2000 Essential English Verbs2000 Essential English Verbs

This is the only reference you need to master English verbs. This book will help you learn tenses, irregular verbs, usage, phrasal verbs, and even commonly used idiomatic expressions.

Author: Louise Stracke


ISBN: 1400023122


Page: 409

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This is the only reference you need to master English verbs. This book will help you learn tenses, irregular verbs, usage, phrasal verbs, and even commonly used idiomatic expressions.

2 000 plus essential English verbs2 000 plus essential English verbs

This is the only reference you need to master English verbs. This book will help you learn tenses, irregular verbs, usage, phrasal verbs, and even commonly used idiomatic expressions.

Author: Louise Stracke

Publisher: Living Language

ISBN: 9781400023127


Page: 409

View: 737

This is the only reference you need to master English verbs. This book will help you learn tenses, irregular verbs, usage, phrasal verbs, and even commonly used idiomatic expressions.

2 000 Essential English Verbs2 000 Essential English Verbs

Whether you are learning English as a second language or are a native speaker studying grammar,2000+ English Verbsmakes learning verbs simple conjugations, tenses, irregulars, and even conversation. 2000+ English Verbsilluminates the most ...

Author: Living Language

Publisher: Living Language

ISBN: 1400006554


Page: 409

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Whether you are learning English as a second language or are a native speaker studying grammar,2000+ English Verbsmakes learning verbs simple conjugations, tenses, irregulars, and even conversation. 2000+ English Verbsilluminates the most common, the most contemporary, and the most complex English verbs. It includes lessons, idioms, hundreds of examples of verbs in use, all possible verb tenses, and verbs that have only recently entered the English language.

Witty American Accent Wiser English WordsWitty American Accent Wiser English Words

2000+ Essential English Verbs. New York, NY: Living language – Random House Company, 2006. Strausser, Jeffrey. Painless Writing.

Author: Dr. Dominique Nguyen





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A Communication Guidebook for Business and Technical Managers who Speak English as a Second Language (ESL) and Aspire to Communicate Successfully with Their U.S. Peers and Customers

2000 Essential Korean Words Intermediate2000 Essential Korean Words Intermediate

2000 Essential Korean Words - Intermediate Author : Hyun-mi Shin, Hee-jung Lee, Sang-min Lee Book page : 536 pages Supplement : MP3 CD About This Book This book covers a total of approximately 2,000 words according to the following criteria ...

