Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic MaterialsFundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials

10.2 Growth Methods and Modes Most magnetic materials in reduced dimensions are artificially structured and made as ultrathin films ( 2D ) , wires ( 1D ) , or zero - dimensional dots ( OD ) , which may be subsequently assembled into ...

Author: Kannan M. Krishnan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Applied Optics Fundamentals and Device ApplicationsApplied Optics Fundamentals and Device Applications

The magnetic thin film exists in two possible magnetic states: the Neel wall state which represents the fundamental magnetic domain wall; and the crosstie/Bloch line pair on the Neel wall, which represents the second magnetic domain ...

Author: Mark A. Mentzer

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Metallic Films for Electronic Optical and Magnetic ApplicationsMetallic Films for Electronic Optical and Magnetic Applications

... 22–8 strain energy, 108 Stranski–Krastanov (S–K) growth mode, 94 structure formation deposition of polycrystalline metallic thin films, 67–115 case studies, 109–15 fundamental phenomena of structure evolution, 93–109 main aspects of ...

Author: Katayun Barmak

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Fundamentals of Electrochemical DepositionFundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition

Lubricant ~30Å Overcoat 100-200Å Magnetic film 200-500Å Chromium underlayer 1000-2000Å NiP10μm Al Substrate ~0.8mm Figure 20.3. Schematic cross section of a thin-film hard disk. Mobile hard disk drives use glass substrates and smaller ...

Author: Milan Paunovic

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