in an attractive, easy to navigate informative and well-structured manner, with features such as key points, potential pitfalls, management algorithms, and national/international guidelines on treatment.

Vaccine ProtocolsVaccine Protocols

Once the gel is fixed, oxidize the LPS for 5 min by replacing the fixing solution with 200 mL of oxidizing solution. ... The intact parental plasmid provides a suitable positive control, and should give confluent growth on selective ...

Author: Andrew Robinson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781592593996


Page: 414

View: 474

This extensively revised, updated, and expanded second edition of a classic laboratory manual applies new understanding of molecular mechanisms to the rational design and development of vaccines. Here the working researcher will find readily reproducible techniques for the development and production of live attenuated vaccines, and vaccines based on inactivated toxins, peptides, and polysaccharide conjugates.

The Parent FixThe Parent Fix

When Parents Change . . . Kids Change Maggie Stevens ... Here are a few ideas from Spencer Johnson, author of The One-Minute Father. ... 5. I stop talking for a few seconds. The silence lets them feel the good feeling themselves. 6.

Author: Maggie Stevens

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 9781939629838


Page: 220

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Have you ever tried to change another person? If you have, you probably know it is next to impossible. Most parenting books teach parents how to change the child. The Parent Fix focuses on the parents, emphasizing a parent’s need to change to inspire family improvement. If our greatest joys and sorrows come from family relationships, are we truly happy when we are in control of our loved ones? That deep joy we are searching for comes as we watch those we love learn lessons that change their own lives. To have this change it is the parent who must change. In today’s age of troubled youth, broken families, and mixed messages from the media, our families are fighting a tough battle to succeed. With the increase in drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, gang violence, and teenage suicide, many of our families are failing. Parents need help. There is power in parenting—correct parenting. Rather than focusing on the kids, as so many other self-help books do,The Parent Fix stresses that when parents change, kids change. Focusing on key principles like correct judgement, taking time, education and more, Stevens provides concrete ways parents can change their own behavior to improve the behavior of their children. As a mother, Maggie spent years researching and found the answers needed to successfully raise five children. With over thirty years of practical experience, Maggie knows the answers that make a difference. When parents change . . . kids change.

Win Win ParentingWin Win Parenting

I know that you'll find a way to fix this when you're ready. ... “You could fold the laundry or give me a neck and shoulder massage (something that takes 3 to 5 minutes; not any longer). Which would you prefer?” ' 2.

Author: Marylynne White

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457507601


Page: 248

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MaryLynne White has a Master's degree in early childhood and family development. She has over twenty years' experience working as a parenting coach and counselor with children and their parents. She has also spent time in the "trenches" working as a professional nanny in a home with five children, ages 7 to 13 years of age. Through her work, she recognized that many "traditional" parenting techniques did not work very well. She developed a "toolbox" of simple ways to help parents guide their children's negative behaviors into more positive whereby everyone wins and feels happier. These proven techniques work for all children, regardless of their personalities. Her easy going, informal manner can be seen on her website at www.Win-WinParenting.com or her Youtube videos. She also has another website devoted to parenting the child with attachment problems at www.therapeuticparenting.com. This book offers easy to understand, sometimes different parenting techniques to help create a WIN-WIN atmosphere in your home. It shows how to raise respectful, responsible and happy children without the arguments and frustrations. It explains why children behave the way they do. WIN-WIN Parenting provides a road map on how parents can feel more successful, confident and loving when raising children. The book addresses specific behavior problems, with examples, along with common parental responses to them. Developmental reasons are given to explain the children's behaviors. Finally, specific parenting techniques are shared that are guaranteed to change children's behaviors. You will discover: How to get your kids to do things without nagging How to stay calm even when your child is having a melt down How to have fun as a parent without feeling frustrated, angry or impatient How to parent so everyone in the family WINS "

Cardiac Cell and Gene TransferCardiac Cell and Gene Transfer

Briefly, isolated cardiac myocytes are fixed with 4% buffered formaldehyde for 5 min. ... The packaging plasmids and parental transfer vector plasmids were kindly provided by Dr. Luigi Naldini (Institute for Cancer Research and ...

Author: Joseph M. Metzger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781592593507


Page: 253

View: 431

A panel of leading scientific experts detail novel techniques and strategies for the cellular and genetic modification of heart function. The highly experienced authors provide step-by-step protocols for vector production and purification, for gene and cell delivery techniques, and for physiological assessment in vivo and in vitro. Timely, authoritative, and state-of-the-art, Cardiac Cell and Gene Transfer: Principles, Protocols, and Applications constitutes an invaluable guide to all the new cellular and genebased technologies needed by basic and clinical investigators working to illuminate today's unanswered questions about heart disease and ultimately to improve the heart performance in all their patients.

Quick Fix Gluten FreeQuick Fix Gluten Free

When I was a young child, my parents owned a small cottage on Cape Cod. ... I am often reminded of one place in particular, which was just a 5-minute bike ride from our cottage but one I would have walked to for miles in the pouring ...

Author: Robert Landolphi

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9781449402938


Page: 184

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A volume of one hundred easy-to-prepare recipes provides for every meal of the day and includes a variety of internationally inspired dishes, favorite comfort foods, and desserts.

Quick Fix Cooking with RoadkillQuick Fix Cooking with Roadkill

Kids love pizza, and parents do, too, because making pizza is easy and fun. Pizza counters estimate that every American man, woman, ... Cook for 5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Serves four hungry party animals.