Author: 신현미, 이희정, 이상민

Publisher: Darakwon

ISBN: 9788927750628


Page: 536

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도서에 포함된 MP3(CD) 음원은 다락원 홈페이지(www.darakwon.co.kr)에서 무료 다운로드 가능합니다. 2000개의 중급 필수 어휘를 한 권으로 만난다! ・ 중급 학습자에게 꼭 필요한 한국어 어휘 2,000여 개 수록 ・ 유용한 어휘를 영어, 중국어, 일본어 번역과 함께 제시 ・ 풍부한 참고어를 통해 혼동하기 쉬운 표현까지 완벽 마스터 ・ MP3 CD를 통해 듣기와 말하기 연습까지 한번에 머리말 Introduction 4 이 책의 구성 및 활용 6 How to use this book 01 인간 People·人·人間 1 감정 Emotions•感情•感情 16 Let’s Check 2 인지능력 Cognitive Ability•认知能力•認知能力 29 Let’s Check 3 의사소통 Communication•沟通•コミュニケーション 41 Let’s Check 4 성격 Personality•性格•性格 49 Let’s Check 5 외모 Appearance•外貌•外見 58 6 인생 Life•人生•人生 61 Let’s Check 7 인간관계 Human Relationships•人际关系•人間関係 68 Let’s Check 8 태도 Attitude•态度•態度 81 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 心 a mind•心•心 96 02 행동 Actions·行动·行動 1 손/발 관련 동작 Actions Using Hands/Feet•与手/脚相关的动作•手足にかかわる動作 98 Let’s Check 2 눈/코/입 관련 동작 Actions Using Eyes/Nose/Mouth• 与眼睛/鼻子/ 嘴相关的动作•目/鼻/口にかかわる動作 111 3 몸 관련 동작 Actions Using Body•与身体相关的动作•体にかかわる動作 116 Let’s Check 4 이동 Movement•移动•移動 120 5 준비/과정/결과 Preparation/Progress/Results•准备/过程/结果•準備/過程/結果 124 Let’s Check 6 피동 Passive•被动•受身 131 Let’s Check 7 사동 Causative•使动•使役 142 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 生 a life•生•生 152 03 성질/양 Quality/Quantity·性质/量·性質/量 1 상태 Condition•状态•状態 154 Let’s Check 2 정도 Degree•程度•程度 167 Let’s Check 3 증감 Increase and Decrease•增减•増減 181 Let’s Check 4 수량/크기/범위 Amount/Size/Scope•数量/大小/范围• 数量/大きさ/範囲 188 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 性 a character•性•性 202 04 지식/교육 Knowledge/Education· 知识/教育·知識/教育 1 학문 Studies•学问•学問 204 2 연구/보고서 Research/Reports•研究/报告•研究/レポート 210 Let’s Check 3 학교 생활 School Life•学校生活•学校生活 221 Let’s Check 4 수업/시험 Classes/Exams•课业/考试•授業/テスト 233 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 敎 to teach•敎•教 243 05 의식주 Necessities of Life ·衣食住·衣食住 1 의생활 Clothing•着装生活•衣生活 246 Let’s Check 2 식생활 Diet•饮食生活•食生活 252 Let’s Check 3 요리 재료 Cooking Ingredients•料理材料•食材 259 4 조리 방법 Cooking Method•烹饪方法•調理方法 263 Let’s Check 5 주거 생활 Residential Life•住居生活•住生活 268 6 주거 공간/생활용품 Residence/Daily Supplies•居住空间/生活用品• 住居空間/生活用品 275 7 집 주위 환경 Neighborhood •寓所周边环境•家のまわりの環境 283 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 品 a thing•品•品 288 06 날씨/생활 Weather/Life·天气/生活·天気/生活 1 일기예보 Weather Forecast•天气预报•天気予報 290 2 여가 활동 Leisure Activities•休闲活动•レジャー 294 Let’s Check 3 문제/해결 Problems/Solutions•问题/解决•問題/解決 304 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 用 to use•用•用 311 07 사회생활 Social Life·社会生活·社会生活 1 직장 생활 Life at Work•职玚生活•職場生活 314 2 구인/구직 Employment/Recruitment•雇人/求职• 求人/求職 326 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 會 to assemble•会•会 331 08 건강 Health ∙ 健康·健康 1 신체/건강 상태 Body/Physical Condition• 身体/健康状态•身体/健康状態 334 Let’s Check 2 질병/증상 Illnesses/Symptoms•疾病/症状•病気/症状 341 Let’s Check 3 병원 Hospital•医院•病院 348 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 身 the body•身•身 354 09 자연/환경 Nature/Environment· 自然/环境·自然/環境 1 동식물 Animals and Plants•动植物•動植物 356 2 우주/지리 Universe/Geography•宇宙/地理•宇宙/地理 358 Let’s Check 3 재난/재해 Disasters•灾难/灾害•災難/災害 365 4 환경문제 Environmental Issues•环境问题•環境問題 370 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 氣 energy•气•気 374 10 국가/사회 Nation/Society·国家/ 社会·国家/社会 1 국가/정치 Nation/Politics•国家/政治•国家/政治 376 2 사회 현상/사회문제 Social Phenomenon/Social Issues• 社会现象/社会问题•社会現象/社会問題 384 3 사회 활동 Social Activities•社会活动•社会活動 392 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 國 Country•国家•国 397 11 경제 Economy·经济·経済 1 경제 활동 Economic Activities•经济活动•経済活動 400 Let’s Check 2 생산/소비 Production/Consumption•生产/消费•生産/消費 406 Let’s Check 3 기업/경영 Business/Management•企业/经营•企業/経営 414 4 금융/재무 Finance•金融/财务•金融/財務 420 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 金 money•金•金 426 12 교통/통신 Traffic/Communication· 交通/通信·交通/通信 1 교통/운송 Traffic/Transportation•交通/运输•交通/運送 428 Let’s Check 2 정보/통신 Information/Communication•信息/通信•情報/通信 437 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 機 machine•机•機 444 13 예술/문화 Art/Culture·艺术/文化·芸術/文化 1 예술/종교 Art/Religion•艺术/宗教•芸術/宗教 446 2 대중문화/대중매체 Pop Culture/Mass Media•大众文化/大众媒体•大衆文化/マスメディア 450 3 한국 문화/예절 Korean Culture/Etiquette•韩国文化/礼节•韓国文化/礼節 457 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 文 a letter•文•文 463 14 기타 Etc.·其它·その他 1 시간 표현 Time Expressions•时间表现•時間表現 466 Let’s Check 2 부사 Adverbs•副词•副詞 480 Let’s Check • Korean through Chinese Characters 期 a time•期•期 487 부록 Appendix·附录·付録 추가 어휘 Additional Vocabulary 490 • 동물 Animals•动物•動物 490 • 어패류 Fish and Shellfish•鱼贝类•魚介類 491 • 곤충 Insects•昆虫•昆虫 491 • 채소류 Vegetables•蔬菜类•野菜類 492 • 신체 내부 기관 Organs•身体内部器官•体内の器官 493 • 얼굴 Face•脸•顔 493 • 손발 Hands and Feet•手脚•手足 494 • 병원 Hospital•医院•病院 494 • 집 구조 House Layout•室内构造•家の構造 494 • 가전제품 Home Appliances•家电制品•家電製品 494 • 욕실 용품 Bathroom Articles•浴室用品•お風呂用品 496 • 주방 용품 Kitchen Utensils & Appliances•厨房用品•台所用品 497 • 한국 풍물 지도 The Map of Korean Institutions and Customs• 韩国民俗地图•韓国の風物地図 498 • 단위 명사 Counting Units•单位名词•単位を表す名詞 499 피동사/사동사, 반의어/유의어, 접두사/접미사 목록 Passive Verbs/Causative Verbs, Antonyms/Synonyms, Prefixes/Suffixes 500 • 피동사/사동사 Passive Verbs•被动词•受身動詞 / Causative Verbs•使动词•使役動詞 500 • 반의어/유의어 Antonyms•反义词•反対語 / Synonyms•近义词•類義語 503 • 접두사/접미사 Prefixes•前缀•接頭辞 / Suffixes•后缀•接尾辞 510

Phrasal VerbsPhrasal Verbs

The English Verb-Particle Construction and its History Stefan Thim ... the semantic and syntactic properties of the English phrasal verbs are in essential ...

Author: Stefan Thim

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110257038


Page: 316

View: 444

The book traces the evolution of the English verb-particle construction (‘phrasal verb’) from Indo-European and Germanic up to the present. A contrastive survey of the basic semantic and syntactic characteristics of verb-particle constructions in the present-day Germanic languages shows that the English construction is structurally unremarkable and its analysis as a periphrastic word-formation is proposed. From a cross-linguistic and comparative perspective the Old English prefix verbs are identified as preverbs and the shift towards postposition of the particles is connected to the development of more general patterns of word order. The interplay of phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic factors in the loss of the native prefixes in the history of English is investigated. In this context the question is discussed to what extent the older prefixes were replaced by particles and borrowed prefixes, how the characteristic etymological and semantic properties of the Modern English phrasal verbs can be explained and what role they play in the lexicon. The author argues that their common perception as particularly ‘English’, ‘colloquial’ and ‘informal’ has its origin in the eighteenth-century normative tradition.

Dr. Joy's English Dictionary is tailored for elementary and junior high school ... more than 2,300 English words , focusing on the 2000 essential vocabulary ...


Publisher: Joy Enterprises Organization

ISBN: 9578417926


Page: 454

View: 703

User friendliness of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of EnglishUser friendliness of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of English

Even though many contemporary learners of English are computer literate, ... rather than replacements for, the bound book (Kernerman 2000: 828).

Author: Anna Dziemianko

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110941098


Page: 241

View: 786

The study examines the user-friendliness of sources of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of English. It relies mainly on the results of an experiment, where the user-friendliness was measured by the frequency with which the properly identified and useful syntactic information was located in entries compiled for the purpose of the research. 606 subjects, divided into two groups of different proficiency in English, underlined there the information helpful in answering multiple choice questions. The study ends with the recommendation of the most user-friendly solutions.

A Survey of Modern EnglishA Survey of Modern English

Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary (2000), edited by A. Taylor, Harlow: Longman. ... NTC's American English Learner's Dictionary: The Essential Vocabulary of ...