Author: Buck Peterson

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9781449401993


Page: 160

View: 704

Move over Rachael Ray. Smash car driver and redneck culinary authority Buck "Buck" Peterson follows up The Original Road Kill Cookbook with more than 50 new roadkill recipes inside Quick-Fix Cooking with Roadkill. Created for culinary cruisers on the go, each recipe can be prepared in less than 30 minutes after its roadside procurement. Consider ditch-divining recipes such as Perky Jerky, Corned Carnage and Cabbage, Freeway Frittata, Backed-Over Baby Back Ribs, Pavement Panini, and Tar-Tare. Also included are sample tasting menus for breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, dinners, and holiday meals, as well as entertaining tips on where to shop, how to tell when an animal has given up the ghost, and how to pair your roadkill with wine. Nothing is left to chance, except your next culinary roadkill junction. So, when there's a fork in the road, why not pick it up and eat what's found nearby.

Picky Parent Guide Choose Your Child s School with ConfidencePicky Parent Guide Choose Your Child s School with Confidence

Estimated Time: 2 minutes ➤ Use the Child Needs Summary on page 38 to get a quick fix on whether Fit Factors #3 and 4 may be Must Haves for your child. Estimated Time: 5 minutes ➤ Use the Know Your Child's Needs table starting on page ...

Author: Bryan C. Hassel

Publisher: Armchair Press

ISBN: 9780974462776


Page: 451

View: 169

Picky Parent Guide: Choose Your Child's School with Confidence, the Elementary Years (K-6), is the definitive action manual and reference guide for parents of school-age children. It is the first complete, high quality book that combines: 1. A thorough discussion of child and family needs in schools. 2. Research based guidance on school quality, regardless of school type. 3. A complete toolkit to organize the choice process for parents. Picky Parent Guide contains 22 Confident Choice Tools, checklists, and tables that organize and simplify the whole process. Readers can create customized lists of questions to ask principals, teachers and other parents when visiting schools based on their own unique child and family needs. The authors, nationally recognized school choice experts and parents of school-age children, Bryan C. Hassel, Ph.D. and Emily Ayscue Hassel have advised leaders from the school house to the White House. Here they help you get what your child deserves from school.

Parents Magazine s The Best Advice I Ever GotParents Magazine s The Best Advice I Ever Got

1,023 Fast Fixes, Simple Solutions, and Wise Ideas for Raising Kids Sally Lee. Spell Out the Rules Ahead of Time Whenever my 4 - year ... If your daughter is unkind to her friend a second time , send her to her room for 5 minutes .

Author: Sally Lee

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 1579543340


Page: 432

View: 317

A guide to raising confident and happy children provides information on children's nutritional needs, health and safety, discipline, and child-friendly educational and recreational games.

Seed DispersalSeed Dispersal

Our approach to measuring movement We use continuous radio-telemetry, i.e. long sequences of telemetry 'fixes' with ... six simultaneous bearings are used to estimate each fix and we strove to keep the interval between fixes at ≤5 min.

Author: Andrew J. Dennis

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845931667


Page: 702

View: 992

Fresh concepts in the study of seed dispersal are spurring a host of exciting new questions, new answers to old questions, new methods and approaches, and a reinvigoration of the field.Seed Dispersal: Theory and its Application in a Changing World presents both recent advances and reviews of current knowledge demonstrating the vigour and vibrancy of the field. It provides new perspectives and directions at a time when efforts to meet growing environmental challenges threatening natural systems are of utmost importance.

Handbook of Psychiatric GeneticsHandbook of Psychiatric Genetics

PCR gems ( Perkin - Elmer Cetus ) were added to each sample and a hot - start of 80 ° C for 5 min , 25 ° C for 2 min ... 20 % trichloroacetic acid fixing solution for 5 min . at 20 ° C ; 5 % glutardialdehyde sensitization solution for 6 ...

Author: Kenneth Blum

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849344867


Page: 512

View: 414

Psychiatric genetics is an exciting new discipline that explores how our minds and behavior are influenced by our genes. Increased interest in this area of medical genetics has been sparked by advances in molecular genetic techniques, the genome project, the neurosciences, the role of genes in somatic diseases, and the linking of specific genes with complex mental disorders. This Handbook is the definitive resource on this complex, and sometimes controversial, new field.

Does Compliance Matter in Special Education Does Compliance Matter in Special Education

For instance, about 5 minutes into the meeting, Cynthia told the parents, “Any time you are unhappy or feel uncomfortable, just call a special education meeting and we [the school] will fix the issue.” The parents were grateful for the ...

Author: Catherine Voulgarides

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807776889



View: 326

This book asks a question that many educators may think, but won’t say out loud: Does compliance with IDEA legislation matter? The author acknowledges that, while compliance with IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) is important, it can also be an administrative burden that detracts from practitioners’ capacity to adequately serve students with disabilities. Using data collected from three suburban school districts, Voulgarides helps us to understand how compliance with IDEA intersects with decades of evidence of racial inequities in student outcomes. This timely and thought-provoking book unpacks the civil rights history of IDEA, examines the impact of its procedural focus on educational practice, and questions why racial inequities in special education persist despite good intentions by policymakers, educators, and school personnel. “This important book addresses critical issues related to the education of students with disabilities and makes the case for why new approaches are needed to ensure that the educational needs of all children are met. Insightful and well researched, this book will be an invaluable resource for educators everywhere.” —Pedro A. Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies “This book provides a necessary discussion of racial/ethnic disproportionality and its intersection with special education policy, particularly forcing us to consider a critical question of IDEA: is it enough? Voulgarides shares an amazing description of how policy, individual actors, political forces, and racial/ethnic dynamics operate within a school district and unintentionally result in racial disparities. This is a necessary read for special education policy champions.” —Edward Fergus, Temple University