Author: Stephan Gramley

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415300353


Page: 397

View: 732

This comprehensive and systematic review of modern English presents a description of both the linguistic structure of present-day English and its geographical, social, gender and ethnic variations.

Motion and the English VerbMotion and the English Verb

... not essential for the present study, particularly for our question whether the PATH verbs that are borrowed in the Middle English period (entren, ishen, ...

Author: Judith Huber

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190657826


Page: 352

View: 567

In Motion and the English Verb, a study of the expression of motion in medieval English, Judith Huber provides extensive inventories of verbs used in intransitive motion meanings in Old and Middle English, and discusses these in terms of the manner-salience of early English. Huber demonstrates how several non-motion verbs receive contextual motion meanings through their use in the intransitive motion construction. In addition, she analyzes which verbs and structures are employed most frequently in talking about motion in select Old and Middle English texts, demonstrating that while satellite-framing is stable, the extent of manner-conflation is influenced by text type and style. Huber further investigates how in the intertypological contact with medieval French, a range of French path verbs (entrer, issir, descendre, etc.) were incorporated into Middle English, in whose system of motion encoding they are semantically unusual. Their integration into Middle English is studied in an innovative approach which analyzes their usage contexts in autonomous Middle English texts as opposed to translations from French and Latin. Huber explains how these verbs were initially borrowed not for expressing general literal motion, but in more specific, often metaphorical and abstract contexts. Her study is a diachronic contribution to the typology of motion encoding, and advances research on the process of borrowing and loanword integration.

Essential English Grammar Student Book 2Essential English Grammar Student Book 2

2000 2. The girl got all her spellings correct . 3. The fire spread slowly through the forest . 4. ... Verbs O Verbs are doing words , or being words.

Author: Folens

Publisher: Folens Limited

ISBN: 1862024804


Page: 48

View: 673

A series of 3 Textbooks and an Assessment Activities and Answer Book CD-ROM. Essential English Grammar Textbook 2 focuses on the basics of English Grammar. All the student activities are split into two sections. The activity is introduced at a simple level in Part A, then the student is asked to apply the skill learned in Part B.

Prepositions by Example The Quickest Way to Learn and Practice English PrepositionsPrepositions by Example The Quickest Way to Learn and Practice English Prepositions

This book is intended for students of English as a second or foreign language who are, or will soon be, using English for professional, academic, or social purposes—and for anyone interested in improving their conversation skills.

Author: Andrew Bruckfield

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781105768132



View: 197

Welcome to the fascinating world of prepositions! If you want to speak English fluently, you need to learn and practice prepositions. Pronunciation and vocabulary are important, but the real secret of speaking well is to know how to connect your words and ideas so that people are able to understand you and interact with you. This book is intended for students of English as a second or foreign language who are, or will soon be, using English for professional, academic, or social purposes—and for anyone interested in improving their conversation skills. With more than 2,000 real-life examples, Prepositions by Example is an ideal companion for students, travelers, and business people who need to learn English prepositions quickly and effectively. Andrew Bruckfield’s English Language Reference Library: • Prepositions: The Ultimate Book – Mastering English Prepositions, The Key to Fluency in English Conversation • Prepositions by Example – The Quickest Way to Learn and Practice English Prepositions • Understanding the Concepts of English Prepositions – The Container Effect, Dimensional Prepositions, The Proximity Effect, The Concept of Magnitude, The Sound-Wave Effect, The Platform Effect, Complex Prepositions: including Spatial, Nonspatial & Temporal Uses • Essential & Practical English Grammar – A Compendium of Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Prepositions, Vocabulary, Punctuation & more.

Excel Essential Skills English WorkbookExcel Essential Skills English Workbook

Underline the most interesting verb in each of the following matched pairs ... Wing said he might consider switching if Souths were not successful in 2000.

Author: Jane Baker

Publisher: Pascal Press

ISBN: 1740200365


Page: 108

View: 355

This book is the first in the series of four books that aims to impro ve student's writing and give practical help with writing tasks. The top ics and text types covered in the book are designed to help students in their writing tasks for all school subjects. In Excel En glish Workbook Year 7 you will find: a focus on 15 differen t text types a wide variety of practice exercises impo rtant grammar and punctuation information vocabulary lists to m emorise a detailed answer section Author: Jane Baker

Corpus Analysis and Variation in LinguisticsCorpus Analysis and Variation in Linguistics

Essential. Phrasal. Verbs. Based. on. Large. Corpora. and. Phrasal. Verb ... While many lists of English basic words have been proposed thus far, ...

Author: Yuji Kawaguchi

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027207685


Page: 398

View: 936

This new edition of TUFS Studies in Linguistics, we aim to showcase the various linguistics research conducted at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. In this first volume, we report on the international symposium hosted by the Global Center of Excellence Program "Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education (CbLLE)" throughout 2008.

Essential Japanese GrammarEssential Japanese Grammar

... vocabulary and utilizes more than 2,000 Chinese characters in common written forms, ... First, the basic word order in English is subject-verbobject, ...

Author: Masahiro Tanimori

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462910090


Page: 416

View: 514

Essential Japanese Grammar is an indispensable study guide for students of the Japanese language at all levels. Long the standard in Japanese language education, it provides clear, jargon-free explanations of how Japanese grammar works and offers hundreds of example sentences. It is an essential handbook for self-study or for the classroom and should be a valued resource for years to come. A strong foundation in grammar is vital to those wishing to learn Japanese as a whole. Essential Japanese Grammar presents a number of unique features. First, grammatical terminology has been kept to a minimum so that extensive prior knowledge of grammar is not required. Second, abundant example sentences written in Japanese characters (kana and kanji) followed by romanji and English translations. Third, the authors have tried to reveal aspects of grammar that may not be found in comparable grammar books such as rare Japanese verbs, adjectival nouns, clauses adverbs, etc. This Japanese grammar book contains: parts of speech. sentence constructions. conjugations forms. speech styles and tones. accentuation rules. essential words and functional elements. an appendix for referencing and cross-referencing Japanese words.

Essential English for Journalists Editors and WritersEssential English for Journalists Editors and Writers

There is no question of any of GEC's 2,000 workers being demoted because they fail ... the circumlocutory preposition; the prepositional verb, and pedantry.

Author: Crawford Gillan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446412114


Page: 320

View: 222

Essential English is an indispensable guide to the use of words as tools of communication. It is written primarily for journalists, yet its lessons are of immense value to all who face the problem of giving information, whether to the general public or within business, professional or social organisations. FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED BY CRAWFORD GILLAN RECOMMENDED BY THE SOCIETY OF EDITORS

e Lexicographye Lexicography

American Heritage Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs 2005. ... Harrap's Essential English Dictionary 1995. ... Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary 2000.

Author: Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441106636


Page: 368

View: 593

This book looks at current research and future directions in e-lexicography. Online dictionaries and reference tools are increasingly prevalent in a digitized and internet-led era in language study that has embraced computational linguistics. This book responds with theoretical and practical analysis of key topics, from a global range of contributors. Since COBUILD in the 1980s, lexicographers have found it essential to engage with and utilize electronic computational tools. Internet dictionaries, online reference tools and even search engine optimization demand a knowledge of electronic lexicography and force a reassessment of the field. This volume looks at, amongst other topics: • Polyfunctional versus monofunctional dictionary tools • Developing theories of lexicography for electronic mediums • Distinguishing between the database and the dictionary • Online dictionaries not as data repositories but as sophisticated search engines This volume will appeal to scholars in lexicography and to practicing lexicographers.

Irish EnglishIrish English

Both bare verb and periphrastic do + verb were found in target varieties of English during the language shift period, mainly in the eighteenth century ...

Author: Raymond Hickey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139465848



View: 357

English has been spoken in Ireland for over 800 years, making Irish English the oldest variety of the language outside Britain. This 2007 book traces the development of English in Ireland, both north and south, from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Drawing on authentic data ranging from medieval literature to authentic contemporary examples, it reveals how Irish English arose, how it has developed, and how it continues to change. A variety of central issues are considered in detail, such as the nature of language contact and the shift from Irish to English, the sociolinguistically motivated changes in present-day Dublin English, the special features of Ulster Scots, and the transportation of Irish English to overseas locations as diverse as Canada, the United States, and Australia. Presenting a comprehensive survey of Irish English at all levels of linguistics, this book will be invaluable to historical linguists, sociolinguists, syntacticians and phonologists alike.